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  1. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Cold, wet, slippery ... talking about snow here. It's snowing SO much in Denmark these days. Peter makes fun about how global warming works - we can't really feel any warmth around ...

    Our house is very old and beautiful BUT cold cold cold. It's really drafty from every where - our doors, windows etc. - and especially in the office. We tried fixing whatever we could with the means we have available. We just can't afford new doors and new windows. We bought this transportable electrical heater and it helps in the office. But as soon as we shut it down, it gets cold again. Peter has this tool which can meassure the degrees. And it's only 8 in the office (normal is 18) - and 2 in the site kitchen. It's freaking colder than my fridge!!!

    Luckily it is a little warmer upstairs and in the little ones room. She can sit with a blanket in the living room and it gets nicer when Peter makes a fire in the fire place as well ;)



    My dad turns 80 today. We went to his birthday yesterday, where he invited the whole family on a restaurant in town. We where suppose to drive there with my brother, but already around the corner of our street we decided to take the train instead, not to risk anything in this weather.

    The train was amazingly fast though, and I'm sure we could not have done it that fast with the car anyway.

    I'm mostly baffled how old my parents suddenly seem. My mom slipped and turned her leg and nearly broke a finger. A few months ago she DID break her arm ... the story is not funny and yet ... she was helping a blind man over the road close to where she lives... and she stumbled in his stick ... not kidding! She hit her face in the ground and broke her arm - it was quite black and so was her face and her nose broke too. I told my dad not to beat he up this much :D

    Anyway, not laughing here, it's horrible - they ARE getting older. My parents really don't look old at all. And they have always been at good health! But suddenly, lately, there's been a little of this and a little of that. I don't like to think about it - but it's life, and even if it's also about death, life seems to come closer. It makes you think and appriciate the little moments with them.


    Lille is doing fine. She grew SO much lately - then again, she's eating all the time. She is also 'sleeping' in our bed. Normally she lies on my legs which means I can't move, which means I can't sleep. At 5 in the morning she wants to play and starts jumping around on my tummy and body. She is hunting my feet and fingers under the blanket - and not because I find it funny. At least I wish she would wait untill 6 when I normally get up anyway :(

    But she's cute.


    One of the earlier two left over parrots was found dead in the snow in their outside cage. The female was sitting inside, but she really didn't look too well. We took her in and she looked frozen (she didn't have her hubby to snuggle with) and her feet was bleeding a lot. It looks as if she somehow ripped off a nail. We agreed, that if she would survive the night, she would recover. Luckily she did, and she is now sitting on the top shelf, looking down at the kitten, who is terribly annoyed because she can't reach her. She sits on the floor and small talks with the bird, as if she's saying *I'm cute, I'm nice, come play* all the time. Our chincilla is not afraid of Lille. Then again, he grew big and fat - and is nearly as big as she is. He is sitting with his nose at the fence, while the kitten is sitting on the other side, with her nose to his. And they can sit there and snif to one another ... We're sure that chilli would'nt find it that amuzing, if we let them run around together though ;)


    We're nearly done with the magazine. I only need to put in a few pages - MindStar is polishing through all the pages as I write. Even though we had much more time this time to make it, real life circumstances didn't allow us to spent the time in fully - unfortunately. But we all did a great job, I have to say, and we also agreed, this magazine looks even better than the last one :yay:

    It's so fun to make it - I love to work with it. I love to be able to use my creativity this way and to set things up as a puzzle. It's what I do for a living as well - mostly in brochures and sales materails, our yearly books etc. When you place the pages next to each other (in a magazine), you have to look at them as a whole - and forget 'normal procedures' or how you 'use to' - because the pages are like art. It needs to fit in everything - and each of them are a piece. Which is what makes it great to work with - if only there was enough time lol


    Because of my full time job, cleaning out the house (something I started to do lately - going through everything to clean out and throw out old things, which is only filling up and taking space, both in the house and in my mind. No reason to keep old things, which has no interest anymore to be honest), preparing the whole x-mass, doing normal house work, making the magazine etc. I haven't had any time for anything else - not even playing (not EU or any other games). I feel spent - tired - exhausted. Every evening I fall asleep around 22 (sometiems earlier, I just can't hold a grib on myself lol) - and I could probably sleep earlier if I was allowed to. It's not funny anymore. And then there is the cat, who is waiking me up in the middle of the night lol! Last evening I had to put her outside the door ... but then she is complaining - at least untill she realizes, the door will remain closed. And then there's the cold and the all-time-freezing. Peter and I talked about it, and that is probably also making one tired, because the body spent so many ressources on warming you up all the time (or try to).

