Shit we are thursday again....

Discussion in 'Akbar Creative' started by Akbar, Aug 4, 2022.

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    To me it feels as if MindArk somehow gave up on most of the professions. The traditional hunter/miner still exist, but crafting in all forms somehow got dumbed down to pure gambling when they added components to the Trade Terminal. There's hardly any crafting recipes worth creating anymore, and thus skilling for those isn't worth the cost anymore.

    While markup used to be a factor in determining the price of crafted goods, that, too, was mostly destroyed, and in turn, that also impacted the sales price (naturally). So even if you do craft, whatever is produced is primarily TT-food, meaning losses will quickly start adding up. Tailoring, too, seems gone. We used to see people run around in all sorts of fancy apparel, but with the cost of the game increasing, why would you spend real money on making your avatar look good? People just seem to focus on functional wearables (armour) now, and for good reason.

    Taming isn't worth the investment, as pets mostly are useless (unless you wish to exploit). Piloting might be, but the upfront cost is very high. Ask any of the beauticians whether MindArk allowed them to use their skills in a worthwhile fashion. Land Ownership traditionally was worth it, but as Akoz and Deathifier showed, you're putting yourself at the mercy of a bunch of assholes who can pull the rug out from under you on a whim, and who literally do not give a flying fuck about ruining your source of income. Instead, they'll silently pocket your financial loss, and churn out yet another press release filled with empty promises and lies. Fapping people might still be viable, but that could be done by an auto-clicker, which would take years to recover whatever you paid for the overprice FAP.
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    I ahhh.... um...

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  3. Must be a secret ;)
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  5. Today, thursday was again an incredible fucking rip off,

    as I left the game incredibly pissed after losing a lot with unbelievable low loot return...
    It took me hours to recover my mood irl so much i was stressed...

    Hey guys, you do not imagine at which point you are sooooo lucky that I live so far away from your office,
    no need to wonder why swedish players are CLEARLY advantaged...
    Again I ask, there is no police in sweden ? And the swedish gambling authorithy, fucking corrupted wankers !

    Hey Mr Enrik Nel Jerkrot, since you are so prowd to announce you do a lot of profit, did you tell your new spotlight friends the disgusting and absolutely dishonest methods you are using to rob people while you been drinking champagne with them ?
    And again, 36k peds given to The Unit soc (all swedish players ?...)
    Should I understand this is why my loot is now such incredible fucking scam again ? And not only me for what I heard...



    And without forgetting the memorable 515k (51k USD) to a more than suspicious avatar...
    Ah but that's true, mindark do NOT control the loot, sorry guys I forget all the time...




    funny to see that a day before I pm'd him for a location :
    Never someone gave me such answer "learn the game by yourself" lol
    And then "how many ped loss? xD"
    Immmediately I told myself he was an alt avatar or simply could be a mindark avatar...
    And the day after he hits a 515k ATH 2nd highest in 20 years, yea sure...

    2023-05-10 07:43:50 [TO : Olga CRYPTA HoF] gratz on diripi :)
    2023-05-10 07:44:02 [FROM: Olga CRYPTA HoF] ty)
    2023-05-10 07:44:15 [TO : Olga CRYPTA HoF] can you tell me where you are ? ty
    2023-05-10 07:45:07 [TO : Olga CRYPTA HoF] just give me your pos, for diripi, ty
    2023-05-10 07:46:08 [FROM: Olga CRYPTA HoF] i dont mind but u better learn this game by yourself not ask people...much more profit)
    2023-05-10 07:46:21 [FROM: Olga CRYPTA HoF] they at traeskerons cave
    2023-05-10 07:46:43 [TO : Olga CRYPTA HoF] i play since 2004 :)
    2023-05-10 07:46:53 [TO : Olga CRYPTA HoF] vu 5.7 june 28 2004
    2023-05-10 07:47:02 [FROM: Olga CRYPTA HoF] how many ped loss? xD
    2023-05-10 07:47:11 [TO : Olga CRYPTA HoF] traeskeron cave, where is this ?
    2023-05-10 07:47:33 [FROM: Olga CRYPTA HoF] [Calypso, 54784, 59678, 254, Waypoint]
    2023-05-10 07:48:22 [TO : Olga CRYPTA HoF] ok, i see
    2023-05-10 07:48:26 [TO : Olga CRYPTA HoF] ty

    Well Mr CRYPTA, mindark clearly cursed my avatar making me impossible to HoF from 2004 to 2011, 7 years of crazy deep suffer..., so when I hear them claiming they do not control the loot... yea. Enjoy your 51,000 $ given ath...
    And have respect for all other players who are daily robbed for it.
    @ Spotlight : I can share my knowledges of the game if you wish to hear THE TRUTH about your new friends. I guess you dont.

