Planet Calypso News: Schnozzles Return

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by EP-Newsbot, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. The Colonial Xenobiological Institute (CXI) reports large herds of Snarksnot in several locations on the Eudoria continent, similar to last year’s congregation.

    Reports are coming in from Cape Corinth, Camp Echidna, Fort Ithaca and the Nus Lull area northeast of Port Atlantis.

    Scientists at the CXI are speculating about what is causing the normally docile Snarksnots to once again gather in large numbers. Rumors are also circulating that the giant ‘Schnozzle’ Snarksnot has been spotted in the gatherings. The CXI will continue to investigate this abnormal seasonal phenomenon.

    Snarksnots are known for their devastating impact when threatened. The CXI recommends hunters strengthen their armor with additional AP armor plates before starting their Snarksnot hunts.

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