Skill implants

Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by itto, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. A bit of advice when it comes to chips containing Skills

    If you looking at buying skills (witch many players do) you should check a few things before buying

    TT Value: A chip is full when it has a TT value of 0.99 or in some cases, 1.00 a lower value means it is not filled and will give you fewer skill points. If the value is 0.00 it is an empty chip and will give you no skills at all
    You can now also look under the Info for an estimated value of what skill level you will be at after the chip in insert.
    Also, notice that if several chips of the same kind are inserted in a row, skill increase will be lower

    How to buy: For starters, only buy chips from auction or from people that offer filled chips.
    Do not buy from people that say they going to fill a chip for you!
    If you decide to do that anyway, ask the person for some kind of collateral or just sell the chip to the person and then buy it back when filled
    There has be several scams with GSIâ??s involved

    What skills to buy: Well this is an almost impossible question to answer.
    But remember this, skills are depending on each other, buying a load of â??Riffleâ? wonâ??t make you a skilled hunter!
    You can approach skilling in so many ways but in my opinion, you should first consider buying skills that are hard to get from the daily doings, like Evade, Dodge, Bravado.
    However, of course if someone sells a full Longblade cheap, it will not do you any harm to insert it; it might just not give that skill boost immediately.
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