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Discussion in 'Entropia Space' started by MitchyMoo, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. MitchyMoo

    MitchyMoo Captain

    Hello everyone,
    It's been one year since my last video 'Explore Arkadia', so I thought it was about time I brought out another:

    Entropia Universe | Explore Space

    I've created one, consolidated channel on YouTube, so please subscribe for future videos! It takes a long time to make theese videos & It means so much to me to have your subs, likes and comments so please do :)

    Blasts from the past can be found here:
    Explore Calypso

    Explore Arkadia

    Explore Rocktropia

    Also, feel free to share & embed these video's anywhere you choose.
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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Nice video :)
  3. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    Great! Fantastic video Mitchy. (full disclosure- I'm in the same soc hehe).
    Watching the space video made me realize there is a big part of EU I have been avoiding as much as possible.

  4. MitchyMoo

    MitchyMoo Captain

    Thanks Dave, glad you liked it!
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Very very very VERY nice effort there. I love the choice of shots, Come out from an asteroid to see a planet behind and so forth. I'm not sure I'd have used the final shots of the planets. On their own they seemed slightly dull/undynamic when compared to the richness of the rest of the video.

    However, awesome as it is (and it is). I think you can make it even better - I see the skills within you :)
    Something I would have added would be some shots with more spaceships flying, maybe some mock staged combat but I appreciate that would be more work to coordinate actors. It is a shame you had to rely on stock footage for the moship but I think that system might still be broken. Maybe if/when MA fix the moship stuff you could capture something of the exploding starship bridge effects cause they were cool.

    Do you own a joystick btw? Also if you ever want to get on top of the Monria craters let me know.
  6. MitchyMoo

    MitchyMoo Captain

    Hey Wistrel, thanks for your comments - yes, there are always ways to improve! Space Ships are pretty damn hard to film, and they have that horrible blue/red triangle on them. I'd def be keen to film some Space battles though!

    ...nope, don't have a joystick
  7. MitchyMoo

    MitchyMoo Captain

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