Shark Assassins!

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    Shark Assassins!

    In the short time since their introduction these Sharks have already dropped a Full TT ESI! What will you get?

    Where: Digital Abduction Outpost (Marker is at 133818, 93277)
    When: Saturday March 5th 21:30-22:30 MA time
    Rules: Highest Loot Wins

    1st Prize = 1 eMine EMF(L) + 1 MA-103(L) - TT=201ped
    2nd Prize = 7x Pop Dragon Plates (L) - TT=70ped
    3rd Prize = 1 TP chip I, 1 Corrosive Attack Chip I(L), 1 Kinetic Attack Chip I(L), 1 Cryogenic Attack Chip II(L) & 1 Lacerating Attack Chip IV(L) - TT=57.18ped

    Entry fee = 10ped
    Purchase Tickets at COD from Narfi, or register through the ingame Event System

    Good Luck and see you there :)

    Sponsored by:
    Zal's Tangerine Shop
    Narfi's COD Booth #2
    Digital Abduction

    This Event is brought to you by the Rocktropia Event Committee
    in association with
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    Bump it up for a fun event! these sharks know how to drop the loot.
  3. narfi

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    Event Starts in 2 hours!
    If you do not have a cell phone get one from the rocktropia manager before leaving the city of dreams. If he isnt online you can still leave the city by using a tp II chip directly north from The Rocktropia Sign TP. You will revive at New Harlem which is outside of the COD death boundry and can then travel around the planet however you want safely.

    Gl and have fun :)
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