Shit we are thursday again....

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  1. Shit we are thursday again....
    Each thursday (I noticed since months) the game is in scam mode!

    Hunt eomons, leviathan, osseo, proteron, and daspletor...
    All loots are just a fucking joke, and clearly A HUGE SCAM !
    7ped daspletor, 9, 10ped.... hey Mindark you dont have the feeling to be fucking thieves here ?
    One would be really NAIVE to think mindark dont control the loot...
    or should I say HYPOCRIT when the Offical mindark avatars are pretending they dont....

    Hey Mr Henrik Nel what is the meaning of the Swedish Tradition of Excellence that you brag on your official website ? Excellence to be unfair fucking thieves and incredible cheaters implementing tons of exploits on each VU in the purpose to cheat even more the players like if you were not cheating enough already ? When do you plan to stop ???

    One more time i just can't believe no swedish authority went to your office... No police in sweden, or i guess just corrupted government closing the eyes...
    At least, and you can check my own logs, swedish players like my old FRIEND SirFluid Hat Hat is doing really good, 8 globals in 39 minutes so near a global each 4 minutes, and after you MINDARK will pretend that swedish players are not advantaged ? HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN then that me all is just a fucking scam particularily on thursday* again ? Yeah shit we are thursday again... And without forgetting the uber loots you give to total noobs and probably non-depositors 4k 6k kerberos, yeah sure... Showing the evidence that the Looter prof brings NOTHING and is just the next MA joke to highly motivate people to p(L)ay...
    All players have the same chances my ass !

    The classic ninja exploit, absolutely disgusting and unfair, absolutely contradictory to the mindark's OWN RULES... But on side to tell blablabla official threads on PCF, mindark absolutely NEVER Respect their own rules and implement fucking exploits in the purpose or to increase the cost of playing, or simply to rob the players...

    Entropia 2022-08-04 11-05-27-94.jpg

    And again, disgusting ninja exploit.

    Hey mr mindark CEO, why do you ask us to hit the respect the EULA button when the ONLY REAL CHEATERS in this RCE PAYING game that's... YOU MINDARK !!! (paying but 13yo allowed... seem sweden is out of the internationnal laws dealing with money, no need to wonder why so many scammers there.... )
    At least Mr H.N. knowes that watching underaged girls pics is not allowed (Hey Darkaruki how are you mate !!! MA CEO was so proud to tell us he hired you!)... May be the next step is wonder why underaged people, 13yo allowed big MA joke, is still allowed ?.
    You know that underaged people CAN NOT enter a casino, even if their parents are here, THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED to enter... so why they do in this RCE game ? anyway, i waste my time talking with low dishonnest greedy swedish... ...Sad.

    Entropia 2022-08-04 11-25-46-75.jpg

    Leviathan cross each other, no need to come from Harvard school to have the idea of such exploit, in all cases a totally disgusting and unfair feature. No other word : Mindark are cheaters.... Hey did you ever read your own rules & EULA Mr CEO ?
    Cheaters in a "RCE" game (should call it a "Real Shrapnel Economy" where real money is used) = SCAMMERS.
    *To my memory, mindark started to make mobs crossable, meaning not solid anymore when they released the new "Shinkiba" mob that was replacing the Daikiba around 10 years ago, adding the exploit of several mobs hitting you in same time, no need a translator to understand that this is clearly an exploit... Now Leviathan, Araneatrox and many other mobs can cross each other which to be simple, is a disgusting feature made by dishonnest people in purpose of dishonnest profit... low.

    May be they are stacking money to give back what they stole to the players who invested in compet and who have completly been ripped off while mindark was smiling counting the $$$... Again I have a thought for my Friend Rick England, who seem to have left the game, shame on you dishonnest "mind" "ark", forcing old Great Players to leave is just WOW... really sad...

    Entropia 2022-08-02 12-53-30-31.jpg

    And again stucked on the ground... 20 years real mindark feature they do not want to fix. Hey mindark, do you plan to keep such absolutely disgusting feature again when you implement the new Unreal 5 Engine ?

    Entropia 2022-08-02 13-20-26-79.jpg

    ... yeah no need to wonder why swedish players are advantaged...
    I wish i live closer to the mindark's office... May be I would only write lovely threads instead... Crazy World we live in...

    PS : cool EP is back.

    PS2 : Edited : Humanity is going a wrong way these days, Peace is above all secondary aspects...

    PS3 : Well, after reading this link ,
    I tell myself I should stop to write those threads that really bring no pleasure to write. GL...
    I wrotte it, so I let it here, but this is a dead end...

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  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Sub 10ped Dasplator does sound pretty low... what does it actually take ammo/decay wise to kill one of those things? (I wouldn't have a clue myself - normally first I know of one being near me is that I suddenly fall flat on my face - well with arms and legs pointing in weird broken ways because... well because MA CBA to do better).

    What's the ninja exploit though? Is is some sort of pet? I can't quite work out what the screenshots are meant to be illustrating? Or is it generally just that the loot was low? Or is it something to do with mobs spawning near you when you were not expecting it and killing you? I think you mentioned something like that before.

