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  1. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Ahhhrg! Back at Fort Troy where I started 12 years ago!

    Looks a bit different meanwhile. However ...
    I will meet someone who is interested in buying skills tomorrow. I am completely a noob regarding UI :-(
    When logged in after years I found myself somewhere out in the wilderness and had seriuos troubles to go back to civilisation (no TP-chip anymore). I was on my way to Fort Troy when I saw a nice little lake and thought I should have a bath. I parked the Spec Lancer near the shore
    and had a swim
    when I got a PM from this skill buyer.
    He wants to buy
    Well, was hard enough to sell all the good gear and all the fine apartments at Calypso, Monria and Arkadia with extraordinary furnishing and pictures at the wall. Not to speak about all the fine and rare clothes. I became old and poor meanwhile.
    Not even serious sunglasses like Malachai Ash as we owned once
    Just this cheap dunno-how-its-called from Planet Arkadia.
    My sister and I had so many good days here:
    When we had the option to re-create our avatars several times, sister Kristin tested this oversized version:
    LOL okay. Was just a try and she moved back quickly to what we both liked. We had a pretty cool photo shooting once:
    Can you imagine what costs Kristins (in front) black outfit caused? Luxury girls even ...




    I with my really black coloured Essi (unique) and Kristin with her white pendant


    We had soo much good time in the past ...

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  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I with my beloved (not destroyed by devs so far) Lion armour, old hair cut and face tattoo. Kristin as fashion girl already with lip gloss and sexy shirt at Cape Corinth.

    Even shitty Rocktropia offered several items wich were worth to try out. Beside the car we had this one:

    Our super apartment at Medusa's head was usually prohibited for others. Because we wanted it for us alone
    Well, Kristin in OJ with skinhead tended to extremes sometimes ...

    I stood at the shore of the small lake and enjoyed the sunset.
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    I remembered all that fighting Atroxes.
    View attachment 19691

    And I thought that there is way more to report. Nearly nine years with planty different experiances.

    The Samurai Girl:
    View attachment 19681

    Probably it's really my soul to be "Arch Master Swordsman". Not very useful for RL. But hey, I won't give it away to earn a few dollars. The Samurai Girl: Paul Pauber called me this way once and I loved that title so much.
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  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    One of the sexiest bugs was the combo of Next Island clothes with my Stormcloak
    Or this shorts from Cyrene combined with Calypso and Arkadia clothes
  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

  5. Wow I never knew EU can look like that :s
  6. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    It could if you own enough money (20k+ PED). But hey, it's shitty compared to what is possible in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with all it's mods - LOL!
  7. Hei, is never fair to compare a mmo with a single player :D I mean TESO looks utter bs by comparison to Skyrim or, hell, even Oblivion.
  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I recognise that old avatar! :D Hello there! :D
  9. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I see your point. But finally Entropia Universe lost against Skyrim (not TESO). At least for me.
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