RIP Next Island?

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by NotAdmin, Oct 4, 2012.

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    I didn't know she was his wife... <-- clueless

    guessing crowdsourced funding is probably a kickstart... not sure how that can work though... needs a content creator and funds to pay them I think.
  2. The latest tweets I have seen are talking about Benjamin Bakery where his tweets make it sound like its his newest venture.

    As for his account being hacked, I believe he was talking about the previous post on Sept 26. All the others I believe are his, they just match the previous posts he has made.

    Keep digging, interested to see what you'll find
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  4. BTW, does David know he has a forum? :headscratch:
  5. NotAdmin

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    I'm fairly certain he does.

  6. Yes, he does. I have asked a couple of times thru out the years that he should post on the forum.
  7. Make a mission chain that can move hunters to other planets.... A. Mission chain that you have to kill 1k mob on Calypso, 1k mob on Rt,1k mob on Ark,1k mob on Cyr,1k mob on NI...The mission can be taken from a common Npc on all planets...For Mob maybe some suggestions...
  8. When I first came to this game, I thought that was the theme of it where one had to go planet to planet to collect items to craft. Soon found it not to be, but still this would be cool if we could get missions up at space station to explore the universe on missions.
  9. crowdsourced funding otherwise known as crowdfunding is a viable way to help with financial need. However a full staff is still needed for success. There is of course a ready supply of initial funders which I shall merely call EU gamers. and there would need to be some creative incentives for funders. I spent several years working with musicians on crowdfunding incentives (if you condensed all that work it would be equal to only a couple months though), and understand it quite a bit.

    Crowdfunding really can only be used as a shot in the arm and not a replacement for bad management. As such if the reasons for NI less then stellar success/failure were/are not corrected then crowdfunding is worthless in and of itself.

    If crowdfunding was used I would suggest working out a means to include the acquisition of new players into any campaign.
  10. Still no news ?
  11. NotAdmin

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    Nothing solid, no. MA, David Post, and others are looking for interested parties. I heard a bunch of rumors, and tried helping to locate a few players who might be interested in such a venture, but nothing solid came out of that.

    If you happen to sit on a large amount of PEDs (500k PEDs plus), and would be interested in investing in NI, let me know, though, and I'll hook you up.
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    500k you say, let me check under my mattress .... nope ... to bad ;)

  13. No no no no, thank you. The only positive things about NI was the free NIP gun and the free colorator + bleacher and the sun glasses, thats it about it.

    I dont want to invest into a Papoo&Boar filled FarCry themed online dont...thanks ;)
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    Think of it as a way to invest in an established and working environment, with models etc. Just because things are a specific way now does not mean that's how they will be in the future.
  15. I think NI has such a great idea and basic stuff ready to be made awesome they just kept reworking old stuff instead of introducing new.

    All it really needs is a few more cool missions in greece and a nice pile of blueprints that use all those materials.
  16. UPDATE:
    Today, 05 June 2013, David post published the following statement:

    "ok to answer the questions.. I still own the lion share of Next Island and it is still operating but no new content being added at this time. I am focused more on the crowdfunding platform which has higher promise and cost a fraction of what an MMO costs."

  17. I don't get it, sry but I don't. Is this suggesting he's more focused on investing in the crowdfunding platform than in an mmo? Next Island is an mmo, so I just don't get it..
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    Yes, my friend, but it's been this way for some time now, this really isn't news, he just made an updated (public) statement about it. He's been involved (invested) in the crowd funding for some time now.

    Nothing has been done with Next Island for quite a while, and nothing is going to be done with Next Island - no content, no development, nothing - unless some wealthy investor blindly comes along and sinks a treasure chest of doubloons on the planet, but I don't see that happening.

    I heard through the grapevine some time ago that an attempt of this sort had already been made, and the deal was almost done (nice one too), but red flags went up and it was a no-go.

    That's a shame, because I really like Next Island and think it has potential, but how does anyone now proceed with development after all this time if anyone was truly interested in making a go of it.

    I just don't see it happening. :frown:
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