Planet Cyrene News: Planet Cyrene VU Notes - March 27th 2018

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  1. Changes

    - Many item drop rates have been adjusted, several of the notable items are:
    -- Lesser and Weakened Crystals
    -- Lurker Oil and Lurker Hide
    -- Synthetic Rubber
    -- All Marked Weapons
    -- All A.R.C. Vendor Tokens
    - All loot items are being monitored with any and all abnormalities being reported to MindArk.

    - The Maze Hammer has been adjusted from L to UL.
    - Any players will additional Maze Hammers may trade them to Mazeweaver Ricardo at the teleporter in exchange for 50000 Shrapnel.
    - The Maze ending marker has been adjusted and at the end of the Maze there is now a warp that will take you directly outside.
    - Vlad the Unraveler now can drop Mazeweaver Certificates.

    A.R.C. Vendors
    - The Head and Glove pieces sold at the Rank 1 and 2 A.R.C. Vendors should now be able to be purchased correctly.
    - All A.R.C. Vendor weapons now require different currency between L and UL, as well as between ranks.
    - The drop rate for A.R.C. Vendor Certificates from all sources have had their drop rates increased.

    Epic Mission Chains
    - All Stackables dropped from both Lazidol and the Empis Wasp Queen have had their value per amount changed in a 1 to 5 ratio:
    -- For example Lazidol's Bone Fragment used to be worth 100 PED each, and are now worth 20 PED each. If before the patch you had 1 Lazidol Bone Fragment, you now have 5.
    -- This has been done, along with drop rate adjustments, to push out more of the items used in the epic combines. The combine recipes have been adjusted as well to compensate.
    - The land area for the mission: Summon the Gladiator has been improved and should allow a greater ease of hunting.

    Creatures and Pets
    - Arrets should now be able to be tamed once again.
    - The hit box for the Rhino Beetle has been adjusted to correctly collide with the player.
    - The movement speed and other targeting parameters for the Imperium Officer have been reduced / lessened.
    - There are now achievements associated with killing Byg Byrds.
    - An Imperium Base near the Summon the Gladiator mission area has undergone several improvements with mob spawns and set dressings.

    - Several typographical and grammatical errors have been corrected.
    - A revival outpost has been placed near to the Duster Hazing Station, a donation by all Cyrene Pioneers.
    - Mining Strong Boxes should now be able to be found when mining (SOOTO).

    Known Issues
    - Support weapons are not currently working properly, this is a platform issue.
    - All Cyrene vehicles (P.I.G.V., Spear, Lancer, Dragonfly) have default sounds, this will be addressed in a future patch.
    - Some Quality Ratings information in blueprint book: A.R.C. is incorrect, and this issue is still being looked into.
    - A supplementary mission for Rank 5 of Brown Beetles to give proper mission rewards is not working correctly and will be fixed in a future VU.

    Please give MindArk time to make sure that all missions and items are activated and in the loot pool.

  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Quite a list and this is interesting: "Please give MindArk time to make sure that all missions and items are activated and in the loot pool."
  3. San


    I like my new Mazehammer. It was turned unlimited just as it was, even the tier (1.6) preserved. With a Trauma I amp it gets 63.5% efficiency. Might be fun to whack one another in an octagon with it, kind of like batakas :)
  4. San


    This is to preclude complaints being raised too fast. Cyrene has experienced before that MA didn't implement announced changes directly with the VU, but only after a delay and always got to deal with buckets poured over their heads for it.
  5. Wait, its called adjustment to turn L items into UL items now ? :D

    Whats the backstory of this item ?

    Are they tradeable ? Can you still recieve these for 50000 Shrapnel ?
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  6. They were introduced at the same time as Turrelion Maze and related missions (Wolpertinger stuff).

    They were tradable, even on auction, for a short time initially (iirc less than a week); Caly auction quickly got spammed, so they made them untradable.

    The adjustment grew out of this complaint (which imho was pointless hairsplitting over 15 pec but sometimes good things happen for all the wrong reasons).
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  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    What the heck. That is a rubbish way to work.
  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    There is a Maze?
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  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I should go there...
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