Sensor / Papoo Wave Loacations

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  1. The Sensors mark where there are Papoo Wave events.

    These Wave events have a number of papoo that spawn. They consists of 5 waves where the mobs will get higher in maturity. And the last wave with consists of a King. The King has been know to loot time travel crystals :)

    Each of the papoo waves usually consists of 20 mobs. EXCEPTION: The Grey papoo waves will have 100's (some have said 600, but I think that number is a bit exaggerated) :)

    Sensor Alpha: Crystal Center
    Sensor Beta: 136959-84080 Yellow Papoo
    Sensor Delta: 136203-84011 Red Papoo
    Sensor Gamma: 136113-84827 Brown Papoo

    The Grey Papoo wave is at: 136905-83422, but there is no Sensor there.

    Also if you complete all 5 waves for each papoo area you are awarded with a Papoo Slayer Achievement.

    Take out the Apes! :)
  2. Summer

    Summer Colorer & Texturer

    Actually the whole grey pappoo wave event (all 5 waves) has more than 500 mobs, since both me and Buzz were done our mission and the event was not over yet.
    So no, its not exaggerated.
  3. I think Softie meant "per wave" and not total kills.
  4. Yes, per wave :) So total all five would be around 500 :)
  5. What's the reward for the mission (killing 250 of each color) ?
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