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    So, new VU ... same lack of it :) Yes, u get additional 20 pieces (or 10 ingots) as the new mission reward but that's not the point, it should be found by mining as NI devs told us :rolleyes:

    Like SylverDragon, I too did drop about 50 times in CC area and much more drops than that all over NI after VU update and nothing :( ... no Praetorium to be found anywhere.

    Still hoping some1 will post a SS of a find ... till then have to assume the spawn is not working (or is working Rugaritz style ;) ) thus the new bps are more or less worthless (altough to that contributes also the additional insane reqs in crystalz :rolleyes: )
  2. Well, I just went to AG to see if I could get any armor drops from Cyclops and I was quite surprised when one loot drop contained 13 Praetonium.

    Is this a bug or is it not just a mined ore now?

    Edit:Location - spawn outside Thebes and 99% sure it was a Cyclops Mighty
  3. cent

    cent Discoverer of the Island Shirt ;)

    I also got Praet in a loot from a Cyclops (not sure which maturity) near Thebes. I think it was 6 pieces and I got it yesterday.
  4. It's not necessarily a bug, since there are mobs in other planets that drop ores (argos, drones, some zombies etc).
    Seems like a silent and surprising balancing since there is a distinct lack of praetonium so far. Thumbs up :D
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  5. Did wonder if it was a way round the lack of minable Preatonium. I'm glad it's obtainable.
  6. Yes, I can also confirm it drops fom cyclops at a (very) rare drop rate. It's a nice workarround to the total shortage of it atm, but also besides the point - as Meg clearly stated Praetorium has been added to NI mining loot and can be found while MINING ! ... and that I'm yet to see :)
  7. On my last hunting run .. almost every minotaur and small cyclops had 'craponium'.
  8. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Praetonium is indeed a mineable item!

    But right now, you can also get it through Greek mobs and Dinapoli's mission.
  9. Liu


    Havent found any in mining neither in thousands of peds of mining....could we get a hint ? Noobie finder or high end finder ? For none of these found anything anyway...
  10. Gettin plenty of it from the AG mobs, so not complaining atm :) ... and maybe, just maybe, Meg is right and is indeed a minable item, in which case I'd adwise revising the "rarity" setting ... don't think the dev's ideea was to create the "NI rugaritz" :roflmao:
  11. Liu


    Well, the point is you dont loot ruga from troxies :)
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