Please do not trade with "My Dark Side"

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Göksel Yurdakul, Aug 31, 2022.

  1. He gave me miss info about pill prices and sold me about 60 pills like 2 ped over the market price. I bet he kinda doing this to all people who has no idea about the prices.
    So i will create the same post on every single forum and discord. I will do this at least for couple weeks with spamming in game too. I hope that guy will never get any trade from now on.
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    I moved this to a more appropriate forum :)
  3. Sounds like sour grapes to me. You could have checked what the market price was.
  4. San


    Not his job. Just saying, completely separate from any sympathy for the cause, you will run into more adversity from moderators of the other forums than this one, mostly because of a rule against naming anyone, whether you have a valid case or not.

    A while ago I launched a thread exposing some patterns of auction scams by optical and psychological exploits, only using screenshots from the AH. It got still tanked, because you could, if you bothered making the effort searching for it in-game, still identify who it was while the auction was live. Even posting the following cases only after the auction had ended did not save it. They are that strict. There are reasons for it but it works for the fraudsters as well, and no alternative recourse is offered except the advice to report it the official way. This can be frustrating.

    I must say that under all the criticism of MA's support, experiences with it remain a mixed bag which means it's not 100% negative, either. They did respond and act upon the reporting of obvious scammers as far as my own records go. Though in the case of someone merely trying to push their margins, I reckon that is less likely. Buyer beware is still the rule of a free market and someone not doing homework before spending money has nobody else to blame. I would make the distinction between an asking price carefully crafted to harvest misclicks by fatigue, overtraining or misperception of optical patterns, and mere moral outrage over someone testing their luck if an uptrend could be realized. It's not always easy to know if you can't keep yourself from getting emotional about it.
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    Name and shame is a difficult topic. But I would like to point out that the strict handling on some other forum are also a relict of times when the owner of that forum was himself engaged in multiple shady activities in- and offgame and lying about it. I would also like to add that it's very strange to insist on absolute privacy in these matters but fully support and promote an organization that's recording ingame activities and exposing these gaming and spending patterns of individuals on a commercial website without the consent of the individuals.
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    "but fully support and promote an organization that's recording ingame activities and exposing these gaming and spending patterns of individuals on a commercial website without the consent of the individuals."

    Wouldn't that place that company at risk of breaking laws like GDPR or whatever its called? (if its without consent of individuals)
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    Absolutely. Most, if not all, MindArk's and PP's web projects are GDPR non-compliant, or to put it straigt: their websites are illegal in the EU. It would just take one person bitter enough and motivated enough to cause them some trouble.
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  8. Not his job for checking what the market value for pills were? So would you just accept someone's offer without checking first? All that's happened here is that someone sold something at above market value.
  9. San


    I don't know if I misunderstood you but I meant it's not the forum moderator's job to investigate in the case. Neither does it matter what I think is right or wrong, I was hinting at the fact that you will run with certainty into trouble for posting this on other planet forums, as you announced you would do. This is not about our opinion, but theirs and their rules.
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  10. My apologies... I assumed your 'Not his job.' was in response to my 'You could have checked what the market price was.' Also I didn't ask what you thought was right or wrong.
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