Reflecting on history, but not wanting to become history

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Michael Ludgate, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Couldn't let November go by without posting a blog entry - time flies!

    The last year has been pretty meh, wasted time and faffing about with both the society and being depressed over Nea's long term departure and my general apathy to rebuilding a soc that had too big a name from yester-year.

    As Boar Hunters [BH] finally fell apart, we each went our separate ways, several people to DNA (Nea and Senderan) with the largest contingent moving into DHI due to K-Rocks efforts. Although I had many experiences in dome 4 and hunting in tight groups doing mobs I'd not have had the chance to otherwise - mainly down to the uberness of Namo. I always harked after Nea and Send, at the sharp end as far as skills were concerned and also Sword wielding hunters.

    I'll fill more gaps in another post, but today my reflection is on my own skilling and general progress. I've gotten over the fact my society career peaked out as being general of a dead society, caretaker to someone else's dreams. Although I've had the society closed to new members for some time, tbh it's taken the mission system to really get me back into a meaningful level of skilling. Missions such as Iron Challenge's and the recent (just completed in one sitting) Colonel Briers new strategy, have really got me to actually play longer than I felt comfortable, working up both skills and riding out of a loot trough.
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