RIP Next Island?

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  1. Is he talking about that one website that never openned? Also the question has to be asked, does Neverdie own any of NI or did David sale Neverdie the bananas?:baby:

  2. This seems like the situation, but what I don't understand is, if he has the money to invest in crowd funding then he has the money to invest in Next Island; that is, to continue paying the technical team so that new content could be created.

  3. Good question. I believe (could be wrong) Neverdie Studios created a lot of the content for NI, if not all of it. Either this was for direct financial consideration, or he gained some equity in the business itself, or a combination of both.
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  4. MindStar9

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    The thing is, in his message he mentioned that crowd funding costs a fraction of what an MMO costs, and it seems he thinks that the "fractional cost" of the crowd funding holds more promise than investing it into Next Island.

    Besides, the entire staff was let go some time ago, so I think it's safe to say that no one is "working" on Next Island since David said that no new content is being added. I also think it's safe to say that still being "operational" means that people can go to Next Island and experience the planet, but it will pretty much stay as it is right now.
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    This bring me back to an idea I had, but never posted it couse it was too stupid.
    Open source planet of some kind.
    If David Post post :bigsmile: that he is looking for people that will work for free I am sure he will find some talanted concept artist, 3d modelers and such ready to spend some time working for free just for the reword of seeng their work inside of this huge MMO. If the intellectual property rights are not too big of a problem here.
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  6. Wistrel

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    Would be fun to work on missions!

  7. That's a good idea! A large team willing to share the expenses and workload for little return to begin with until it's ready to be introduced to the world at large. The intellectual rights to the mmo would be shared by the people that create it - I suppose there would have to be some sort of partnership drawn up...

  8. Ok, yes, this would make the most sense. Always thought that NI had it's own 'development team' (after they broke up) but this here makes more sense as to how ND still has access to the NI items.
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  9. SEE, I dont want to do another SEE joke here, but...

    I SEE a steady progress at the speed of light, in this is so fast, you cant SEE it. Do you SEE what I mean/SEE ?

    SEE Segnor ;p
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  10. did someone say bananas?
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  12. I think David Post and his initial team were responsible for maintaining their servers and general admin of the partnership, but that neverdie studios was key in developing the game assets which is why ND is mentioned all over NI.
    I suppose another question is, why didn't they have their own technical or development team from the start...
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    In regards to NI, from what I've observed over time, David Post brought out his planet without really understanding the "dynamics" (yes, I know I used the naughty word :tongue (2): ) of EU and expected to just jump in and make a quick buck.

    Dave (Ark) and Jon (RT) were long term players before coming in as PPs and I believe that gave them extremely valuable insight into what they needed right from day one. They know as we do, that quick is not the way of EU. I honestly think that Mr. Post didn't his due diligence when it came to research before jumping on the bandwagon....that said, this is merely my opinion based on my observations.

    For many years MA was the only team in town and so they had only 1 pool to go to for ideas and ways to do things...This is a large part, imo, as to why we saw little real change in the beginning. But now they have several other "teams" working alongside them who bring new and fresh ideas, different expectations and vastly more broad ranging experience in the "gaming and entertainment" world.

    We've seen a number of changes since the different PPs have come on board and I believe that this is mainly due to to the drive to succeed from the PPs as well as the new expanded pool of ideas etc that MA now have access to. It might be a slow process (noone ever accused MA of being fast [​IMG]) but I also believe that in the long run they will get it right and I for one plan to be here to see that happen.
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  14. Looks like the forums at are all screwed up... first layer or two of the forum works but if you go to look at older threads the data isn't there and you get messages that say: No data received
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