ROCKtropia: reword issue after killing 5000 sumima on RockTropia

Discussion in 'ROCKtropia' started by geanina, Jun 13, 2016.

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    Hey there and welcome to EP.
    To be honest we got that info A LONG time ago (last edit was februari 2013) so it is possible that the reward has changed, or that there is a mistake in the wiki. Feel free to edit that page and change the reward.

    You can edit the data by clicking the little pencil icon next to Mission Overview.

    There, when you scroll down you will see the rewards. You can remove the Aim skills, by clicking the cross in that box to the right and add the amount of Agility tokens, save the page and you are done.

    We are then very grateful that you helped us provide info to the community !

    Feel free to change anything you find inaccurate in our wiki, that is the idea behind it. If for some reason you find yourself with a page that is broken after you edited it, just let any of the admins know and we'll fix it again.
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  2. Did you kill Sumimas with a capital S or Sumimas with a lower case s at the beginning of their names? Just as a Swamp Allophyl may be in the Allophyl family it is not considered as one of the Allophyl you can use in an Iron Mission. It's not specifically stated on the mission board but we assume that after you have killed 1000 you will look to see that none were credited to your score and you will purchase more ammo and get it right the second time. Happy hunting and remember the Trade Terminal is your friend.
  3. P.S. Also after you have sweated for 10 hours for 1000 sweat or 1.5 ped / 0.015 cents usd, please feel free to visit our Wikipedia page and correct mistakes that we admittedly left incorrect and change it to anything you see fit, which in all likelihood is why it was incorrect in the first place.
  4. Mindark is a really great company that cares dearly about its customers and they have always been there to answer any questions i had. Thanks Mindark team!
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    This is a fan site not affiliated with MindArk. The only way for our wiki to stay current is for players such as ourselves and you to do the mindnumming work.
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    Narfi is totally right (as usual) we at Entropia Planets have nothing to do with MindArk other then that we play their game. With our wiki we have tried to bring order to the chaos that MindArk created, but with so many things changing all the time it is almost impossible to keep it a 100% up to date. Most data in the wiki is collected by either one of the EP staff members or any of the EP users (thank you all for that) and a small amount is data we got from some of the planet partners (like data on the guns on Arkadia). We can not keep the wiki up to date with the small amount of people running this forum/wiki, so we need the players to add data to the wiki as well. This is basically how a wiki works. For many of the items in the game we have created templates to help you to add data better and easier, but of course these can be improved as well if needed, either by any of the wiki users of the EP staff if needed.

    We can of course help with adding data and advise in what to do and what not to do, but we do not guarantee any of the data that is in the wiki.
  7. Nice, dynamic rewards.
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  8. Many RT missions are bugged, this one could be too.... (meaning wrong reward).
    Bugged missions have been reported months and months ago...
    Expect a fix is like pray to see diamonds rain from the sky it seems.
    You can always hope.
  9. Sorry I thought he was referring to a official site by Mindark and that Razor was a Mindark employee. I was just a little pissed yesterday about a run in with tech support. I had that problem where I accidentally sold an A103 to TT and asked if there was a way to get it back. Said i realize that it was my fault and would be willing to pay the ped back and even TT value to get it back. 3 days later being told they could put it back in my inventory for 1000 ped + tt value. I haven't responded back yet to let them know that i dont have 1000 ped cause over the last 2 months i have dped 950 usd into the game. Wtf is wrong with them and more importantly what the f is wrong with me?
    Not sure if i should have posted all that here, sorry if not.
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    No problem Gordon, just needed to make clear we are not MA. There are some accounts of planet partners on this forum, but those have not been used in a long time. Those accounts will have the planet they are from in their name, for example Marco|Planet Calypso.

    The 1000 PED rule is there for as long as I can remember, so definitely not only just for you. It is there so people do not hassle them for every tiny thing they accidentally TT. Sure it is a pain in the ass when you TT stuff you are not supposed too, but believe me, TT-ing 'just' a A103 is a small price to learn that you need to be careful when TT-ing stuff. People have TT-ed items that were worth many times more than an A103, which does not make it more painful for you of course.

    Just don't think about it for to long and continue your game and try to replace your lost item or even get a better one. Good luck !
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