    Anyway, all this to end with my playing friend, who also played today,
    Another hard playing session without a single global, he told me he lost shitloads of peds today.
    To add to all peds I lost myself, as we play together, this is not a secret for mindark, I know.
    Alt avatars owned by ubers are rewarded the same way so...
    and not to mention what the EULA says about multiple accounts, just lol MA...

    And about The TWEN items, we have both been playing like crazy, not even 1 HoF in the last mini mayhem event, but that's always always always the same players who are getting the TWEN items in a row while most of us the so called "community" are waiting for ever, honestly, how do you explain this Mr Enrik Nel Jerkrot Mindark CEO ?

    I dont see how to qualify mindark beeing anything else than FUCKING THIEVES !!!

    And after you see them brag "oh we do a lot of profit" yea sure... "In the swedsih tradition of excellence..."

    So now, correct me if i'm wrong...

    The consequences of the new law will be that users located in Sweden (or with a Swedish IP) will no longer be allowed to purchase Strongboxes or Strongbox keys in the Entropia Universe Webshop from this date. It will still be possible for anyone in Entropia Universe to find boxes within Entropia Universe, but users located in Sweden (or with a Swedish IP) will not be able to open them unless they have Strongbox Keys acquired prior to January 1, 2019.

    8 Rare mayhem tokens from all Deluxe avatars, well known swedish players in Amethera Demons soc
    in that period 2019 until today 2023-05.
    And a number pretty weird, only 29 rings total for all Deluxe avatars since january 2019 to today.
    * And many other swedish players still opening boxes...

    Now, since Oct 2020 to today may 2023, 57 rings total + 3 Rare Mayhem Tokens for Mr SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer (The Unit)
    He have never been opening so many boxes since it is forbbiden by Swedish Laws... 2 years after to be accurate...

    And tons of uber loots, I dont bother to post pics, CLEARLY another swedish blessed player by "Mind"Ark...
    Pretty cool isn't it mindark ?... for a swedish player who is supposed to not be able to open boxes by respecting the Mindark's EULA,
    and the Swedish Laws about gambling and loot boxes...
    And where YOU mindark are supposed to make it impossible for swedish users by reading the above announcement.
    I think he never thought about purchasing the ingame keys before, as from 2013 to 2020 he do not seem to open boxes... search key "ring"
    Unless he stole the Marty McFly Delorean and a big crystal ball in between...

    Artemic Ring, Augmented SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Wed, 03 May 2023 03:46:40
    Athenic Ring, Augmented SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Mon, 27 Feb 2023 13:03:19
    Aeglic Ring, Perfected SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Tue, 31 Jan 2023 12:35:47
    Athenic Ring, Augmented SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Fri, 13 Jan 2023 17:45:31
    Aeglic Ring, Augmented SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Thu, 29 Dec 2022 20:54:31
    Artemic Ring, Augmented SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Mon, 26 Dec 2022 10:01:39
    Rare Mayhem Token SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Thu, 15 Dec 2022 17:06:04
    Athenic Ring, Augmented SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Tue, 29 Nov 2022 14:20:08
    Athenic Ring, Augmented SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Thu, 03 Nov 2022 07:48:15
    Ares Ring, Augmented SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Tue, 25 Oct 2022 17:46:52
    Athenic Ring, Augmented SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Wed, 12 Oct 2022 07:59:23
    Ares Ring, Perfected SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Wed, 21 Sep 2022 07:21:29
    Christmas Ring 2021 SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Sun, 18 Sep 2022 07:02:44
    Athenic Ring, Augmented SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Thu, 25 Aug 2022 17:15:28
    Hermetic Ring, Perfected SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Thu, 25 Aug 2022 17:07:15
    Summer Ring 2020 SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Tue, 16 Aug 2022 18:11:52
    Rare Mayhem Token SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Tue, 16 Aug 2022 17:59:05
    Christmas Ring 2021 SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Fri, 12 Aug 2022 20:49:06

    Artemic Ring, Perfected SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Mon, 01 Aug 2022 06:05:44
    Christmas Ring 2021 SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Tue, 26 Jul 2022 11:00:24
    Rare Mayhem Token SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Wed, 08 Jun 2022 13:50:41

    Artemic Ring, Augmented SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Sat, 21 May 2022 15:23:44
    Christmas Ring 2021 SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Fri, 20 May 2022 12:52:03
    Christmas Ring 2021 SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Sat, 14 May 2022
    Ares Ring, Modified SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer Sun, 25 Oct 2020 17:36:19 <- his first ring looted in oct 2020 = 2 years after swedish law...

    Certainly the most lucky swedish player opening boxes even he is not allowed by Swedish Laws.
    2 "rare" mayhem token in 2 months, give him 12 in year LOL @ Mindark...
    Again, certainly showing the Mindark's Famous "Swedish tradition of excellence"...
    How many players from All other countries in The World could reach 3 rare mayhem tokens ? lol...

