Scamming millions since 2013, we salute "Kunrad Solo Reez" :'D

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. 19.357.845 PED loot in crafting alone !!! xD
    Nearly 2 million loot...makes you wonder, how much he deposited & scammed from others, to gamble it all away on amps and "Explosive Blueprint 4".

    I salute you , Kunrad !!!³³³ x'D

    He started to complain about crafting in 2011...then it all started...maybe he scammed in 2011 already...but defenitely scamming from 2013 until September 2017. Holy fecking sh!t !!!! And people kept "investing" their PEDs into this guy,
    crafting EP4 with their money, all hoping for the monster ATH. :'D

    In short, he missused auction, making you missinterprete the price of an common item, so you would loose huge amount of PEDs if you didnt pay attention.
    Just check auction for a 2k PED Calypso Candy Cane, making some people think its a Calypso Land Deed etc. etc. etc. Many others try this glorious trick as well. =)
    Or putting 1 CLD for the buyout of 10 CLDs...if you dont pay recieve the lulz instead. ;)

    He kept lending PEDs from "friends" or asked them to "invest" into his crafting amps/EP4 business aka. gambling addiction.

    He got then banned from Entropia (again)...but started to lend PEDs right after he got unlocked (?)...just to get banned once more...hory ?! But he got unbanned again and started to pay back at least 1 avatar with a lower amount, I got told, promising to pay back the rest as well this month (Sept. 2017).

    ...but SEE the story for yourself :

    Kunrad Solo Reez5.jpg

    Kunrad Solo Reez.jpg

    Kunrad Solo Reez4.jpg

    Kunrad Solo Reez6.jpg

    Kunrad Solo Reez2.jpg

    "I have failed investments in EU. My account is now banned and I have just lost 9 years of investment and a lot of nice skills and some items in the bank."

    "save the tears, and admit it, we are all gamblers and risk takers here.
    And we are all greedy."

    No words about friendship or similar crap like that... x'D

    But at least the idiots who kept lending him PEDs, were greedy and risk takers for sure. All trades are final ftw !

    Kunrad Solo Reez3.jpg

    again, p.s.
    Just check auction for a 2k PED Calypso Candy Cane, people thinking its a Calypso Land Deed etc. etc. etc. Many others try this glorious trick as well. =)

    Or putting 1 CLD for the buyout of 10 CLDs...if you dont pay recieve the lulz instead. ;)
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  2. To the people asking why MA did ban him :

    He started a "business". Give me your PEDs, Ill craft amps and/or EP4 blueprint with it, you get a piece of cake if I should ATH.

    He also started to lend PEDs from various idiots, to be able to continue crafting EP4, not paying them back.

    People, that did not invest into his EP4 clicking...but wanted to "help" him anyway.

    He screwed people on auction.

    I think that was a fair reason to remove somebody from Entropia (temporary), even if "all trades are final".
    Imagine the guy cashing it all out...bragging about it in reallife...not the best headline for MindArk.

    And be sure there was enough crying via support cases from all the idiot investors.
    But maybe MA didnt like how the EP4 mechanism got "exploited" with "unlimited PEDs" ? Its their world. Their rules.
    His investors should have gone to the stock market instead and not throwing their money at some one armed bandit guy, who promised heaven.

    People even believed he tried some "damage limitation" with the PEDs he had left, well, hope dies last. Then his telephone "stopped working" and he said "goodbye" on forum, announcing he wont continue reading.

    Seriously, this is still "just a game for entertainment" in the end.
    And those who still havent learned "dont lend what you cant afford to loose", just lol.

