Shameless Theft at AH West

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  1. Tass

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    In Short:

    An item was stolen from a house at Atlas Haven West. PAPD is investigating and asking the community for help. It look like there's a least one other party involved that is represented by Mr Johnson.(More info below)

    Both PAPD and Mr Johnson issue little tasks and a total of 800+ PED for solving the tasks are being offered as well as additional prizes. (More info below)

    Mostly it's only the first few posters who receive the PED rewards. But for any contribution you get contribution points. Additional special rewards will be given to the 3 individuals with the most contribution points (if more than 3 by draw) as well as one special reward will be given (by draw) to any person with at least one contribution point. Another prize will be given to the person with the most contribuiton points (if more than 1 by draw) and below 100 Agility.

    You can already earn 1 contribution point by using the Shameless theft banner with a link to this thread in your signature on forums.

    You can still earn contribution points by solving tasks:

    - Task #1 100+ Agility or Task #1 below 100 Agility
    - Task #2
    - Task #3
    - Task #4
    - Task #5
    - Task #6
    - Task #7

    Standing (contribution points):
    |Signature|Task #1|Task #2|Task #3|Task #4|Task #5|Task#6
    narfi|1| | | |
    Oleg| |1| |1|
    Kay Jones|1|1|1|1|1|1|1
    captee| | |1|1|
    Spongey Bob|1 | | | |1
    Lexjay| | | | |1
    mari| |1| |1| |
    blood|1|1| |1| | | |

    Recent Development:

    08 December: Task #7

    What happened so far:

    07 November: Suddenly another task (#6)!

    Name of the thief revealed to the press.

    Task #6 published:
    30 October: Interview revealing more details announced!

    But who will be interviewed? Let's wait and see...

    28th October: CARA approval!

    Thank you very much CARA!


    24 & 25th October: Crime scene revealed!

    One week after the riddle given by an anonymous person and a key given by Mr Johnson the crime scene has been revealed:

    18th October: Another cryptic post by Mr Johnson

    18th October: Who's Mr Johnson?

    He definitely seems to have access to information that was believed to be secret:

    18th October: New task and 100 PED reward offered by an anonymous person!

    17th October: Report on the office raid and hints from an anonymous person!

    16th October: PAPD (or not?) raided the EPMC office!


    15th October: EPMC managed to get some info again!

    Strange incidents inside PAPD:

    12th October: PAPD cancels the project!

    11th October: PAPD published the 4th task:

    8th October: PAPD published the 3rd task

    7th October: EPMC was able to get some info
    Interesting: Another hint to a connection with the EUWBC event.

    28th September: Clarification regarding Task #2

    25th September: PAPD published Task #2

    24th September: PAPD published a press release - Additional Rewards

    Most interesting: Additional rewads being offered

    - Solving of tasks will get you contributions points
    - at the end the 3 persons with the most contribution points will receive special rewards
    - another special reward will be given by draw to one of the contributors, no matter the amount of contributions
    - you can get 1 contribution point by using the Shameless Theft banner in your signature on forums

    Read the press release...

    22nd September: PAPD published first task:

    21st September: PAPD press release:
    19th September: EPMC's next report:
    17th -20th September: Speculations about the site of crime
    17th September - EntropiaPlanets Media Center published another report:
    16th September - Port Atlantis Police Department published a press release:
    16th September - EntropiaPlanets Media Center published a first report:
    13th September - EntropiaPlanets Media Center started investigations:
    12th September - Nutrageti asked the right questions:
    12th September - EntropiaTimes September 2010:
    (Link: EntropiaTimes September 2010)
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  2. details? what house, what item? was the house open for visitors? Is the owner sure he didn't put the item up for sell? was the item inside the house or outside on aditional owned land?
    Also is the owner sure his account wasn't hacked?
  3. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I love it ... this is going to be fun! :D
  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    We've been trying to get more info on the details and we have been promised an official statement by tomorrow the latest. Stay tuned.

    Meanwhile everyone is asked to put this in his forum signature:

    Because this issue really needs some attention.
  5. Is this community diligence or an in-game event?
  6. leeloo

    leeloo cOloRmAnIaC

    would like to know more before I put it in my sig ;)
  7. I figure this is an in-game event. Tho with recent scam cases slighty off with the timing yes :-)
  8. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    or maybe just at the right time .... :)
  9. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I can tell you that the Media Center has caught wind of this theft, and we are preparing a brief press release that will most likely be made later in the day, so stay tuned.

