Sebastian in Crystal resort

Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by Andabar, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. I approached Sebastian today. Sebastian simply told me "I only have work for Noobs"
    No further testing... lol
  2. Notice how the window in which that pops up is called Pesky Boar I - another new bugged mission i suspect. I'll add it to the list. Thx Andabar
  3. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    The missions are being worked on. They are working to fix the few already in there and add in some more.
  4. Sebastian is still bugged, some can get the mission from him some dont..
  5. Stupid ass monkey not talking to me either!

    Along with Percy, Finnegan and the monkey next to him
  6. Sebastian is not talking to me either.
    But it could be worse - he could be throwing dung at me.
  7. LOL I was going to push him off that platform, but I fell instead :)
  8. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    Percy & Finnegan actually should not be there. They seemed to have been left in by mistake. LOL

    But I think the 2nd floating TANK is gone. ;)
  9. Yeah second Tank is gone,
  10. Poor second Tank...

    I wonder what happened to him?
  11. He lost my challenge :)
  12. Then i'm sure he died happy :D
  13. Too bad I can't kill Sebastian, that f*#ker owes me a bp! :)
  14. Sebastian

    Bugged for me as well. Turns back on me and flings dung....sigh <g>
  15. So how much longer do the devs plan to keep the MU for time travel artivicialy high with that "bug"?... -.-
  16. You know the Dev's don't control MU. MU is based off what other players are willing to pay. If people wouldn't pay 10ped for 1 obsidian, or 200ped for a drake heart then time crystals would be cheap to make, even if you fail 20-25 times. The Devs can not control how much above TT we pay for something so please stop spreading misinformation, thank you.
  17. I tried talking to Sebastian and he won't even talk to me. Cherries got the bp mission and was able to complete it and got her bp. Sebastian would not talk to her after that. Cherries is lvl 33 ranged laser and I am lvl 56 laser pistol.
    Sebastian used to tell me he only has missions for noobs before the last update. Cherries tried crafting one tt crystal and got a partial success. I think we will wait for an update before trying again.
  18. After all the talk you still tried??

    And I think that is where the problem lies, if you talked to him before the VU your not able to talk to him now.
  19. madcaz

    madcaz General NBK Legion

    I tried to talk to him before the VU and got the same reply but I HAVE been able to complete the mission, however, one of my Colonels who has fewer skills than me has been unable to speak to the miserable monkey at all. So deffo not based on total skill, perhaps one specific one or as someone said (somewhere, I can't remember) maybe avatar's age?
  20. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    No idea what any of it means at this point, I spoke to him before the VU and got the 'just for noobs' reply. I got the bp mission twice and completed it, now he won't speak to me again. Would love to push him off that platform lol.
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