    Sorry for my continued lack of knowledge on such uber mobs.


    PS... I could potentially use someone who can kill Leviathans some time... got an exploration mission I've struggled with for a while. Not that I'm in any rush... one of these years I'm sure I'll get lucky. I generally have MA reminders come to me between logins these days so not exactly achieving the term "frequent player" or even "infrequent player" for that matter! :D
  3. Ninja Exploit : You hunt a mob, and magically another mob respawns exactly where you are and hit you immediately, with a critical hit also happends often and kills you, + added to the fact that now you have a 2nd mob close to where you were hunting, the mob is regenerating for the time to come back, waiting that the 10 seconds to teleport ends (that will now double each time you die up to 160 seconds (LOL Mindark and you talk of cheaters lol) + the "cooldown" (not so cool) to finally have your ava back and and and (easy to understand consequences)... Added to this exploit, that's years that many (not to say all) players, noticed that those ninja mobs have a prefernce to attack fappers first, showing that the exploit have been studied and improved in a particular purpose to gain an advantage again,.... certainly explaining the meaning of the Swedish Tradition of Excellence.

    Btw, the SPACE EXPLOIT is exactly the same feature, instead of sending a mob to a known X Y Z position, they send a ship with real people, that LOOT YOU.
    And after you see them brag on forums to show what they stole to people, always the same soc... and same "players" (hey MA you forgot to add stars above their heads lol)...
    This is not a scoop, I said it many many times in the past, ONLY mindark can have such tool.... A tool to CLEARLY steal people. Apparently and I thank you for once Mr Henrik Nel, you listened... The so called "exploit" vanished suddenly...

    Mindark are magicians, and succeed in making people swallow that real exploits are in fact "bugs" that take them years to fix, in all cases we can do nothing against as this is happening since 2003 and have always been worse...
    Mr MA CEO that tells us they listen to the community...
    I'm 100% sure he is and did read many times my threads here on EP showing THE TRUTH but he seem to have difficulties to hear (I thought you listen) and seem to be continuously continuing in the dishonnest way...

    Strangely, and this is true, today again a friend was telling me he would so much love to come back in Project Entropia, at least we had something in the loot window, not this fucking bullshit shrapnel which feeds quite 100% of our loots today.

    All I can hope is MR H.N. to understand the words he uses in his threads talking about Integrity...
    But as told above, he doesnt seem to listen us much...

    Integrity : the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
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  4. Crap happens in EU, whatever day it is. Right or wrong, this is how MA makes a profit.
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Ah I see... so in short you saying that when you die, a mob spawns near the one you were hunting, thus making it harder to immediately TP back and kill the one you were hunting, before it regens too much, because you now have another one to deal with?

    Just a thought, I've never tried them before, but could decoys be used to distract the new one? They cost a PED IIRC but that might be small change compared to cost of say a single Dasplator kill. Just an idea... might be a bad one.

    Hating to be the voice of scientific exploration... but did you ever try just watching a mob for a while and not hunting it? Do other mobs pop up near by? I've certainly noticed mobs pop up randomly. Didn't imagine it had anything to do with what I was or wasn't doing. I can imagine though, that when you are hunting something, especially something big, it feels way more noticeable though.

    Only saying this, because as a player who rarely hunts, I probably have a different experience to you, and thought you might be interested to know I see mobs pop up randomly too.
  6. San


    Coincidence or causation. The human brain is not equipped to deal with this intuitively, so there always is a struggle with the concept. Some can never shake off the conviction that there must be foul play involved or that they are targeted with mischief. While theoretically-technically possible, there would be hell to pay if ever found out through an audit or a leak.

    Thursdays are statistically bad because most people start depositing on Fridays for the weekend, before that the system has less money to distribute. Or the same thing drawn out towards the conclusion of events like Migration. With many years of experience in the game, one could actually expect that these patterns are known.

    And then there is the thing of having the willpower to just stop gambling when losses are getting too high. Seeing how these threads keep recurring, one can come to a conclusion but likely he won't want to hear it.
  7. lol. Assumption here is that Mindark is competent enough to do something like implied... that's a pretty big assumption.
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  8. San


    That, too, is an assumption.
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  9. No, while you are hunting, a mob appears "magically" and kill you, if not just hit you, so you have to manage with a second mob that was not here, and which was sent by fucking cheaters = mindark, who are themseleves asking the players to respect the mindark rules, rules that mindark themselves NEVER resepect, since they are continuously adding new disgusting cheats and exploits = pure hypocrisy comming from dishonnest game makers dealing with money = cheaters, thieves, scammers....

    The same thing happens with people mining, and ninja mobs appear next to their claims = again disgusting cheat...

    Hope you undertood.

    As told above this is a dead end for me to continue to show things...
    As mindark continue their dishonnest behaviours.
    I guess there is no police in sweden..., and since 2003 as 13yo old people can join a swedish gambling game. But when you see the turnover (said) is 450 millions usd$... no need to wonder why the swedish authorities close the eyes...
    I guess due to ... The Swedish Tradition of Excellence...
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  10. San


    Someone would need to make a report, or how would they know. It comes with the slight inconvenience though of having to produce evidence that this is not random and not just in your head. If that's too much to ask, then these posts won't help you, either.

