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    Want to own a shop but cannot afford it? I have extra item points in my premium shop in the hub and am willing to sell or rent them out.
    To purchase an item point, post your request here or contact Thaddeus Rusty Venture in game. For a one time deposit of 150 PED per item point, you can sell as many items as you like as long as it is within the amount if item points you have purchased. For example, if you purchase 2 slots at 300 PED, you can sell two items at a time, but may sell as many items as you like after an item sells by replacing it. A fee of 3 PED per week is deducted from your deposit. You may refund the deposit at any time for a full refund minus the 3 PED per week fee. The last two weeks are given for free, for a total of 52 weeks or an entire year.

    I can fly to your planet and pickup the items for selling in the shop on Monria, as well as deliver the profits to you. (assuming they are non-lootable items).

    If you would like to rent an item slot, you may do so in one of two ways.
    For one time rental fee of 10 PED and the item will remain there for the duration of two months or until it is sold. You may also choose to pay a percentage of the profits from the item's sale when it sells, so no upfront cost. Great if you have too much sweat and cannot afford to purchase an item slot but want to sell it in a shop easier than spamming chat.

    If you have a shopkeeper, you may purchase a single item point and use it, but will have to give up 5 slots inside the keeper, for a total of 15 item slots available for your own use for the cost of 150 PED. Items are displayed on the first shelf in the store, most visible to all traffic inside.

    Q: Can I sell my item points when I am done?
    A: Yes, you can sell them at any time for the deposit returned minus 3 PED per week. So if you have it for 10 weeks you get 120 PED back.

    Q: Why should I trust you?

    A: I have been a Monria Community Adviser and Moderator for over a year, and have been playing Entropia for several years with a clean track record.

    Q: How do we get items in the store?
    A: You must trade them to me first, then I will log the item and the price you are selling on the thread here. When the item is sold you will be given the full value in PED through in game trade.

    Q: When can I find you in game?

    A: I play the game daily and often, I work from home and am mostly found playing Entropia Universe between the hours of 16:00 to 6:00 MA time, but am also on sporadically at all other times as well, it isn't too hard to find me.

  2. Current Items for Sale by Item Point Owners
    • Arret (Pet) Level 7 (spawnable on any planet) / 100 PED / Starley Starley132 Hunter

    Current Items for Sale by Renters

    • Vehicle RK-5 (L) / 10 PED / Thaddeus Rusty Venture
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  3. Item Point List
    • Thaddeus Rusty Venture (200 Item Points) 52 weeks remaining as of 1/1/2015
    • Starley Starley132 Hunter (1 Item Point)52 weeks remaining as of 03/01/2015
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  4. I will pickup and deliver items/profits for you if they are non lootable.
  5. Bump for my shop, rent out a slot
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