Protect the ancient ones.

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Bernz, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. To protect Calypso and the others planets that will follow from the exodus, I think that the new Planet Partners should be forced a little bit more to attract their own colonists.

    I wish there was a quota of new registered avatars attracted by the Planet Partners to respect before the TP are activated for traveling on their new Planet.

    For ex.:
    New Planet need x% of the total population of the Universe of avatars attracted by the owner before the traveling systems allow everybody to put a foot on his planet.

    It would protect Calypso from the exodus at least until there is enough population for all Planets.

    It would ofc be a great handicap for the new Planets, especially the last ones, but it would also protect them at the same time from the arrival of futur Planets.

    I think FPC and all other Planet Partners should talk to MindArk about it because each time a new Planet will appear, they will see their population plundered by a new entrant which has everything to prove yet.

    The ancient ones (Planets, business men (all category) and colonists)) who contributed for years their time and money on their beloved planet, but soon abandoned, could be very offended in a near futur if no action is taken as soon as possible by MindArk to protect the first nations that are in fact the foundations and the economy of Entropia Universe.
  2. Im not quite sure there will be an "exodus" to the new planets.
    There are two reasons for that:

    1: The planets are basically just a big CND/CP.. (Landarea you cant run to)
    So, there is no new content per say. Just new skins. This might change over time if there will be story lines there. I dont know if Rocktopia will offer story lines, I cant figure out what a story line for such a planet would be. Especially a story line "I would follow" (migrate to that planet)...

    2: The transport costs to the new planet(s?) are relative small, so you are not bound to a certain planet if you visit it. If the transport costs were 300 PED each way, I think more mid lvl ppl would stay at one place - but not at 40 PED each way. Almost everyone on my friendslist went to RT when it opened - and about 85% is back on calypso.
    This is clearly reflected in the loot turnover ingame, based on planet.

    Planet, Date, Hunting globals, Loot turnover...
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