Playing Smart(ish)

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Sorven, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Okay, I don't follow my own advice perfectly, but enough to help me keep playing. I haven't had to hunt for stones in a couple weeks now, I'm living off mining. I decided to play a bit tonight, not my norm but I wanted to and it paid off. I got about a 290% return on my run, got a V find which finished paying off the run and then I got a VII find which was just gravy. :yay:

    Anyway, I put the refined crude in the car to keep going with that and sold the rest and prepared for my next run. Hopefully when I play next mining will be profitable again and I can save up for something good, as it's going right now it's always up and down but so far I'm doing well. :) I did hit level 1 surveyor and prospector the other day, wasn't as exciting the 2nd time around but hey, it's one step closer to where I was before.

    Well, I wasn't really able to finish this post last night, I was driving my wife crazy with the typing (she hates the sound of keys being clicked). So I had another thought to add to this, basically goals. Currently my goals are to survive by doing as little other things as possible, meaning I don't really want to have to walk around for stuff or sweat. If by some miracle I am blessed with extra money I want to move up in mining, get better finders (although what defines better?) and probably start acquiring a few items that would be nice to have. As far as long term goals, well, I'm a secretive kind of guy and I dream big, so I'll just leave them to my own musings. :)

    I really do advise having goals in EU, it is very important and more so when you play as a non-depositor. If you have no direction you will quickly find yourself lost and without PED which means you have to do the things you might find boring. Look for other ways to make PEDs with what you do get. Mining can be a gamble and doesn't always work, healing is a good job but it takes time to be good at it, trading is something a lot of people do, however you need to be smart with numbers to do good with that and have plenty of patience. Any way you look to go just think about how it is getting you to where you want to be, that can help you save up for what you want instead of blowing it all because you want the rush that comes from swirlies. Trust me, looking for the swirlies is expensive and you'll get them anyway if you keep at it, or at least the odds are you will get them eventually. You can always pretend the skill level-up ones are them too. ;)
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