Sipping Crown Royal and thinking...... Dear Santa.

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Dear Santa Event.

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  1. Sign me up! I would have interest in a event such as this.

  2. Bah'Humbug......I don't believe in Smurf's Hic..... Hic..... I mean elves.

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  1. Hello, Everyone and Merry Christmas to all that celebrate. I was not sure where to make a post as this so I will give it a shot here and hope I got it right. After a long day I am ready to sit down and relax. So with that said I have my tasty beverage in hand and am about to log in now that the little one is in bed and fast asleep.
    Anyways my point to this post is I had a random thought today and wanted to share it. I am not sure if something like this is already happening or if it has been suggested in the past since I am fairly new to the community.
    Anyways here goes my thinker bahaha .... let me elaborate. I was wanting to take a poll and see how everyone feels about the subject. So please If you are for the idea or not for the idea just make a simple reply that you are for the idea or against. Feel free to add constructive feedback as well such as pros an cons that you could think of if any. All criticism good or bad helps.
    I was thinking every Christmas here on Entropiaplanets we could have a gift exchange so celebrate the holiday spirit starting Christmas 2014. I say 2014 cause if this was done now at such a short notice the event would have significantly less results. Anyways this is my thoughts on how this could work.
    A thread would be made to sign up for the event for those that want to participate. To sign up you would need to post a reply to the thread saying so. Along with the reply make sure to state which category you would like your gift to belong to. Such as Hunting, Mining,Crafting. After I certain time frame close the signups. The whoever created the thread would role a 6 sided dice we will say to get a number. Then Lets say the number falls on 5. The first person to sign up would then be linked to the 5th person to sign up for the gift exchange. Which means the 2nd person to have signed up would then look down 5 posts and find there event trade recipient and so on. These numbers are just examples. Anyhow to cut on confusion after the dice number was revealed. The people that are linked to trade each other for the event would make a quote reply to the person they are linked with in the same forum so that it everyone can see and understands who to trade with for the event. Then on whatever specified day for the event to take place (The actual exchange day). My suggestion would be to go simple with say the minimum deposit amount of $10 or whatever currency you have in your country which has the same value of $10 usd. The buyer would make the deposit and then purchase or craft a item to gift with the tt value of $10 usd. When trading everyone that has traded should have a surprise present item that belongs in whatever category in their original reply to sign up and ALL players should be trading and receiving a item worth the same tt value. However I understand it might not be possible to get everyone to the exact tt value of $10 and with that said the trade has to be a minimal of $10 and not 1 pec less, this will guarantee no one during the event will take a loss of any kind. However if a amount above the tt value lets say for example a member gets a item for the trade and it's worth the total sum of $10 usd +5 pec. They would potentially be losing 5 pec out of the trade since the members are only obligated to the total amount of $10 usd.
    Again guys this is just a idea that I thought would be fun and possibly promote a little fun amongst the members of entropiaplanets. Just trying to have a little fun with it all outside the box if you know what I mean.
    Anyways please reply if you would to help get a better understanding on how many would be interested in a event such as this or not. Maybe if enough are for it we could start a new tradition here on EP :)
    With this said if this thread gets enough positive feed back or willing participants. Will then you consider this event to be a option for all our members to take part of yearly.
    Please consider this, thanks in advance.
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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Sounds fun to me. I think alot of people would enjoy it, but I also think there are alot of players in the game who think 100ped is alot of money and may be scared off from that. Considering everyone gets back something of similar value though even the tightwads can have fun with it I think.

    So as long as you do the work behind the scenes and I dont have to exersize my brain anymore than it already is, then I vote yes :P
  3. Yeah , I believe by having the minimal set and if everyone aims for the same tt target then in reality we are only exchanging gifts. The cool part of it all is you lose nothing, but it might be just what you are in need of or it may not be. But however the gift would be from the category you chose when signing up. We can consider a different amount as far as our targets as well. The numbers I used in the post was just randomly used as a base. Plenty of time for discussion though to what everyone thinks would works best.
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  4. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Signed and voted.
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I need a crayon version...
  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

  7. LOL
  8. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    That is a very nice idea and something we might be able to do.
    I vote for Magic Marley as the one to set it all up for next year :-)
  9. I would be glad to assist with that if needed. It is a year a way and plenty of time to get things in motion.:EP:
  10. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Still wonder if more people like this idea, I know I do and we need Magic Marley on board to set it up :)
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