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  1. Just a few hours ago I discovered a free 3D polygonal modeller prog called Rocket 3F and have been looking through the menus and such. Don't know if other EP members know about it, but it was new to me. This is the opening screen when you first run it. Seems fairly comprehensive but don't know yet how many file types it supports. Will post more pics up when I've done more with it. Rocket 3F site.
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    Akbar is our resident 3D modeller. He may know more about it
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  3. Thanks for that. So far it's proving to be a fairly complex bit of software with a full array of options so there's a bit of a learning curve ahead.
  4. looks like a simpler gui than blender.
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    No heard of that one (but that doesn't mean much). As for 3d modellers (depending on definition) here we also have @Jamira and myself. I actually made something the other day. Not very exciting though (yes it's a plug guard, but precisely designed to fit a specific place). I was quite pleased with it though as I managed it in only 6 steps. I gradually get the hang of this stuff...

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  6. Very nice rendering, which modeller did you use? Is it for an electrical plug or some other type of plug?
  7. I've heard of blender, but R3F is the first 3d modelling soft I've ever downloaded, and it's free so I'll stick with it.
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    "locally known... as a PLUGGOLE!!!"

    Fusion 360. Tis free with some limitations that won't cause a problem for most amateurs. Just did this.

  9. Your plug guard won't fit that pluggole I don't think :)
  10. Anyway, this is what I've done so far.
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  11. @Wistrel, had a look at Fusion 360 by Autodesk and seems very good, has a 30 day free trial...
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    Get a personal licence. It is free but as to if you want to use it, depends on what your purpose is. I use it only to design stuff to 3D print.
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  13. Would mainly use it for rendering buildings and furniture, but 3D printing would be a good idea - gratz that you're doing that btw. I'm sure they're a lot faster than they were a few years back when I thought of getting one myself.
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    Well I never wanted to get one till I had learned to design my own stuff. But I managed to do that so in theory I should get one now... but actually at the moment, other projects stop me wanting to start new 3D printing based things (at least big/mutltipart/complex things). At the moment therefore I don't produce enough stuff to justify getting my own. I have a friend who lets me use their's when I occasionally need to though. I think he's ok with it as it sorta justifies him having one if more than just him are designing stuff and using it and it kinda gives an excuse for socialising.
  15. Any 3d printing folks have an estimate on how much it'd cost to buy a printed copy of the Free Universal Construction Kit The Free Universal Construction Kit | F.A.T. ( - I uploaded one of the meshes from it to some online program and the price check on it was insane.... I suspect for those doing it yourself it'd be more reasonable.
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  16. Ok get that, but good you've got access to one if you need to 3d print things. Do you save to STL or OBJ? I think those were the most popular formats a few years back when I read up on it...
  17. Nice idea. Reading the info it says you can download the kit as a STL file that you can then 3d print, but must need a fair amount of resin to print all the pieces.
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    Not me sorry. I've yet to be charged.

    I think you export to STL and load it into your 3D printer but there might be some new format my friend mentioned recently that is a bit better thought through.
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  19. Right, so you'd export say a Fusion 360 file to STL or some newer format and send that to the printer. Thanks.
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    Well there's a 3d printing button or menu with some options and my friend loads it into the Pruser software he has (Pruser printer) and uses that to plan the print and choose settings etc (like wall thickness or percent infill or orientation and probably a bunch of other things I know nothing about). Then he saves it to an SD card and sticks it in the printer and presses Go I think.
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