    I have a feeling we may need to get the Port Atlantis Police Department (PAPD) involved, and perhaps they will issue their own statement about this theft. I know for a fact that the last time the Calypso volunteer forces were involved, there was a breakout from the penal system near Port Atlantis while security was conducting readiness training exercises.

    Officer Blackmore who had volunteered to assist in the training exercises actually turned out to be a rogue, and in fact was linked to the stolen weapons and other items from the Palms Corner storage facility. I believe that Officer Blackmore is safely behind bars at the Port Atlantis penal facility, but one never knows just how far-reaching a crooked network extends.

    EPMC is involved, and I have our best reporters on the job, so please stay tuned for any further developments and announcements. I will also see if I can contact someone from PAPD about this incident for what they have so far.

    Thank you for your patience, and please stay alert. The community has assisted in the past with apprehending criminals, so this may be another opportunity for our Calypso volunteer forces to once again become active. Oleg from Skillin' Villains led the volunteer forces in 2009, but I'm not sure who is in charge of directing the search with this most current incident.

    Stay tuned, and stay safe.
  10. Blackmoore? Last I heard she was still locked up and being forced to moderate some kind of text thing.
  11. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Prison jobs :D ... where you're at the mercy of the overLords who seem to have no name, and operate incognito ... until we find that there's something rotten in Denmark. [​IMG]
  12. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I take offense to that statement. I explained before it was just the onion soup!
  13. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    The French Canadians make great onion soup :D ... especially in cafes in Artist's Alley in Quebec City.

    The question is ... does our latest criminal like onion soup? :headscratch: Might be easier to find if he did, eh? :smile:
  14. Is the item by any chance a Rancher hat? :D
  15. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    why, you found one?
  16. There have been other reports of theft lately. Perhaps the colony has a kleptomaniac on the loose.
  17. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Really!? Must have missed those due to all the wiki edits...

    Do you have any details? Maybe we can find similarities with the theft at AH West.
  18. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    First, my apologies in the delay getting back to the community on this situation. I have spent a few days trying to gather information that might be worthy of reporting.

    I did contact the PAPD about this incident, and I was told that investigations have begun surrounding the theft of an item from an estate at Atlas Haven West, but they are not releasing any details at this time, other than ... evidence was recovered from the scene of the crime and sent to the laboratory for forensic examination.

    EPMC will continue to investigate this crime independently of the PAPD in order to bring you any breaking news, but we are hoping that the PAPD will release their own statement to the community with any further information that will help facilitate the apprehension of this criminal.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I have a distinct feeling that we are going to have to get the community involved in this if we want to see justice done. After the incident with Officer Blackmore last year, I'm not feeling real confident that the PAPD is capable of handling this current criminal act. After all, it was the community who took down Blackmore through a series of chases and final capture, so my bet right now is on the community.

    If anyone has any information whatsoever that can help in the capture of this criminal, please contact a member of the Media Team with information. Now that we have an official Media Center for keeping up on the news, I want to make sure that we report any type of breaking news about this as quickly as possible.

    As a matter of fact ... I will be broadcasting live on MindStarRadio Saturday, September 18th beginning at 18:00 in-world time at the launch party for EUWBC. If there is even a hint of any breaking news surrounding the Shameless Theft incident, I will definitely do a report on-air to keep the community informed.

    We need to work together on this.
  19. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Wow it's getting more and more weird :O

    Leaving for Holland now ... exciting to see what happens in the meantime!
  20. Dear fellow Entropians,

    Although you have been informed about this incident already by the EPMC press, we don't want to withhold our official statement that contains additional information:

    Port Atlantis Police Department - Press Release

    Recently, a report about the theft of an item from an estate at Atlas Haven West was filed with the Port Atlantis Police Department and investigations were immediately initiated. We can confirm that evidence was indeed recovered from the scene and sent to the laboratory for forensic examination. At this time no further details about the crime can be published.

    There have been doubts that PAPD is capable of handling the case. Rest assured that PAPD has the manpower, skills and facilities to enforce the law, protect property and maintain the public order. PAPD will keep the general public informed of the progress of this investigation as much as possible.

    Even though the investigations are progressing fast, and there are several promising clues, the community is asked to contribute to our efforts:

    - Everyone is invited to please use the signature below to inform the general public about this incident.

    - Anyone with information relating to the incident is asked to please send a PM, or post your information in this thread.

    We will continue to cooperate with the press from EPMC in an effort to assure we have the means available to apprehend this criminal, and to keep the community informed. The relationship between the PAPD and the press is vital toward keeping everyone informed and safe.
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