Revival Danger: Most Dangerous Locations for Noobs to Revive on NI

Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by James Dean Morrison, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. This is a thread for all the places you dont want to revive if you're a noob. I haven't travelled to all the tp's yet, but I have made it to many of them, and the following revival points were so hardcore that I needed help to get back alive!

    1. SHERMAN OUTPOST revival
    Revived here and got slaughtered by Portal Guardians til someone saved me- thank you whoever you were!

    2. MISTY OUTPOST revival
    Revived here and was boar fodder until a friend logged on and saved my sorry butt!
    (thx again Jon!)

    Where else have you seen revival terminals with dangerous mobs?
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  2. I started working on this and got a few more locations. I'll look for the list and update latter.
  3. Tom


    Good call, James and Corey. Enchanted Village is one to also watch out for, due to grey papoos in the area. Many will rush in when someone appears near the restore area. I've also heard from our Society Leader to be careful around Ajoite Ridge and Kyanite Lake--though I have not personally confirmed these two. (None of these have death tikis.)
  4. Yeah, there are some pissed off boars there. I think they are mad cause no females around so they want to mate with the first thing that comes around! :)
  5. great, now im never going back there... thanks alot softy...
  6. Oh don't worry, boars have bad sight and probably couldn't see a jellyfish anyway :)
    Plus they can't open jars :)
  7. They can open them, I just don't think he would survive. *Squash*
  8. I'm a total noob and wandered into a couple areas I thought I would never get out of. Don't remember the names, but

    1. was a revive only (no teleport) with grey papoo in the area. It was near the rightmost mountain of those three up in the north.
    2. was out west somewhere maybe mushroom marsh. Had a teleport but was so crowded with wild boars I had to spend half an hour luring boars in the opposite direction of the teleport before I could make it there, and I was killed just as I was teleporting away.

    Nope. 2 was definitely misty outpost. Went to the wrong spot and got stuck there again cause I'm an idiot. Still stuck there.
  9. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    I think Hunter's Waterfall Outpost is still a bit rough for newbies. The range on the turret is off -- do you guys find it too challenging there?
  10. Tom


    Yes, Hunter's Waterfall Outpost can be challenging, mostly due to the amount of papoos in the area. Two things are to watch for Yellow Papoos and Brown Papoos. Yellows by default are just plain mean and will 100% attack you when you get about 50 meters from them. Browns love to attack after your back is turned, again if you're in range. My tactic is to run a few meters and wait; I'll toggle to cursor mode and use my mouse to move over papoos I can see, and I'll often spot a yellow before I'm in range. I'll then purposely move toward it and begin shooting just as it begins running at me. You can also detect them if you're still and if they are running at you. Most other papoos are fairly non-aggressive--mostly. Also, attacks do happen, so I always touch up my hit points with my first aid kit (currently a Vivo T-5) before continuing.

    On the first aid topic, I've successfully been experimenting with healing while in a melee fight. Do some hit damage to the mob as it is cutting/stabbing/pounding damage on me. I'll then hot-key my Vivo to increase my health a few times, and then I'll hot key back my weapon to continue my damage. Only way I survived a "scenic" run from Serpentine Village to Salvation Outpost a few days ago. It really works.
  11. Borass rock is a very bad aera for noobs, revival is not near the tp and you have to run for miles only to be sent back to the same rock. Not if but when the mob kills you again. But no worries john because you joined Next Island Noobs. your brothers will allways come to your rescue.
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  12. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    And that? Is why NI players rock!
  13. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    Did Meg just call us a bunch of rocks? :p
  14. Tom


    So true. I never will forget a few months ago dying then reviving at Misty Outpost, surrounded and continually killed by large boars, and I sent out a HELP on our society channel. One guy essentially dropped what he was doing, came all the way from Calypso, proceeded to kill most of the boars, and bought me time to limp and escape away on the teleporter to safety.

    There are definitely rock stars on Next Island!
  15. red


    can I be a jasper? ...leopard variety.
  16. and keep in mind, If a mob reacts to you, it will attack... it may take its sweet time dancing about, but its coming...
  17. Nyx


    I Think Old abandoned Post can be a nightmare for noobs. There isn't the number of boars as there is at Misty,but the type of Boar is very
    nasty and the logistics of escape make it hard to get out of there.
  18. I would think the revive point above Old Abandoned Post (high on a rock) would be a place to avoid. This may be one of the locations already mentioned. You can heal up on the rock but you have to stealth down to the OAP TP to get out of there.

    Agree that 'Ajolite Ridge' and 'Kayanite' Lake are bad news for noobs. There is a lake below Ajolite Ridge but Boars do not die there and can actually do damage to you on the surface even in the deepest parts.

    Another place is 'CND Boat Entrance' where there are lots of very large Mt Boar. Even though you can hide by the gun turret the Boars are so powerful they can kill you before they get killed. Best to run for the water.

    Most of the TPs on ND Champion's Park are inadvisable though exceptions exist. Some safe places are: Both ND 500 Raceway TPs, Hidden Beach, Jungle of Dreams (not Ruins), Omens Ridge (on the ridge), Eclipse Valley. But all the TPs on the ND Party Island have one Revive Point at CND so getting stuck out there is not the problem its getting back to where you got killed w/o getting killed immediately.
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