Planet Toulan: First quarter 2014

Discussion in 'Planet Toulan' started by Tass, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Sssshhh, they can hear you. Please dont talk about the truth on the forum... ,-)
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  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    DANG! That's the point. "They can hear you". Unfortunately they don't. I wish they would!

    The worst case: They hear me (and you) and don't care for ...
    At least I never had high hopes to impress MA with menaces ... I think they follow their way and don't care about everything else
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  3. They dont listen! Why ? Because they CAN ! (can't) (Philosophy mode activated)
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  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    To go back to Toulan. A word to Mohammed Hujeij ... (if you listen to this forum., Mohammed)
    There is a small but promising chance for you to aquire a major role in this universe. You may either catch the chance to bring up a unique world (resulting from your Jordan background) or you will disappear soon. Can you post here please?
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  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Please do. If there's not the truth, then what's left?
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  8. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Well, here's something that is just a shame, really, especially for a newly-launched Planet who is trying to make their way in this universe. Since the beginning of the launch of their official forum, there has been consistent spamming, but ... when I went there today, it was very excessive, and more than any other time.

    You would think that something would be in place to prevent this, even if one slips through now and then as it generally does at all forums, but then I remembered something that Tass posted in the EU State of the Universe Address ...

    This is turning out not to be such a great idea. This isn't a very professional impression at all, and it could prevent people from actually reading the forum. It's a shame, really. I feel bad for Toulan. They should have gone with a host in their own area as you mentioned somewhere before I think Tass, or maybe it was Peter who said something about it.

    The following photos depict 3 full pages of the 5 where only 5 actual Toulan-related threads show up, which I have highlighted ... otherwise, it's all spam, and that's a lot of spam.


    I just checked the forum again and it's still being spammed beyond what I already captured in these pics, and now there are 6 pages of threads and I'm sure that 4 of them if not more are all spam except for a few Toulan-related ones.

    I hope this gets fixed soon for their sake, because it's no fun visiting a forum with that much spam.
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  9. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    It's gotten worse now ... there were only 5 pages in all when clicking on "New Posts" and now there are 9 and it's growing. A couple of people have posted a thread about it, but there doesn't seem to be an Admin or any Moderators around all day so far ... that's really a shame.
  10. Yes, I hate that spam bot..I have been hit by it a few times as well. Had to even shut down the site for a few minutes to let the mob find a few 404 and then all was ok..but damn the spam bots like these suck! You see the flooding because that hit hard, I think when I found them I had like 2000+ messages waiting one morning.

    Edit..yes, I think I did type mob didn't I? lol
  11. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Place your bets ... how many pages of spam do you think the Toulan forum will end up with before something is done about it ... it's at 13 right now, and there are very few Toulan-related threads. I would say that at least 11 of those pages are nothing but spam, and there hasn't been an Admin or Moderator around all day so far. :frown:

    I have to agree with RAZER's post here.


    As of this Edit at 3:40pm my time (7:40pm game time) there are now 32 pages and 632 threads in the Planet Toulan News section of their forum. I just can't believe that no one has been around all day to check in on the forum.

    Oops ... Farah from the Toulan staff just showed up, as well as Mahmoud, and they're busy cleaning things up. I hope that 711 fixes things so that they don't continue to have the issue with new spam bots getting created.
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  12. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I still looooove it ;)
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  13. If I remember right it was spamming me at around 100 a place your's going to be bad. :(
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  14. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, I once came into a friend from Egypt, my sister dropped to me (Sankalony). Kristin reported long discussions about the arabian revolutions and especially in Egypt ofc. When asked what to do now, Sankalony answered: "We will introduce real democracy now." "Hmm, guess what:" my sister answered, "We had the first serious try here [in Germany] in 1848 and it took 100 more years and several bloody wars (including two world wars) and many, many harm and blood until we were ready and able to establish a real democracy."
    This (mostly male) arabian guys are usually nice and talk flowery and they do live in a complete different culture (compared to Sweden, or western Europe, North America or even China). And they don't know - or even don't want to know - much about how it works today. They are not friends of the hardcore way it goes nowadays (some use explosive charges - but only a few fortunatally). Toulan is a nice butterfly in a steel world. I like it. But it's not useful for me. So ...
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  15. Oh no, someone just revealed the truth (again)...and noone cares...xP
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  16. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I do care. And I agree with you McCormick.
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