Second NI house sold

Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by Kitten, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Second NI house sold

    Grats to winner!

  2. Too much for me to afford at this point... overpriced IMO for 100 item points and a small room.

    I don't think that will work out at a guideline price, there must be 80-100 other such houses dotted about, surely they cant all go for 2k+

    Also... what a dick of a bidder! +1 on every Skippie bid. I would have been raging! lol
  3. ... and this is not a shop too?

    If not way to much to pay imo
  4. Gratz Jagger :)
  5. Big congrats to my friend Jags :)
  6. LOL u noob how is that being a dick?? its more like a dick comment !!
  7. Raising +1 ped when someone else is raising in 100's is not a constructive bid, its a raise, but not a constructive one. Skippies bids are constructive, yours are not. Dickish bidding IMO.

    But thats just my opinion, personally if I went to an auction and someone bidded $340,000 on a house, I wouldn't then raise to $340,001...
  8. yowch! And here I was looking at Estate signs, thinking "a buck a month, that's not a lot, that could be fun...wonder how I rent one of these."
  9. These houses sold for alot because they where the first on NI, one thing about EU you should know, you pay a premium to be among the first to own something. Once NI has enough users more homes will be auctioned and the price will drop with each one. Wasn't that long ago that an apartment on CND(the astroid now known as FOMA) sold for 1k ped, now they hover between 300-400ped.
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