Shit we are thursday again....

Discussion in 'Akbar Creative' started by Akbar, Aug 4, 2022.

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    I totally agree with that about self-censorship but I'm pointing out a risk to OP. He is making some serious accusations, after all. We keep talking about totally different things.
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    Ah OK... I've been all over the new island of late, for the most part I didn't get touched by mobs... Dunno how cause they'd have killed me in a second and the one or two that spawned on me did. For the most part I stuck to the road. Don't know if that helps. But fair doos if you think there's no place to hide as it were. If you say you been having trouble I can't disagree. Sorry to hear that. I didn't encounter any mobs up in the mountains in the North either.
  3. Just telling the truth, which doesnt seem to be a swedish concept...

    Or there would be laws, and (a lot of) people in jail.

    In The Swedish Tradition...
  4. This entire thread is about an in-game situation.
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    The recurring presentations of that selfsame situation, or more precisely its perception, are more than that and not guaranteed to remain inconsequential.
  6. What is the purpose of your answers exactly ?
    Are you talking for someone else ?
    or you plan to to give your own feelings once ?...
    And accessorily, who are you in game, so we know better who we talk to...
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    My IGN is in my profile here. The purpose of my responding to your public rants is to point out that several patterns you exhibit since quite some time are liable for attracting attention you most likely don't want. The details are all given above. But obviously you don't want to hear that, either. I am not your enemy, now do with that information whatever you want. But don't say nobody told you.
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  8. I know what I do, and I know the risks, mindark locked my account 2 times ABSOLUTELY UNFAIRLY in the Project Entropia times (and be sure I HEAVILY suffered from this situation), and did set a disgusting parameter on my avatar to make me impossible to hof for 7 years (even I emailed marco berhmann without success and Lina Larsson who answered to me "there is no such thing", yea sure ) until a friend phone to mindark in 2011 so much he could not believe what was happening to me, and (again magically) i could get 3 HoFs few days after the phone call, when never in 7 years, if this can answer you Mrs Lina Larsson ...

    To be honest, my last "rant" thread = this one, made me become in very very bad mood...
    I really got no pleasure to writte this, but i would not need to do if mindark were honest people respecting their own rules they ask us to respect (particularily when you see the cost to play), but this is CLEARLY not the case, and have never been the case indeed. (Gz to Mr Jan Welther for his 6 millions house...).
    Makes you wonder how many players had such disgusting parameter on their ava, but that's indeed the perfect way to become rich quickly. Would swedish players just smile and agree to be clearly ripped off if this was happening to them ? I guess mr Jan Welther house would have burnt already if swedes were treated like we are. Everytime i asked, all people gave me the exact same answer...

    I thank my Friend Janku, who gives me the opportunity to continue to play as i was selling out and chipping out a bit over 2 years now.
    I was more than tired to see the incredible level of the mindark's dishonesty, but i'm still here, after now 18 years, Account created 2004-06-28 VU 5.7 from a GREAT game where loots were filled of items, and not this fucking bullshit of shrapnel we get now.

    Btw, I knew that baldurn was swedish. He is an old player like me... And his uber gear made him certainly deserve his last hof, but i guess he did not have to wait 18 years like me to get his first real uber... From the 1st day i arrived in Project Entropia, people were already in 2004 claiming that swedish players are advantaged, and this have always been the case until today.
    And when you belong to mindark, like Mr NightHawk receiving 2 CLD from shit mobs, people are really blind not to figure out...
    Mindark official had said in PCF : "Never have been, never will be" ... yea, funny guys you are at MA.

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    MA set a parameter on your account that excluded you from HoF'ing? What was it called? I've never heard of such a thing. Why did they do that too? It sounds like some sort of punishment for foul play but surely they'd just ban or temp suspend anyone who does something to break rules. Never heard of an anti-hof setting? Did it happen to anyone else ever?
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  10. Entropia 2022-08-11 09-38-36-74.jpg

    What elese to say ? Gz swedes ?

    In the swedish tradition...
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  11. Those Swedes :( NeoVikings, looting & plundering everywhere
  12. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    This might sound preachy, in case of which, I apologize. It's not intended to.

    But Akbar, my friend. I know you truly and deeply care about Entropia. You contributed so much to the community, and that alone should be sufficient proof, in the amount of time you dedicated.

    You get so angry and frustrated now. Don't get me wrong. I get it. I have been there. I spent countless hours into the old PE. Heck, I lost a relationship over it (and gained another, but that's irrelevant). I also believed at some point that as long as you put in the time, there will be a payoff. It never came. Those who said so were lying (both MindArk and other players).

    I like to believe I stuck things out more than average. Heck, this site is a result that. I at some point believed the planet partnership deals would force MindArk to adjust and become better. Instead, the opposite happened, and they dragged good people down to their shitty level.

