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  1. Let's see how this blog thing is working.
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  2. Today I started demoting members who are not registered to the forum according to our "promotion rule". And made a few mistakes of course. I only checked the forum members list and demoted all who are not member of the forum but member of the EuTropians society.
    Hard work by the way, switching from Eu to browser and back and ... Thank god for PE-ASS.
    Later I found out that I can see some members in the EuTropians group of the forum, but I can't see them as forum members. But I think this is a minor bug which Phunksta can easily sort out.
    Now the task is to encourage our soc mates to register to the forum and visit it more or less frequently.
    And I try to get in contact with longer not seen members. First success, I received a PM from Achim butze Neugablonz. He sends greetings to the soc. I hope I do not forget to forward them...

    Doing the other way at the moment I'm thinking of a "promotion" thread or something like this. For promoting members to a higher rank. But the idea is not very clear by now.
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  3. RL is hard these days. since the weekend I suffer from a pulled muscle in my right wrist. For one who is working in the IT sector this is hard, because using the keyboard is painfull.
    In VL my thoughts are going round the soc. In the last weeks we recruited some new members which where not seen since them. Kick them, let them stay... what to do? And trying to reach them by mail is hard work. But I think there is no other chance, as long as they registered to this forum i can reach them.
    Perhaps we should set up a rule for recruitment new people. It is generating lot of work to sort them out later. perhaps some kind of list of questions. Think I will ask the soc.
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  4. ouch, my wrist. It is not getting better... So working with a computer causes pain. Therefor playing Eu is causing pain. But I fear going to the doctors... perhaps a cast is waiting for me, or a splint. But if it is not better beginnning next week I see no opportunity.:Beaten:

    The last days on Calypso went well so far. Again a global and much discussions with soc mates. What is very impressing playing Eu is the "vaste" of time. I start EU and suddenly 2 hours are gone.
    Again my thoughts are circulating around the promotion of Soc mates. For me it is a bit clearer now, but still not clear enough to start a new thread. But perhaps I'm thinking to much over it.
    And even in VL RL is catching up some times. A close friend of my disciple died a few days ago because of a car accident. She only logged in to tell me that, and that she is not online often because of this. Big respect to her for doing that. I'm feeling sad.:(
  5. Hurray, my wrist is much better !:)
    Real life needs more time than usual these days. I try to be online minimum once a day. But this is a more administrative nature to check soc terminals, compare members with forum members and other things. And taking care of my shopping booth. But there will be other times.
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  6. Promotions

    wohooo, the promotion threat started. But this is only half the job. By nerving new soc mates day by day it is possible to push them to register to the forum ;).
    But I think the main structure of the soc is stable. I will write something in near future about the ranks and their dutys.
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  7. EU is suprising me more and more

    I know it from different forums and from hearsay and a few I know personally. But I wonder why so much families (or mates with partner) are dealing with EU. Burger & Bunny, Cantbe & Tigeress, Man of Honour & Mad Nutter Women & Buck, Phunksta & Red, ...
    Perhaps we should arrange some kind of family day.
    ATM I feel a bit sorry that the development of the soc is stuck in some kind of way. But RL takes a lot time, even with a ill son, who is sniffing arround because of a cold. That's not bad, because RL is more important. But I feel sorry that I can't dedicate as much time as I want to EU and the EuTropians. And when I'm online I like more to relax on a hunting trip than managing. But I think I have to find a solution for that.
    But some good news as well, there are not only bad news. Some of our new members are very engaged in the soc and in the game. They bring a great deal of power with them. So now I collect the fruits from nerving Soc mates to register to the forum and to apply to the EuT group. Up to now we have 27 registered to the EuT group inside the forum. cool. :ok:
    I'm thinking of a kind of EuT council which is held once a month or two. I'll invite all the VPs to my appartment for a discussion. Perhaps this would give us a drive. ****, I have to buy a fifth chair. Otherwise the CEO has to take seat on a pall stool... (shut up, I know what you are going to say about this, lol). I know we are an open soc, but perhaps there are things we should not discuss in public.
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  8. kicking of soc mates

    As proposed in the promotion/demotion thread this monday I'll have to find a decission if I should kick some soc mates. They where not online since a long time and are not registered to the forum. Other soc mates agreed to this action but I'm two-minded about this.
    On one hand to carry on with them has no worth and brings some more administrative work. on the other hand they may have good reasons not to play.
    But how to figure out. Would be a great deal if I could left a message for them in some way.
  9. battery pack empty

    In the summer time when the weather ...
    Summertime, and the living is easy. Fish are jumping, and Jerry Cotton is high (was it Zappa?)
    Oh man, it is summer. And the weather here in Germany is really boring. Two days hot summer followed by two days of spring and two days of autumn. Although lot's of guys at work are on vacation there is still much to do.
    And it dosen't matter when I go to bed, if it is 10 or 11 or 12 or even later. I wake up in the morning unrelaxed and unfit, but I have to work a couple of hours.
    The only really sunshine at the moment is my son (ouch...) and my wife of course. He is growing and growing and every day he is discovering something new. Playing in the sandbox and go for a swim is usual when the weather is good enough for it. So my days are filled. And in the evening when little one is sleeping I'm very tired.
    sometimes I fell asleep with my notebook on my knees. And then I feel sorry.
    but now I will bring this post to an end and log in to EU. cu there
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  10. This is just to let you know that I'm still alive.
    RL does not give me the time to be much online these days. My wife was serious ill the last 14 days. So I had to take care about our son (nevertheless we celebrated a good 1st birthday), my wife and my work. Tomorrow(Friday) for instance I get up at 4 in the morning to fly to England and return tomorrow night at 11. So if one if you is living near London Stansted airport drop me a line, perhaps we can meet. I will have some free time at the airport...
    Luckily my wife is getting better so I can see land.
    so see you all
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  11. Well,

    I'm more regular online in game since some days but still was to lazy to have a look at the forum. At the moment I have still something to read here and than we will see.
    For those who still expect the MA gifts :
    Very sorry for the delay, but I had to keep my RL bank account balanced and was not able to pay shipping in advance. But it will get better

    cu here and in game
  12. Folks, some important information:

    Adjustments in the ranks of the EuTropians will take place. With this action we will try to reflect the current "online" situation.
    Demotions from higher ranks will only take place after the agreement of all relevant people.
    Demotions from lower ranks will take place after the decision of the CEO;)
    Read more in the promotions/demotions thread in the EuTropians subsection
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