    Maybe next time MindArk can ban the "stupid investors", instead of the "clever guy". ;)

    He got unbanned again though some time ago...and at least 1 avatar said he recieved a small payback and got promised to recieve the rest later this month. Already waiting 2 years for his PEDs.

    p.s. p.s.
    Planetcalypsoforum shut down right after I made this post. It had "trust issues" because of google before...just like which is still classified as "dangerous website"...the truth is always out there :)

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  3. Warnings never worked inside of Entropia. :/

    But Scamming will always work inside of Entropia. :)
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  4. Dude wow I was so oblivious. I caught him crafting in one of my later periods of crafting and dude just complexed me beyond belief. I knew very well the costs of clicking amps and the possible roller coasting so seeing this dude going for hours made me feel like a moron who doesn't understand the system and how to play properly. Thanks for clearing this up, no joke.
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  5. When I had enough spare peds after the terminator sale, I crafted away 10k ped per night on amp 101. Sometimes 48 fails in a row, but also 2 ATHs...but in the end...I crafted all the PEDs away in 2 weeks or so. (36k ped) x'D

    So, seeing this guy, crafting with "lend" PEDs...2 million dollars total loot...jesus...lulz...
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    3600$ in two weeks? O_O***

    and 2mil$ in loot....

    There are some rich people playing this game. I might go back to the Rig and find that rich guy who took a shine to me. Maybe I can convince him to buy me a house IRL.

  7. A few things here; I am one of his creditors, and have been since the beginning. He has ALWAYS paid back. Yes it takes up to a year. In fact a lot of people whining they were scammed by him, have in fact been paid off, but they will never post that they had been. They will never post how much money they have made off of loansharking to him. When people lend to others, it is out of pure greed, they want the interest. However, always getting paid back does not mean tomorrow, next week, or even next month. He used to ATH regularly and clear the slate with his creditors with the big hofs; but loot has been so bad, there is one payday a year with which is large enough for him to settle up with his debts, which he does, and will do again even if you will be blind and ignorant to it. By lending to him, it is an annuity you are buying more than a "get rich quick" scheme.

    As for 2K candy canes and etc; c'mon. MA has created the only MMO in which you cannot transfer game credits via PM's from one player to another. The only way for two people in timezones half a world apart to transfer cash in game, is to put up common items for high prices as a means of cash transfer, and it is fine because MA still gets their fee on the transaction. It is all above board. No he didn't sell a 2K ped candycane to a candycane collector, he sold a 2K ped candycane to someone lending him 2K ped. THAT is how that works.

    So you guys need to put up or shut up, it is doubtful anyone on this thread even knows the guy and are just repeating what they seen on other forums. I dislike fear mongers, real scammers, and people who have some sort of superiority complex. Most of you here probably fall under one of those yourselves.

    If you are going to tell a story, both sides need told, not just the one you think will make you popular.

    A real scammer would have defaulted on ALL of the debt and never came back. You do realize that happens all the time, theres more alts than real players in EU right now, despite the EULA banning alts.
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  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I don't know the guy or the situation. But your statement there seems very naive.
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  9. You ARE a good example for a naive and greedy person, supporting the gambling addiction of a human, that now has big problems.
    Also because of you. :)

    But I know, you think you are the "Wolf of Wallstreet here", a true hero, eh ? ;)

    Yes, of course, thats why these kind of candy canes always have been put on auction, with a pricetag, beeing just a bit lower then a CLD...because people just wanted to exchange PEDs, right ? x'D
    (Im fully aware people exchange big PEDs via auction using TT food...thats happening since 2003. But they dont use similar names and simlar prices, to trick other people. If you havent realized that by now, I feel really sorry for you and you seem to have no idea of auction scams.)

    You didnt even take the time to read about his past, right ? You just created this (troll) account to defend his gambling addiction and your holy PEDs, used to "support" this poor dude. Neither Kunrad, nor you are heros here. You are desperate souls in a casino and dont want to hear about that. You think and act like as if this is as important as the wallstreet...or saving the world...while you are doing the exact opposite, by beeing naive, greedy and unpolite.