    Also consider the possibility that some day all this might backfire, or that you'll receive help from an unexpected side, like some busybody for a responsible gambling act for example. They are required to step in when certain parameters are met.

    I believe the best thing would be to approach someone you trust in your vicinity and talk this over with. All the best.
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    OK so I was wrong about the death thing but yeh ok mob turns up while you hunting another. Sure I've experienced that and yes it's either caused death, or a panic, or a need to use my emergency sword. Probably the comparatively low level of hunting I do but for the most part it just makes it more exciting. Assuming I don't die instantly I'm suddenly fighting for my life in what might have otherwise been a fairly mundane controlled situation with a predictable outcome. Suddenly I have a new challenge of this extra mob appear when I could barely handle one.

    But, this said, I've also seen them appear when I'm not hunting them. I don't imagine anything special happens when I'm hunting them. I find the idea that MA would put special logic in, to make another mob spawn near one that recently took damage... well.... I mean, c'mon... it's MA... this sort of logic is kinda beyond them I feel.

    Something I have seen, is that where mob numbers are sparce (i.e. what you may see more of if hunting uba mobs - cause lets face it, having too many/more than one at a time on you is kinda impossible to cope with) is that you can pretty much kill one, only to see another spawn in straight away. My assumption here is that MA simply have a low number of mobs assigned to a small area... so the moment one goes, they need another straight away. This seemed like the sort of usual crude code that MA would come up with. It seems likely. Nice and simple.

    I have a suggestion though. Try and scout out with, some degree of certainty, the exact area that these big mobs (that you are hunting) are roaming/spawning in. Then go to the edge of that area, grab a long range tagging rifle, nip one and then get in your car and have it follow you away from the area. Once you are outside the spawn area, put some distance between you and the mob, ditch the car and start blasting. This way, I think you'll find you won't get any spawning in on top of you while you are killing the one you are working on.

    It's an idea anyhow

    Good luck
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  12. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The Swedish gambling authority has shown zero interest in investigating MindArk and their poorly masqueraded casino.
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  13. San


    This is not what was meant. This is about an individual's mental state and applies whether the item of addiction is officially recognised as a casino or not. Neither does it depend on Sweden, most likely it would be the person's home country if they happen to catch wind of it. In principle, anyone on the web could get the ball rolling by reporting it to any relevant institution, and if they don't react, then to another one. Such people with a mission do exist.
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  14. Greatly agree with this but maybe not just anyone on the web. Proof in a video capture would be needed, so would have to be done by someone who plays the game.
  15. Maybe they're in on it.
  16. The new Treasure Island, have been designed to be sure all you suggest here can not happen. The limit area of all mobs is next to other mobs, so if you go a bit too much away, that's the other mob's ninja that you will come across added to the mob you tagged... all previous TI servers have been removed, showing again that all have been studied to be "optimal" for mindark tricks, cheats and pure dishonnest concepts and make sure that ninja exploits work perfectly. Mindark already killed the game economy by removing all cool items needed to craft, tailor, color........ which were the Spirit of Entropia ... replaced by this BULLSHIT Shrapnel that NOONE asked, showing again Mr Henrik Nel claiming he listens to the community, is the mindark's classic behaviour = Liars.

    * Be sure I know all possible ways to avoid those cheats when they are possible, i could teach you a lot...

    Mindark screwed deathifier and stole his cool island, stole his exclusive mobs (exclusive as long mindark agrees they are, classic dishonnest) letomie, furor, Second Entity... then screwed the FOMA "owned" mobs, Daspletor and Cornoanterion, who knowes soon we will see Teladon and Riptors on caly...

    At least Neverdie/Roctropia is resisting from the mindark Tyranny (who talks of "partners" "partnership"), and I cheer him !
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  17. San


    The evidence for detecting an unhealthy relationship with gambling can just consist of a record of public utterings. Repetition gives away patterns easily. This was not related to an in-game situation.
  18. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    In this day and age, self-censorship to prevent a clearly gambling-driven game run by a bunch of incompetent greed-driven morons from ending up on the radar of someone who might take them down seems counter-productive in my eyes.
  19. I cycle near 1000 peds on leviathan, not a single swirl...
    Immediately I told myself judging by the low level of loots it would be again a scam hunt...
    and here is what i see... (and checking his tracker, he is CLEARLY NOT affected by this new scam day).




    Where are you from ?
    From Sweden...


    How many times I had such loot after playing since 2004, so over 18 years now ? NEVER
    PLease explain me how this can be possible Mr Henrik Nel ?
    Showing and Prooving one more time that mindark control the loots and give to who they want.
    Nothing fair in this "RCE" game = pure scam.

    And Epic Games agrees to deal with such dishonnest company ? wow, pretty frightning...

    Hey Mr Henrik Nel, did you tell them your methods to rip off people or just the usual lies you give to attract new "partners" ?

    In the swedish tradition of ?...​
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