    So the REAL question is...
    Who at mindark is respecting the EULA and the swedish laws ???
    doesn't seem to be many people...

    And when talking about respecting the EULA about cheats and exploits,
    the list is REALLY TOO long, honestly mindark, delete your EULA or hit the button yourself, EACH day...
    And since 2003.

    All players have the same chances.
    Enjoy your experiment in the Universe (BIG JOKE),


    Fuck 1h48AM and I see I bothered to waste my time to writte this thread, what sadness...
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  6. John Carter from Mars
    Rimmer from Sweden

    Rimmer from Sweden.jpg

    And we can easily understand my friend Sub Zero (swedish) by reading his thread.
    And what if swedish players could not get rare mayhem tokens from opening boxes... Big LOL.
    * If swedish Laws were respected at first by Mindark in their own game, applying their own rules...

    "Do you wish to destroy the economy?" :
    * I am someone honest and I tell THE TRUTH =>
    Answer YES, by replacing all items from loot tables by this Bullshit of shrapnel, fuck the players profit already started since many years my friend ! So when I see the actual MA CEO talk about the Spirit of Entropia Universe, please mate lol...
    When do you plan to stop to add fucking disgusting cheats and Exploits, you really don't think there are enough like this honestly ??? All cheats and Exploits I list now are under Your Reign :
    - Disaligned Aim which is clearly a feature made in purpose to force people to do mistakes (The previous target system was so so best and fair). At first made against bot users since now mindark allowes "us" to use bots (lol) (when it was forbidden before and bots users were locked by mindark, but now they are allowed, hard to know what rule is to follow when mindark themselves change the rules all the time to the opposite, and again accuse the players, Hypocrisy Masters...) and clearly made to make your avatar turn to lose the loot (to steal you) or simply to be attacked by herds of mobs (disgusting decay, lose shots, lose loot, increase cost of play...), if this is not clearly an exploit, tell me what it is... I'm not concerned as I never used a bot, but the technic is always the same, a feature made against a few that affects all others, classic.
    - You move and melee stops alone which was working perfectly when the new camera system was introduced but "improved" to not work anymore to make us lose a maximum of time while the mob is hitting us and its stamina regenerating (so classic and purely disgusting, happened to me many many times today using SB-65)
    - Options modified or options removed to suit new exploits like the "move to target" which was removed to bring the "Target is unreachable" message lol and after that's mindark who accuse the players to cheat LOL, higher level of hypocrisy than this I never saw!
    * My avatar was cursed for 7 years making me impossible to HoF but mindark do not control the loot, there same feeling...
    - Ninjas jumping on us from the sky, sometimes even 2 or 3 in same time.
    Ninja mobs respawning between you and your target (again pure definition of an exploit)
    - Even now the selection is enabled thru hills or whatever solid object which was something IMPOSSIBLE in the past game (one more time THE PERFECT definition of an exploit) (You can notice that all previous CEO could NOT agree on such clearly unfair feature for around 15 years, but now, new CEO ...) making us move and for sure makes us stops to shoot, bringing us closer to the target and fucking the range impact, while you are comming closer to other mobs, no other word than simply disgusting.
    - And now the Arrow Mode is changing ALONE again another fucking Exploit !
    - Invisible objects to stop us as avatars or while using vehicles... low people... "the swedish tradition..."
    - And lol, you exit your sleipnir without moving and heal yourself but you get this scam feature where you heal at 25% existing since 20 years from the PE times (happened to me many times, but no need to do a support case, when "they" implements a feature, it is never removed so... and particularily this 25% scam 20 years feature).
    * You will be nice Mr CEO to show me where the community asked for all those "features" since you pretend you listen to us... While you're at it, can you post the list of what was asked by the community and what was done to please us, thanks in advance...
    Mindark are really creative to do cool profit certainly not using the most honest and most fair ways, making us wonder what is the purpose of your EULA rules since YOU NEVER and HAVE NEVER BEEN respecting it! 20 years of dishonest features one after the other, new CEO after new CEO damaging the players pleasure to be here while people continue to pay with real money, and the guy brags saying he is doing profit, sure you do...

    NEVER I have seen so many disgusting cheats and exploits, NEVER !!!

    This was a yell from the Heart, a while I'm carrying all this....

    Swedish Laws ? What Swedish Laws ?
    Ingame rules & EULA ? What Ingame rules & EULA ?
    "In the swedish tradition of excellence"
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    Akbar, my friend. Just stop playing.

    Games are supposed to be entertaining, a break from the real life grind, and fun. EU is none of that.

    The game is causing you stress, to the point where playing apparently can ruin your mood for hours. Apart from the community aspect, it doesn't seem to me that you enjoy playing it, either (how could it? It's just repetitive clicking). And you PAY the morons behind it for this.


    Stop funding these assholes, and go do something you actually enjoy instead.
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