Planet Cyrene News: Sharp and Dangerous - Event Winners!

Discussion in 'Planet Cyrene' started by EP-Newsbot, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Congratulations to the following players:

    1st Krasimir krasko Tsvetanov - Provider Tide Claw - 652.622 PED

    2nd Tina Zlobarkata SS - Prowler Tide Claw - 621.9349 PED

    3rd Zarta Maiden Selios - Prowler Tide Claw - 452.744 PED

    4th Ionut xHyper Manuel - Prowler Tide Claw - 421.6016 PED

    5th Penethol Junkman Bloodsteel - Prowler Tide Claw - 385.6837 PED

    6th Natacha Love Natacha - Dominant Tide Claw - 373.9468 PED

    7th Banna tBANNA ARHItARtDES - Alpha Tide Claw - 370.9096 PED

    8th Opeth of Blackwater - Alpha Tide Claw - 369.3823 PED

    9th MORFOC AS SERBAN - Alpha Tide Claw - 349.7466 PED

    10th Inguts Sokolade Spurz - Alpha Tide Claw - 345.7962 PED

    The prizes will be spawned in the next few days, for any discrepancies please contact MindArk.

    Thanks for playing on Planet Cyrene

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