    I hope time after New Year will look better. I don't feel it's fair to be so busy, and not being able to enjoy things as I used to ...

    What I wish for christmas: New windows, heating in the bathroom and more time, please? :)

    Enough whining :) Hugs to all
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  2. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    I'm so sick of snow! i want ot move to a tropical island with sunshine :yay:

    I got stranded at work last week took me 6 hours to get home. The experience was a bit like that film planes, trains, automobiles!

    Hope this snow stops
  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles rocked. John Candy, and Steve Martin when he was still somewhat funny.

    Oh, and baby? I know something that'll keep us warm for a few minutes :naughty:

  4. I've recently become curious over how the colder countries manage. In the UK we get nasty cold weather, snow/ice anything from few days to few weeks, any time randomly between Nov and Feb with no warning. But on those rare'ish occasions, we really suffer. The snow isn't deep enough for ice chains, coverage is patchy making walking crampons awkward, yet still it's enough to make cars slide, schools close and general assorted chaos. A featured local news item the other day - a farmer who drove his wife to work in his tractor - top local news. We live in Somerset, hundreds of farmers, you think one or two might have had such a bright spark idea, why's it so strange, grrr peoples addiction to social norms over functional solutions drives me nuts.

    Oh and over here, we get told stuff like 'wrong snow' causing trains to not run.
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  5. I'd give a leg for a weekend in a weather like that, but then again, I've toured with a group of Polish tourists that came for a visit this week, and they've begged for a weather like ours, so it's kind of interesting, seeing how people usually want the things they cannot have.

    Regarding the issue of global-warming, I can tell you this: this is the first year we've had absolutely no rain whatsoever. This has never happened before. This is pretty worrying since we rely on rains to fill up our water reservoirs. I'm not much of a global-warming follower, but of all things that could pose a symptom, having a no-rain year is a pretty serious indicator that something has gone wrong.

    Take care!
  6. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    oh believe me, if I could, I would give you the rain we had this Summer... this year has been the wettest year ever in Denmark. We had weeks of rain and rain that just wouldn't stop (I even posted it in another blog here I believe?). Houses got ruined and it even became quite dangerous.

    Really really weird ...

    I remember I read in an old book about Nostradamus, that he forecasted the weather to be like this, and the poles to 'turn around' as he said ...

    Anyway, he did forecast the flod in Polen some years back too - and he also said we would get a new ice age at a point (I personally feel it's near here) ... He must have known about Global Warming back then too ^_^
  7. Snow! i have never seen snow in real-life up close and personal! i may do one day if i decide to travel to a climate where snow occurs? but i live in a tropical environment so its never going to snow! i will have to make do with running around in EU at Solfais Crater! :).............As with climate change* try seeing the movie "The Arrival" a very intrusting sci-fi take on the climate change matter and who knows! as unbelievable as the themes in the movie may seem it could be a very common case of sci-fiction predicting non-fiction...... ;)

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  8. The dude endorsed it, so how can I argue?

    December 2012: end of the world? - 2012 Explained - Why it shouldnt be feared
    Cos I don't listen to some MC, unless it's music I might be listening to.

    Does anyone remember when the govt. of the world said climate change is nothing, then they realised how to make money from it, more than they'd spend.
  9. Well! this notion of 2012 being the end of the world is absolutely ludacris! it's solely based around the mayan calendar yes! the mayan where master astronomers! that had a very apocalyptic way of looking at the universe* though most of the mayan writings about their astronomical science was destroyed by the spanuards and so we apply modern methods to try and understand it! and something else people dont seem to consider is that the modern day calendar is not based apon the mayan model! and modern day astronomical science is light years ahead of anything the mayan could have foreseen.......a example: is how old world alchemy evolved into modern chemistry! people need to pull their heads out of their arse and get educated! stop falling for all this new age! neo-paganism! conspiracy! bullshit! none of it has any grounding in logical science or's all about consumerism and making money of people's stupidity and fears....and heres some fact for you eventually our sun will expand and swallow the earth and half the solar system apocalyptic fact!! so enjoy the time you have...........(sorry Lykke a bit of topic)....
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