Second Nextisland Outback Race

Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by Corey 'GreyFox", Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Okay so here are the details for the Second NOR;


    Yep that's right, it's a water race.

    So if there are no sponsors for this event the prizes will be
    Second=60 ped

    So this time around 35 agility cap( little higher then last time)
    Registering on forum is NOT required this time, looking for five racers again but I got a couple extra boats just incase to many show up
    Oh and sponsors will be allowed to race with their own vehicles, but not for a prize.
    And if for some reason you jump out of your boat and get eaten by a shark, you are out of the race, so please, keep your arms inside the boat at all time :)
    It will take place on October first at 1800 Entropia time.

    And the Winners;

    from left to right, Cazy Tylor, second place, Gretchen, first place, Mark, third place. Gratz to the winners

    And the race video, spliced together from my footage(helicopter) and Softharts footage(boat)
  2. red


    oh, a water race. nice.
  3. fun stuff! Will try to be there. My agility is still 22 and my old computer died so I was bereft (bereft I say!) of the interwebs for a couple of days! But I'm back with a better pc and card and went from Windows XP to 7 so looking forward to getting back out there and soon as I install EU again.

    As far as skills go...what does Agility do, increased max speed in vehicles or something? And at the first race people were asking about weight...does that have anything to do with it? Any benefit to unloading at the storage first?
  4. I will try to be there too, sounds fun. One question about the course - the loop at the top, is that anti-clockwise, i.e. north, east, south, west ?
  5. Agility is believed to make you run faster, and of course the more weight you have on you the slower you are. I asked to see if it actually has anything to do with how fast you drive. As my agility is higher then all the racers. I don't think it has anything to do with it or you would have been choking on my dust :)
  6. Agility is used because it doesn't change when a person buys or sells skills and because no single skill effects it, all the proffesions affect it. It's generaly used as "level" indicator. It does make you run faster(or it used to, I've heard that it doesn't anymore) and weight affects how fast you can run, but neither of these affect driving speed.
  7. red


    agility is a contributing factor to most professional levels. some of them, more than others (see here).

    agility contributes to how quickly to can run, but this runs out rather quickly. it use to have a greater effect, before we had vehicles.
  8. Anyway, back on topic, tell your friends, let's get as many new players as we can to stay. NOR is here to stay, once a month for 11 months a year( no event in December, sorry).
  9. Bumping it up :)
  10. Bump, tell your friends
  11. Bumping it up, again.

    I wish I had some way to advertise this in game at Crystal arrival where new players will see it. Something other then droping a display screen and hoping no-one steals it, lol.
  12. Just registered on forum :)
    I'm planning to participate on this race aswell, though i've never driven a water vehicle.
    Sounds cool anyway; hope to see the same people there and more :D
  13. You should try the hoovercraft upside down! Its a blast! But have a barf bag ready if in first person :)
  14. I'm of course planning to join the race if possible, last time was a ton of fun! Do water craft have momentum in the water, sort of drift as you corner and stuff?

    At least I know to just press R this time. :palm:
  15. Great my agility is at 35 now (it could jump between now and then though). Nadu and I will try to get back from Caly for the Race. Never driven a boat before.
  16. Look forward to seeing you guys there.
  17. Looking forwardto the next race. We'll have at leadt 2 TAOists in it this time, so long as Gretch and Spofas don't pass the agil limit, cos gretch has now joined our soc :)

    Any chance of holding it at an earlier time, this time around ? A lort of us (including Spofas) are in Britsh time zone, and (as it was last time, in our neck of the woods) was a little bit difficult for us.

    I'll mention the race, and post a link, to any noobs I see around the island, as I did last time, not that it did a lot of good . I wonder if diffictulies with joining the forum might be affecting the take-up rate? (It took a LOT of perserverence, on my part, to get to the point where I could post here. If I'd ben planning to take part in an event, event would have be over long before I succeeded)

    jay :)

    jay :)
  18. Going to aim for sometime between 1900-2300 EU time for this race, I'll need to make some RL adjustments to make that work, but it shouldn't be a problem, wanted to hold the race a little earlier for different time zones this time anyway.
  19. Bumping this up
  20. Bumping, going to aim for 1pm my time, still trying to figure out what that is in EU time, will update again when I can login to cross reference EU time with my time.
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