    It's a toxic company that attracts and retains toxic people. Their entire attitude towards literally any of their business partners is garbage. They do not respect their customers, they do not respect their partners, they do not respect their employees, and I highly doubt they respect their vendors either. I've worked for companies like this myself, and those are some of the most miserable periods in my life. I did it because I needed a paycheck, but the moment something better came up, I got the hell out. In a way, I think the same thing happened to MindArk. Some of their good people managed to find better places to go. Shitbags like David Simmonds stuck around, simply because they're unfit, unqualified, and unable to do better purely on the basis of their merits.

    Stop giving these asshats your money. I know that is easier said than done. It took me forever to get to that stage. I had countless friends in EU who I wanted to keep hanging out with. As time progressed, though, the number of them staying kept dwindling. On the other hand, the number of alternative ways to game and find entertainment or distraction from life increased. And the moment you start trying some of them, you will find how much value for your money you can actually get.

    EU offers none. There's no fun. The community is toxic as hell. There is no gameplay. It's all just repetitive click-click-click, followed by a cursing at terrible loot. Dude, take your 500 PED deposit and go to a real life casino. You usually get free drinks there, you can switch between games that require completely different strategies, and all the odds are printed right then and there, because actual casinos are very tightly regulated.

    Apparently Sweden doesn't really care about the (mental) health of its' citizens, or their addictions (and that is very obvious in many, many ways), and thus allow these crooks to operate freely for some reason.

    You can do better. Stop funding them. Stop putting the toxin into your own veins. And convince your friends to do the same. And then help them convince their friends. And before you know it, Jan and his little son-who-wished-he-could will have no way to pay for their house built on the backs of gambling addicts they managed to dupe.
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  13. One of the things (there are many) I don't like about EU, even though I was fairly optimistic about it when I first started playing about a year ago, is that you can't add or create or build anything that's different; you can only make more of what already exists.
  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well, there's a certain degree of creativity with the clothing or furniture crafting but yes other than that I agree. I still maintain that Entropia is fine in small doses but you know, this is me. All time minimalistic player who is still low level after nearly two decades simply because I just prefer exploring and taking pictures :)

    Untitledwwedwed.jpg Entropia 2018-03-04 18.12.02 [2, 75843, 71654, 530].jpg
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  15. Very true, I agree there's a degree of creativity with clothing and furniture (not that I've tried anything in those areas), but as I understand it there's a fair amount of costs involved. First you have to get the required profession skills, then the BPs and the materials needed, so that eventually you end up with newly crafted top or bed or shelf unit that you have to try and sell for a small profit. But that's not easy considering how many clothes, furniture items, etc there are already in the auction.
    I like the pictures though.
  16. San


    That is/was Second Life. It actually came before Entropia and still exists, but some would call it outmoded now. If you want to build and design things, you might still like to try it.
  17. I played SL for a while way back in 2007, but the the graphics were a bit cartoonish and AVs sprouted chat-balloons whenever players talked to each other which was fairly confusing if many AVs were in the same location. Also most of the LA's were taken, so you were forced to rent from existing owners.
  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Never said it was cheap or indeed worthwhile (spoiler alert: it isn't [at least for most people])
  19. True, but the closed-loop economy system that EU currently is simply disenfranchises much of the player base. However if you were allowed to create unique items; clothing, armour, vehicles, weapons, pop-up shops/booths/kiosks, etc using the existing BP & skilling system, this would mean more estates and other items being put-up in the auction. In turn, this should result in more competition and lower prices.
  20. Mindark, or the new mindark, CEO after new CEO, step by step completly fucked the game, systematically reducing our abilities that we paied for years, reducing dramatically our run speed (agility is just a joke today), and mainly destroying all cool features that was composing the "spirit of entropia" wich is a lost dream for ages... (completly unknown by the new MA team) focalised on killing all possible player profit and heavily adding cheats... yea boring.

    Tailoring ; Dead
    Texturing : Dead
    Scanning : Completly fucked by MA (must be heavily dumb to shoot themselves in the foot when you know it is a 100% profit for them).
    Mining : No more marcket since all is replaced by this totally SHIT of shrapnel in loot, many blueprints cant be used now... and after they brag of RCE... but what RCE ?
    And many again, just tired of it all...

    PS : game in incredible scam mode today (and was yesterday too at ark, 3 hunters in same area, 1 glob, ye sure mindark...),
    my best friend's gonna do a break so much he is pîssed. mindark can be proud of themselves to force great players to quit....
    shame on you! In jail THIEVES.

    Everybody have the same chances mindark, you can not control the loot ?...
    May be mindark is stacking peds to reward swedish players while 17-18

    In The Swe.....
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