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    Find those Blueprints

    Somewhere on Rocktropia I placed Blueprints on the ground arranged to spell out the Initials of my Avatar.

    Narfi Hungry Willem

    The first person to find these blueprints and take a screenshot of their avatar standing by them and posts it in this thread wins their choice of a Rookie Ore Finder with 25 Rookie Bombs or a Rookie Enmatter Finder with 25 rookie probes.

    The blueprints are yours to start your collection with.

    If instead of taking the blueprints, you add to it by using anything you want dropped on the ground in the form of my favorite graphetti then I will give you both a Rookie Ore Finder & a Rookie Enmatter Finder with 25 Rookie Bombs & 25 Rookie Probes.
    If you don't know what my favorite graffiti is you can ask an older player or browse through the forums for other events I have run in the past.

    To win the larger prize you need to show a screenshot with you by the items, and they have to remain there for 24 hours, or untill I have time to go and see it in person.

    This event will be announced on multiple forums. Posting your screenshot in any of them will make you eligible. If two different people post in two different threads, it will still be the first person to post that wins.

    This Treasure Hunt is brought to you by the Rocktropia Event Committee
    in association with

  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Find those Blueprints.
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    bump it up :)
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    When the blueprints were placed on the ground there was snow. Now spring is here and the ground is green and brown, but the bps are still there.

    Look in the Land Area with a Cathedral.

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