playing in full screen and cant use the windows button .

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  1. Hello everyone I am brand new to the game all together and I downloaded the Entropia Tracker I thought it would be useful to use. However when I am in game in full screen and hit the windows key it does nothing. Do I have to set something for my windows key to work? Also if you have any hints on what other plugins ect. I could use to help me please fill me in. I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks in advance. Your new peer.
  2. Ok I wanted to update my post as solved and pass on the information that I have learned incase anyone else runs into the issue. All I had to do is use Alt+Enter to tab out and repeat Alt+Enter to tab back to full screen. Hope this helps someone else someday :biggrin:.
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    I don't use the tracker myself, so I don't know what the windows keys should do other then the normal windows function but i'm happy you solved your issue.

    About other programs to use. There is one that tracks your mining claims if you want to mine, but other than that none that I know of. This is because tempering with the game in ant way will get you banned faster than you can spend all your ped. The tracker ansining log are in that sense safe as they don't temper with the game but read the chat log or use OCR to read screenshots.

    Welcome to EU and EP by the way ;)
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    Glad you figured it out, feel free to add me to your friendlist incase you have any questions as you are starting out in the game, it has a pretty steep learning curve. (5.5yrs for me and still learning)

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  5. Thanks for the responses my friends. I will add you in game. Not sure if there are guilds in this game I have only played by myself as far as now. I did however notice a mentor system in the game. Are there any benefits to finding a mentor ? Not sure exactly how it works. Also would you suggest a new player to get one?
  6. Welcome to EU! Guilds in EU are called societies, and can be viewed in the society terminal at most cities/outposts. In addition, many of them run websites or subforums, and recruitment threads can be found on the forums. They tend to vary wildly on requirements, so hopefully somebody more familiar with them can recommend newbie-friendly ones.

    The mentorship program matches new players with older players willing to provide advice. You can view mentor descriptions and ratings in the mentor register (listed in the action library), or skim the forums for mentors seeking mentees, and see if any of them fit your play style and time zone. At completion of the mentorship, the mentee gets a reward (varies from planet to planet), and I believe the mentor has a chance to get one. Since the mentee's reward can be decent armor, seems worth it to try it :)
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