Selling Selling ped via paypal 90%

Discussion in 'Trading' started by xavierrm007, Jan 18, 2019.

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  2. Ahhhh, this is so 2004 :)

    Good luck, you'll need it !
  3. Sorry I don't want to get locked.
  4. thank you and yes there arent that much depositers any more and less the ones who buy outside eu
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  5. i asure you you wont i have already investigate a lot on this
    we will make "trades"

    when we doing it for example i will be putting the 5 ped and you lets say one cloth or something so its an actual trade adn not me giving away ped for nothing

    they cant do anything if im "buying you something overpriced"
  6. NotAdmin

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    As much as EP is all about free speech, this kind of stuff will end up getting people locked. I'm editing the OP to remove the content, and am locking this thread.
Thread Status:
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