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  1. Hi,

    given Meg's lastest announcement that praetorium will be required by the next armors bps, thought to open this thread so others (me included :) ) could benefit from the luckiest ones knowledge...

    So, what I know so far :

    - Praetorium spawn advertised by Meg as being in Crystal Center area

    - small Praetorium find just outside Crystal Center claimed to be found by SylverDragon

    - 100 dual and 100 ore only drops by untiered F-105 all over the Crystal Center area failed to produce any Praetorium in my case, that area produced only Lyst, Oil and Sweetstuff

    So, if u wanna share, I'm sure many would be interested in ur Praetorium finds - approximate location, finder and depth :)

    Also, this could act as a preemptive feedback towards Meg and the other NI devs to signal accute shortage of praetorium - if any - before they release the new bps and loose (again) any crafterz that might come over for that reason :)

  2. I did 10 ore drops and 10 dual drops, outside Crystal Center, and got a lot of Lyst and Oil and just the one Praetonium deposit. 63 units using a basic, unenhanced, Ziplex Z1

    It was my first or second drop and I had come from the Crystal Center TP, left via the nearest gate, turned left and I was just beyond the gate along the path.

    I'm not a dedicated miner so I didn't note location co-ordinates or depth, and unfortunately no pics :(
  3. Thanks Sylver for sharing. Hope you are not the only one to hit that ... so lookin forward to see others confirm praetorium is to be found in that area (or any other area for that matter) ... really hope this is not some kind of ruga/dunkel material in regards to rarity :)
  4. Liu


    Never got any around crystal center and dropped hundreds of probes bith both f105 , tk220 and tk320, all unamped.

    This ore does not seem to like me, that's all ! :-/
  5. Did another 50 / 50 drops with untiered Z1 in Crystal Center area - ZERO Praetorium as result :( ... that's as far as I'm willin to go sinkin peds in lyst and oil :(

    Maybe I'm not lucky enough to hit it :) and this thread will soon fill with ppl that did and have SS to prove it ... otherwise dear NI devs I'd strongly suggest u do adjust that spawn before releasing level I armor parts requiring ruga like mats to craft :D
  6. Over the last few days I have made 3 runs of 10 ore drops each, with untiered Z1, around Crytal Center. 1st and 3rd run, nothing found, 2nd run 2 Lyst deposits.
  7. Liu


    Give up looking for it, wait for the next vu, maybe they will "re"adjust its spawns...
  8. Glad to hear I'm not crazy :) ... if they lunch the new armor BPs without making some praetorium spawns (like in "really working ones") will be quite a fiasco... hope Meg reads this thread b4 March 13 :)
  9. Meg answered on her dev blog that praetorium is part of NI mining loot ... same is ruga and dunkel for Caly I'd say :rolleyes:

    Anyway, this is the situation just b4 the VU update ... clearly not much praetorium found (if any) via mining :( ... let's hope things change with the new VU

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  10. Well, after the VU today I went out around Crystal Center again and dropped 15 ore probes and got NOTHING again.

    Bess Mackensie does give 20 Praetonium as a reward for the first part of her Mutant Boar quest.

    Also it can be refined into ingots on a 2:1 ratio.

    Continued in Praetonium (reloaded)
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