Second Nextisland Outback Race

Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by Corey 'GreyFox", Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Thanks, but their is no option for Entropia on there :) Okay so just did a cross reference check, it's 6:15pm my time, according to windows clock that makes it 1:15am UTC according to time in Entropia it's 12:15am kinda confused sinse I thought EU was on UTC. Anyway doing the math that would mean that a race at 12pm my time would be 6pm Entropia time so updating OP with start time.
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    Sounds odd. EU is UTC. Maybe there's some DST offset involved? Maybe better double-check: Entropia Universe Time.
  3. Well that's just silly of them :) I agree with Tass, though, EU time is UTC.

    One question:Can't remember if you've mentioned it. Will you be allowing anyone who turns up early enough, a chance to practice in the boats?
  4. Yep, show up no latter then 30 minutes early and you can practice. And ya it seems that EU is on UTC
  5. question about the route...the loop around the northmost part, is that taken clockwise or anticlockwise? Hard to tell by the little red line if it's all the way north, then a reverse S back south, or if it goes north, turns east, then around the top to the west, back south and crosses itself to head ESE to the finish.
  6. oh, and for me in eastern US timezone by current time, EU time is 4 hours ahead of me (9pm tonight 27th was 1am 28th EU time ingame) so 1800 EU on the 1st is 1400, or 2pm eastern US time.

    Daylight Savings Time in the US runs until the first Sunday in November per Wikipedia.

    As Saskatchewan does not observe DST, that's why there is a two hour difference, 2pm my time is noon Corey's time, even though we are in adjacent time zones. I'm functionally at UT-4 while he is -6. When DST ends I go back to being -5.
  7. It goes clockwise around the loop.
  8. heh, get people to take it the other way every other racer. That would add some fun when you passed each other! I guess the distance would be the same either way...
  9. YA, I'm just worried that some of the boats might get automaticaly recalled to storage for getting to far away from me :)
    Anyway I'm set up at the starting point, race time in ~40 minutes
  10. Was a good race, gratz to the winners, OP updated.
  11. It was good, gratz to you Corey for organising it, to the othere racers and to my fellow winners. Looking forward to seeing the video and to the next race.
  12. Should be a good video, downloading Softharts footage and going to cut something together with mine. In the meantime here is her footage [video=youtube;XEN2XIc_h50][/video]

    EDIT Okay video is up now [video=youtube;XazHG9B3dnc][/video]
  13. Is there anyway we can get an event coordinator on NI. That way in-world folks would know about these events. Agree that we need an AD machine at Crystal Entry point since we are trying to attract newbie players. The AD boxes are everywhere on Calypso.
  14. It would be nice. I sent a message asking Meg about that or if she could hang a sign on one of the community centres, so far no response but it sounds like they are really busy with the Oct 4th update so maybe after that's done I can get a response.
  15. thanks, this was fun!
  16. Gratz to all the winners!

    I was coming over from Caly to support Gretch and Spofas but was shot down by pirates, THEN got stuck in "Ooh my engine is really quiet" mode for ages (cos i wasn't moving :D) THEN hit the floor whilst afk. I arrived on NI just as the race was finishing.
    So, I particularly appreciate Softhart's fopotage :) Tyvm, Softhart :)

    jay :)
  17. red


    congratulations to the winners!
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