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Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by Phunkygeeza, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Sorry for the recent downtime folks!

    Ok, well I've been attempting the upgrade but it turns out new host needs to upgrade their PHP :(

    In the process it is possible some attachments from recently will go missing. Sorry but it was necessary to restore a backup.

    So, we are back to the current site again! I will negotiate with host (luckily very helpful guys) and will get back to you soon!

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  2. Nice one Phunksta, hope it goes smoothly.
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  3. Phunksta,

    Been looking at the attachments, my recent ones have been missing since change made earlier that removed the front page. I had not posted any since as I had assumed it was not working. Guess I shall have to start posting again :).

    Tried posting but am unable to upload the images.
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  4. Bah - I thought I had a minor victory when I got the attachments working again. Sux that you can't upload. I keep thinking I'll leave the issues until after the upgrade but it seems that might be a while now so I should get about fixing up in the meantime.

    Sorry for the disruption folks - I had little choice but to move hosting and since things ain't been great - my fault not the new host!
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  5. No worries Phunksta, You will get a shed load of pictures uploaded once it's working though :). The message I get is "Unable to move/copy file".
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  6. Gratz phunksta for updating us! I'm now in the middle of a new systems build (atm I'm using Internet cafes...) because of what happened, so wouldn't be including alot of attachments anyway as I can't 'get into EU' for obvious reasons.

    Looking forward to the new forum BTW. Let us know how we can access the control panel now that we're super moderators :D
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  7. Woo Hoo! I've heard from my admins that the PHP has been upgraded, so I should in theory be able to sort out the upgrade soon! Now just to find a couple of spare hours (looks at very busy diary....)
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  8. Aha, now I know what's going on ;) Maybe if I had read this first I wouldn't have sent the PM, sorry about that...
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  9. Hi everyone,

    So you may well have noticed that the system has been upgraded. Most things survived the transition (including unfortunately talkerbot who is still haunting the database) , but there are a few of the mods that haven't come over, including the gratz system which hasn't been updated to this latest version of vbulletin.

    I've thrown up this gaudy purple style for now, but hopefully your new admins; Chela, Nexus and Anna will step up and get the site looking peachy pretty soon!

    I'll keep checking all the mods etc. to see if they get update for this version so we can get a few things back. As I'm using the new ver more and more I'm liking a lot of the things I'm finding. I'll be looking for some tools/techniques too to get back some of the content from the old CMS system into vbulletin's new shiny one (which I don't understand at all yet!). The new CMS will be I think the best new advantage of this version as it is designed around articles/guides and not 'posts' which the forum is good at.

    So, enjoy and stay tuned!
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  10. Don't seem to be able to reply to this thread!
  11. Can reply using the small reply option at the bottom of a post but not the big +Reply to Thread button!
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  12. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Site is bad atm, everything is purple and i cant see some of the text because of the colours
  13. I think you're an Admin. Anna, if you have time to sort it please do :).
  14. Just been playing with the colour settings things, seems very limited in what can be done but I guess that's to make it simple. I have created a style called Tweak. Please feel free to mess about with it and see what you can come up with.


    Did you have some kind of wrapper around the old version of VBulletin?
  15. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    I am? :o

    Oh well then, ITS NOT A BUG ITS A FEATURE
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  16. LOLZ

    Yes the yellow text on white background ain't brilliant huh.

    If you go googling for strings like 'vb4 styleing guide' you'll hit paydirt. There are a few guides out there that explain what each stylevar does. It is all a bit ass-about-backwards IMHO but it's a step up from what it used to be.

    Chela, no there's no wrapper or anything, I just used the style generator then altered a few stylevars to make it fixed width, and replace the header image.

    PS I just switched to 'tweak' and I like the orange and black look :)
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  17. haha, nice one Anna :).
  18. Thanks Phunksta, I was up early so had a play, was going for the "Tiger" look :). In the past I have used a goldish colour on black, it's quite striking, very easy to read but people find it a bit oppressive!

    I was looking for a way to use graphics as part of the page but could not see it in the interface, guess it's a css edit! Thought it might be interesting to create themes based on in game textures. Guess doing that to make it easy to create a new theme with a different texture may be a bit tricky, just thought it would be interesting if people's posts could look like their in-game avatar. If you see what I mean :).
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