Pygmy Kong Tamed

Discussion in 'Akbar Creative' started by Akbar, May 23, 2016.

  1. After 4 full health regen (20 min each crazy boring waste of time)
    I could finally manage to tame this L36 Pygmy Kong ! :wink:
    I tamed this Pet for my Friend Emma.

    Entropia 2016-05-22 23-29-48-84.jpg

    Entropia 2016-05-22 23-30-38-06.jpg

    Entropia 2016-05-22 23-31-02-56.jpg

    Entropia 2016-05-22 23-31-08-64.jpg

    Entropia 2016-05-22 23-31-11-17.jpg
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  2. which whip did you use?
  3. Adjusted Boiga (as you can see on 1st screenshot :) )
  4. Nice one Ak! Gratz.
  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    What's level are Taming skills? I never even know it was possible to tame anything like this. Might want to have a go at this myself at some point.

    Also, do you happen to have the stats on the Boiga? I only have the old ones (Cobra, Viper, and the ME one). Guess I'll have to do some planet hopping at some point soon. My whips are still on Cyrene.

    OT, but does anyone know a reliable MS pilot? I'm reluctant to TT my stuff, and would prefer not risking whatever I have on me (FUMA for this dumb fucking idea. FU for eternity. Everyone gets it's only there to protect precious Calypso from being outperformed by partners with actual talent, creativity, and drive, just like your moronic policy of maximum amount of shit allowed to be rolled out in a single release. I hope any potential PP will read this and steer far far away from your unethical asses).
  6. I "am able to" tame Atrox Stalker which is L61,
    But I cant tame the L73 Sacred Kong.

    Entropia 2016-05-22_Tamable_L73_Kong.jpg

    Some years ago I chipped out 5k Animal Taming skills (and other skills), I was selling out from this scam so called game,
    as it was CLEAR for me that mindark had set a parameter on my ava to make me impossible to HoF.
    7 years beeing deliberately robbed even I emailed them 2 times about it (when I see all I deposited....).

    Adj Boiga.jpg

    Anyway, I think i'm gonna stop taming or do anything.
    Todays loot was again and again another HUGE SCAM !
    Tons of novas, no loot or totally shit loot and incredible number of failed attempt. All my runs were under 40% return...
    I even had 4 and 5 miss (target blablabla) in a row... Each time MA need to make us lose, misses are raining...
    (funny mindark who were accusing the players and their ISP in the past for the misses, but we all knew it was them)
    When I see my taming level, this is just a fucking joke... there is nothing fair in this so called game.
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  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Thanks for the info. I can't remember what level Tamer I am, but it's nowhere near where you are. I like the stats on the whip, though. Even though it looks as if that made all my stored whips useless and worthless (THANKS, MA).
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