    Btw. I never wrote Kunrad put Candy Canes on auction, yet you assumed I did. Wtf man ? Also this trick is not about messing with "Candy Cane Collectors" (lol), but about mixing up a "Calypso Candy Cane" with a "Calypso Land Deed" the price of the Candy Cane is set just a bit lower then 1x CLD...and both start with the word Calypso...and this trick really works...but you really ARE that naive, arent you ? Holy sh!t... :/

    But I posted a link..that you probably fully ignored on purpose. (?)
    Feel free to re-read, before trying to troll me.

    Everything has been said already but I had conversations with people that are still waiting for their PEDs, since more then 2 years.
    But you talk and act like as if this is one big business, about changing the world. Acting as a holy samaritian here, while you just lend money to an addicted casino gam(bl)er, hoping for a nice return, not caring about the poor addicted soul, sitting behind the monitor, on the other side of the world. ;p
    Ya good ol anonymity.

    This is happening just inside of Entropia...a game, with a built in casino...its not a world business that will change it is just a game with a fancy RCE factor on top of it. If guys like you, really think Entropia is the way to become rich, by supporting one poor soul of a gambler, that you give your money to...I feel ashamed for you...but especially for those complaining now that they lost their PEDs.

    Yes, I always dig out made up stories, without any further investigation. I do this since 2004...just to become popular.
    I mean, just look at this forum section alone, me beeing the only one, filling it with made up stories, just to become popular. I love it. :'D

    But are you really that naive ? I wasnt even sure if I should reply to this troll attempt...but it was, uhm, lets say, tempting.

    Sometimes people are calling this trust scam...lend, payback, lend bigger amount, payback, lend even bigger amount...dissapear...just, uhhh, like it happened in this example...the saddest part is, it wasnt just to scam people, but to feed his own gambling addiction (he even admitted it) and people like you supported this behaviour, hoping to make a pretty penny.

    Again, this is not wallstreet and you are not saving any whales/lives with what you are doing here. You are just naive and greedy.

    And now we are the people that need to shut up ? Because "we dont know that guy" and because he payed you back ? Seriously...what a troll show...awaiting your reply. :'D
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  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The first part immediately made me think of a ponzi scheme. The high dividends for the early joiners are primarily coming from the new joiners. This works well, until the pool of new joiners dries up.

    Add gambling to the factor, and you're playing a very dangerous game...
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  11. Just hit. Maybe he can afford to pay back those borrowed PEDs now...
    [Globals]: Kunrad Solo Reez manufactured an item (Explosive Projectiles) worth 1614 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame.
    [Globals]: Kunrad Solo Reez manufactured an item (Explosive Projectiles) worth 26782 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame.
    [Globals]: Kunrad Solo Reez manufactured an item (Explosive Projectiles) worth 5251 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame.
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  12. Hello ?! Sir Goldbaron ?
  13. So, I was right, Goldbaron was a troll, just created 3 days after my post, to defend Kunrads actions.

    Btw. until today, Kunrad is still crafting Explosive Blueprints.

    And they all lived happily ever after...
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  14. Happy anniversary on this topic :'D
  15. And hes back... x'D

    Kunrad 9 2018.jpg
  16. I dont want to piss on anyones parade, so let the next ATH happen.
    But which of both shady individuals will get it ? :'D

    My bets are on Kunrad !

    kunrad 10 2018.jpg
  17. Today I was online for about 8 hours...Kunrad is crafting like 24/7... x'D

    But there is a new guy in town "Terrr Krrrr Phe"... x'D

    This is beyond sick...especially since we know the truth behind these crafting attempts...

    kunrad 12 2018.jpg
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  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    The truth is out there....

    sorry what truth?

    <-- dummy who only ever crafter "carpet tiles" (basic filters)
  19. Feel free to re-read the initial post Wisty ^^

    a.) He crafts with the money of others.
    b.) Others give him money, hoping he will super ATH, so everyone will become rich at once. x'D
    c.) He got banned more then once. :o
    d.) "The Rock" already got informed, that Kunrad crated another avatar, to scam even more people. :'D

    Jingle Bells !
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