So how do you get a global?

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  1. I've not had one global yet, not even a small one, quite a few SIBs, but no globals. I'm playing a fairly eco game, maybe MA doesn't like that.:dunno:
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  2. NotAdmin

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    Just keep on pew-pew-pewing. Even tiny mobs can drop a global. It's supposed to be easier to global when there is more activity on the planet, because more money is being pumped around.
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  3. Wistrel

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    see my post elsewhere... I'm not sure what the odds of getting one on the "puny" mobs are. I've enjoyed hunting those. It's my kinda low stress low cost hunting, and I can convince myself I'm working towards that thing where you have to collect a gazzillion bones. I've looted quite a lot of rubios and the carbine with the cool beam and long range (forgot name) and the tiny +1 amps and the little bazookas off of them. Not sure I ever got a 10 pedder though.
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  4. @ admin... OK thanks for the useful tips, much appreciated, although finding more activity is not that easy. Even Camp Icarus is almost empty.
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  5. I'm not doing puny mobs so much any more, mainly argos and maffoids that also loot rubios funnily, and also a lot of those rocks you can turn into ammo. So loot's not been that bad, but would be nice to get a global though...
  6. Wistrel

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    hmm interesting.... I used to hunt argo's in pixie with a soc mate or two back in the day. Good times... I think I had a period on maffoids once too... I had kobold armour which I think was good for them due to cold damage or something? That was back when Kobold actually looked cool.

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  7. What year was that screenshot taken in roughly, gfx looks different from cryengine. Is that Omegaton W H you were in, just that the helical tower in the background looks similar to the one's there. Nice Kobold armour btw.
  8. NotAdmin

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    It doesn't have to be in the same area, though. I've found that huntying during the Eomon/Longtooth event typically means more/easier globals, even if I'm on the other side of the planet shooting Berycleds and Cornundacaudas.
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  9. Simply use 1000 PED ammo on a big (eco) gun.

    You WILL global ONCE at least !

    gg ez !
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  10. So 100USD worth of ammo or whatever that is in GBP. Who needs globals ;)
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  11. You learned your lesson quick...
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  13. I counted fifteen sword strikes at the beginning ;) That was one hard drone to kill lol. Then it got up again! Joke...
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  14. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Dumbed down to basics;

    When you kill a mob, a multiplier is applied to your cost to kill (a lot of theology over the years on rather cost to kill, or based on mob hp, or a combination of both.... regardless your religion in later years the slider has moved more towards cost and less towards hp in an effort to appear more stable, but in effect punishes players who are more eco oriented(way more theories on loot there i won't go into))

    So suppose you kill a mob that cost you 1 ped to kill (we should focus on large numbers, many kills, averages of cost, averages of loot, but this is about globals which is a single event so...)
    (numbers pulled out of my but as I havent been playing for a while, you can easily observe the reality for any given activity though by disabling the loot window and reading the values of loot that scroll in the upper left of your screen)

    Cost to kill, 1 ped
    Loot 0.0ped (is that still a thing?)
    Loot 0.8ped typical
    Loot 0.5ped crap
    Loot ~1.00ped sometimes
    Loot ~5ped not often
    Loot ~50ped rare
    Loot ~500ped very rare

    Do that 1000 times and you will have roughly 900ped worth of loot, get pedantic and you can calculate the odds of getting each multiplier in any given kill.
    Some religions focus purely on numbers and probability, other religions focus on individual effect. But think about this, if you spend 1000 ped and have 900 in loot and had 2x 50ped globals, that leaves 800ped of loot divided among 998 looting events, basically all of them would be 0.80 ped....
    A more likely makeup of those 1000 looting events would be with 0 loots over 50ped and maybe a dozen in the 5ped range.

    So 1ped mobs can and do global, even get big 3didget loots fairly often, it is because 1000s of them are killed per day (and not by you)... it's just how the numbers play out.

    Now bump up your game to 5 ped per kill mobs, the same kill 'cycle' will cost you 5000ped instead of 1000, instead of 900ped of loot you will get 4500ped of loot ($50 lost instead of $10) but the loot multipliers will follow similar (not exactly) rules, so you will get more globals and more excitement at the cost of more risk.

    Now bump it up to 10ped per kill, your similar kill 'cycle' is 10k ped and you are loosing $100, but instead of getting a dozen or so 5ped loots, you get a dozen or so globals, and every once in a while (once in many many cycles of 10k ped) you get a 4 or 5 diget ped loot.

    Through the years players have requested more or less volatility in loot so it is something that changes (i believe) in the background from time to time, or perhaps even constantly to balance the system and player excitement. No loot mobs was one way to increase volatility, by having some mobs with no loot you could have the higher multiplier mobs more often, etc....

    As a general rule, the lower the hp/cost to kill the more volatile (to add excitement for mobs that would otherwise never have high loots) and less volatile for higher hp/cost to kill mobs where a string of no looters would wreck a player for a month's budget in a single sitting.

    Perhaps the easiest way to understand how it works, is to craft 100ped worth of a 10pec per click blueprint and watch the results in real time. Move the slider and do it again, then think about how that slider can correlate to different mobs etc..... nothing is black and white, they keep it secretive and changing for a reason, but you can get a good general idea and feel for how it works that way.

    For me, and many, the way to remove emotion from the gamble, and to see what does and doesn't work, or to gain confidence in the system is to keep detailed logs. You can find some of my old ones here or on planetcalypso forum (i cant remember which) I had a drone hunting log and a merp hunting log, both of which were very detailed (at least in my memory) and were the basis for my confidence in spending more in the game during my higher activity years.

    ***Some interesting experiments
    Controlled tests on a mob you know the standard loot multipliers for
    1. Shoot a mob a few times and drag it to a turret to die.
    2. Bring a mob to near death and let it regenerate to 90%(not 100%) and then kill it completely.
    3. Do the same thing but let it regenerate for sure to 100%
    4. Do the same but leave radar range
    5. Use an amplifier that is way overpowered for the weapon you are using
    6. Use a weapon you are not in the SIB range for
    get creative and figure out other interesting things to experiment with

    You have a couple of goals when experimenting with loot and the game,
    How do I keep my return averages up?
    How do I loot higher markup items or resources?
    Are those two goals mutually exclusive?

    Would you give up high markup resources to average 99% returns? (you still get skills and fun.....)
    Would you sacrifice 5-10% off of your returns to get an extra 10% in markup?
    Where is the sweet spot for you? How do you achieve that in your game play?
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  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yeh probably. I think we used to go to OWH quite a bit... wow... not heard that name in so long... I should visit again especially with the New Treasure Island thing going on... Dunno what year without looking for the file again but it was GameBryo Engine, or possibly NetImmerse but probably Gamebryo. There wasn't a huge amount of difference between them to the layman/player anyhow.
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  16. Right, so GameBryo - I knew it wasn't CE2, looks too outdated but still good enough, and I'm sure that's Omegaton WH... Went there today funnily to take some screenshots of shop booths.
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  17. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    You managed to get a global in the meantime?
  18. Nope, still no global, but quite a few SIBs.
  19. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    We got to recruit a couple of more members and go on a soc hunt soon. We should be able to get a team global at least :)
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  20. Yeah that's one solution that could work ;)
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