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    To me it feels as if MindArk somehow gave up on most of the professions. The traditional hunter/miner still exist, but crafting in all forms somehow got dumbed down to pure gambling when they added components to the Trade Terminal. There's hardly any crafting recipes worth creating anymore, and thus skilling for those isn't worth the cost anymore.

    While markup used to be a factor in determining the price of crafted goods, that, too, was mostly destroyed, and in turn, that also impacted the sales price (naturally). So even if you do craft, whatever is produced is primarily TT-food, meaning losses will quickly start adding up. Tailoring, too, seems gone. We used to see people run around in all sorts of fancy apparel, but with the cost of the game increasing, why would you spend real money on making your avatar look good? People just seem to focus on functional wearables (armour) now, and for good reason.

    Taming isn't worth the investment, as pets mostly are useless (unless you wish to exploit). Piloting might be, but the upfront cost is very high. Ask any of the beauticians whether MindArk allowed them to use their skills in a worthwhile fashion. Land Ownership traditionally was worth it, but as Akoz and Deathifier showed, you're putting yourself at the mercy of a bunch of assholes who can pull the rug out from under you on a whim, and who literally do not give a flying fuck about ruining your source of income. Instead, they'll silently pocket your financial loss, and churn out yet another press release filled with empty promises and lies. Fapping people might still be viable, but that could be done by an auto-clicker, which would take years to recover whatever you paid for the overprice FAP.
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    I ahhh.... um...

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