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    Well we have a new planet with lots of new data to collect so I started this thread to do that. We would appreciate if someone that has data to put that into the wiki themselves, but if for some reason you don't wanna do that please put that info in this thread so someone else can add it into the wiki.

    I will be adding data to this thread once stuff is in the wiki (we can feed data to the forum from the wiki) so you know what is already there.
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    What I have noticed is that on some creatures the higher maturities have a different color. The Caboria seem to be orange at low maturity (until Old) and blue-ish when a higher maturity.

    Link to the Toulan Creatures Wiki page:
    Has videos of the various creatures as well

    A few images of the creatures

    Thawr 02.jpg Wahesh.jpg Entropia 2014-02-21 19-41-49-82.jpg Jeef Zajer 02.jpg Jeef Qaher.jpg Dahhar 01.jpg Duhol 01.jpg Qaffaz 03.jpg





    Jeef Qaher

    Jeef Zajer





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    Tools and Weapons
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    Toulan Map.jpg
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  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Tools & Weapons (TT)
    described as "Aladin's lamp" ... but no Djin in it :(
    E-Laj V1 (L).jpg
    Sabad Finder M1 (L) 01.jpg Sabad Finder M1 (L) 02.jpg
    Sahra MK2 (L).jpg
    Hilqa Knife M1 (L).jpg
    Ophidian Blade M1 (L).jpg
    Mawlood Armor.jpg
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    added a bit more info and some images in the Creatures post
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    and the first missions added
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    I know they are not in order, they are alphabetical. There is nothing in the name that lets me order them in the right way so the wiki puts then alphabetically. And I will be looking for that other mission broker.
  11. Found this guy behind a waterfall

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    Yeah found 2 more of those guys, maybe they are part of the Toulan Land Areas that will be for sale in the future?
  14. It looks like a broadcast tower as found on Arkadia where one with rights can put in live music feeds for the area?
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    And the maturity stats of the different Toulan creatures added to the Creatures post.
    As a reminder ANYONE can edit those stats, just go to the Toulan Creature page in the wiki, click the creature you want to edit and change stuff if needed.
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    Found a bugged creature named Sunjoq.
    It looks like a small turtle but as you can see in the video it is supposed to be bigger. I can not scan or shoot it and only know it's name because it killed me and its name showed up in the chat window. As far as I could see there was only 1 of them around near mission broker Aziz at Guardian Village TP.

    This one seems to be the creature that could be seen in the CNN video.

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  18. Very nice informations you gathered here, gotta complement on that. There is one specific intel ive been looking for all over the web and ingame and thats about the Mentor/Disciple graduation armor that you get. Im wondering if they will release their own unique set and if its allready available or only after beta, or worse that there will never be one.
    I would really appreciate any kind of info on that.
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  19. RAZER

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    Took a while to find the Wahesh, but I got that one too (I need to start listening to what npc's are telling me).
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