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  1. Introduction to Player Versus Player
    Player Versus Player (PVP) is a mode of game play within the Entropia Universe which permits colonists to inflict damage to other colonists and vehicles. A colonist whose health is reduced to zero in this manner will die (and can later be resurrected with a Revival Point or Mindforce Chip), just as if the damage was inflicted by a mob attack or fall from a great height. A vehicle whose Structural Integrity is reduced to zero in this manner will explode (and can later be restored with a Vehicle Repair Kit), just as if the damage was inflicted by a mob attack or collision. In addition to its Structural Integrity, the condition value of a vehicle damaged in this manner will be lowered, which is the case with damage inflicted by a mob attack, but not damage inflicted by a collision. Since the condition value of a limited vehicle cannot be restored, spawning one in PVP may result in it being permanently damaged. However, there is no danger of permanent damage to your avatar in most PVP environments, so exploring PVP without spawning a vehicle is not necessarily risky. Two colonists may inflict damage to each other (and each others' vehicles) only if PVP mode is currently active for both of them, or has been during the previous thirty seconds. In some PVP environments, the Satellite Navigation feature is disabled, allowing for surprise attacks and trickery.

    Inflicting Damage to Colonists/Vehicles
    Damage can be inflicted to other colonists and vehicles in PVP in the same way it can be inflicted to mobs during a hunt; you will need to acquire a weapon, equip it, and use it while aiming at your target. You may also use gun attachments and/or hunting protection. You should become familiar with hunting before participating in PVP, since knowledge of hunting procedures, as well as some hunting skills, will be necessary for your survival.

    PVP Environments
    Some entire continents allow for PVP by default, with the exceptions of Land Areas (where PVP may toggled by the owner) and small spaces near important objects. Some sections of non-PVP continents are continuously designated as PVP Zones. While you are in one of these zones, PVP mode is guaranteed to be active. PVP Zones are indicated on the map by semi-transparent yellow layers. Contaminated Zones are special PVP Zones which are indicated by semi-transparent red layers instead. Looting is available inside of Contaminated Zones. This means that if you die as a result of damage inflicted by another colonist while in a Contaminated Zone, your corpse may be looted. If you are looted, all stackable items in your carried Inventory, storage containers, and Vehicle Inventories (except ammunition, bombs/probes, decoys, fund stacks, and other exceptions) will be transferred to the player who looted you. You may not be looted if you die as a result of anything other than player-inflicted damage. Since you must apply a special injection (which may be purchased at any Trade Terminal or Local Trader) to survive the toxic air in a Contaminated Zone, it is not easy to enter such an area unintentionally.

    With the exception of small safe zones surrounding space stations, space allows for PVP as well. Looting is available in space. However, unlike in Contaminated Zones, survival in space does not require an injection.

    Event Areas may be used to run events where PVP mode is active, even though the areas may not allow PVP normally. These events include standard PVP events, voting contests with PVP, and in some Event Areas, fort event battles. Participants must sign up for an event ahead of time, in order to be allowed into the Event Area while the event is in progress.

    PVP Tactics
    Weapons can be used in PVP via normal item usage controls. Right-clicking while Aim Mode is enabled can be particularly useful when attacking, as you will need to aim at intelligently moving targets, and this technique only initiates an attack if you are aiming at someone or something when you click. This means that you are unlikely to spend ammunition by mistake.

    Moving in unpredictable patterns and switching up your strategies often is key in PVP. It is easy to spot an opponent who repeats the same moves over and over, even though he or she dies every time. It can be more difficult to recognize when you're exhibiting the same behavior.

    Carrying a gun scope can be helpful in PVP for its visual zooming effect, especially if you are in a PVP environment where Satellite Navigation is disabled.

    In a Contaminated Zone, if you suspect that items in your Vehicle Inventory are in danger of being looted, you can use the "Recall all vehicles" action to safely relocate your vehicle to the planet storage.
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