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Discussion in 'ROCKtropia' started by Wistrel, Aug 1, 2017.

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    Well, BBC at least. Publicity - good or bad - is publicity. Probably it'll help NEVERDIE to earn something from simple-minded folks. I would mistrust everything offered by him. Finally I started the podcast linked at the site of the article and I have to say: I mistrust this podcast as well. When you listen to the background and the resonance you will quickly learn that it is a spliced "talk" from three different sources. Such things are the best reason for me to click it away. Quickly.

    At the other hand I know that many people listen to such botches and trust in them. Too sad. But that's how it works. BBC has ever been a market crier with simple truthes, dramatically exaggerations and fast conclusions.

    Am I allowed to smoke one of my cigarettes here?
    [Cigarette 26]
    BBC (founded in 1922) did a really great job during WW2. Many germans listened clandedestine to BBC and learned more about the world outside of the insulated Germany. The fatal side is: it was mere propaganda. The answer to Goebbels propaganda even. It used the same offense tone like the German radio. These hard times were reason enough to do it, to simplify and/or exaggerate everything and repeat it as often as possible. It was important to disagree and call for resistance. It was correct during this times and absolutely necessary. Unfortunately BBC didn't change very much since than. The productions are still too loud, exaggerated, blatant and filled by repeats - over and over again. I would really appreciate it when BBC would climb up to the standards of german ARD wich originally were initiated and ruled by british and US administrations during the years after WW2. ARD is not so exhilarated like BBC. It looks simply more serious to me. I doubt everything I hear from a market crier - per se.

    So best wishes to NEVERDIE with his new ambitions. May be he can get some profits.
    Would make me lough. But probably the wrong BBC article- and podcast-propaganda will detain a few simple-minded from doing foolish things ...

    So God bless BBC! There's still a hard job to do!
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  3. ND turned into a scammer with fuzzy dreams. Hes either fully aware it (The Big Teleporter and millions of jobs) will never work out and is just after some bonus income (thanks to the weak-minded investors with too much money) or his brain actually still believes the steady PR-babble that comes from his own mouth...again and again. Sick, but efficient in todays world. ;p

    For example, remember him saying "I made a million by buying an asteroid" ?
    Space Pirates Treasure ? Planet Michael Jackson ? SEE Virtual Worlds ? It was all there because of Neverdie...and it failed. He turned into a shareware version of MindArk by now. Pure blah blah blah only.

    Eth can be compared to the stock market. There have been many (of such) "ventures", that made "millions" in days...just to dissapear or keep running or actually do nothing. Pure speculation. And sometimes you should be aware, that some ventures are doomed to Neverdie. But thanks to weak minded investors, with too much money, things like this will happen again and again. And it wont change anythign, except that some people will get rich, while others die trying.

    What a wonderful world.
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    $2 mio can't come from Entropians alone... it's not even sold in-game like CLDs. Something is going on about which I'm totally in the dark.
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  5. That Lord British game sounds interesting til u read details about monthly taxes on real
    Estates.... Worse than entropias since no pay and they actually repo it...
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    I mentioned it in his Discord channel last night to catch up because I hadn't been there for a bit, and they yawned at the two weeks old news. I was told that the ICO ended raking in $3 million. Whatever one may think of it, things are moving fast. I'm not interested in watching people win or lose money, but I am interested in seeing where this technology goes.
  7. @San :

    If you survive this video, you will know...but only if some a$$fuck or government takes over Bitcoin / Etherum, to be able to fully regulate and/or control it :

    The teleporter stuff is complete bullshit and nothing else but a pyramid scheme.
    ND was aware the value of Etherum would raise and he got a nice little extra income, because of ppl that throw money at such "ventures" every day.

    Oh, there are many pyramids out there in the world of Bitcoin / Etherum.
    But people keep throwing money at it, just because they can, no matter the cost.

    In the end it is still a niche product. Specualtion only...somtimes for nothing...sometimes for a big teleporter...seriously, any new "coin" will raise eyebrows worldwide and let ppl throw their money at it, no matter if they win or loose. They will throw money at it ! (gambling addiction anyone?)

    There are new coins every day. Why not throw some money at Neverdies idea as well ? Who cares if you have millions of dollars ?
    Neverdie is aware of that. He jumped the wave, but not to fullfill your dreams of Virtual Reality...but again for some media attention...and $.

    In 2009 someone payed 10.000 bitcoin for 2 pizzas. Because that what 10.000 bitcoins have been worth around that time.
    1 bitcoin is now more then 2000 Euro. Most expensive pizza ever. ;p

    This is a product, beeing way too complicated for the average joe, to use it for his daily payments for example.
    Hence, a niche product. Im fully aware japan uses / used bitcoin as payment option in shopping centers and germany had / has some cigarette vending machines that accept bitcoin-prepay-cards for example, or that also "Deutsche Bank" (biggest german bank and a scammer as well, with lots of negative feedback) at leat used the word "bitcoin" in some of its news.

    Im sure some curious, not so rich ppl, funded Neverdie as well, by throwing some Etherum at him. (minimum. 20$), just because they hope they can become as rich as everybody else. Ride the wave if you can...but dont complain of you loose it all.

    Would you buy something with bitcoins, if you are fully aware, that your coin will be worth much more after the purchase, suddenly having payed way too much for your item ?
    Fluctuation is way too high. Neverdie knew that and used it to gain some nice little extra income, while you praised the lords,ahe presidents words about millions of jobs and a gigantic teleporter...that, by now, has no longer anything to do with Entropia Universe and probably never will. President of Virtual Reality my a$$...Entropia and its surroundings became so bullshit over the past years, I actually feel ashamed talking about in public now. x'D

    And while you still keep waiting for the jobs and big teleporter, throwing some more money at it, because Neverdie says so, others keep throwing money at Neverdie as well, not even knowing about the jobs and the big teleporter...they throw money at him, just becasue they can and the word Etherum/Crpyto is in it...and Neverdie is fully aware of it.

    As Wistrel said, its more like a religion, or, as I say, a "even more crazy stock market" than we alread have.
    If you are convinced it works and can fully support it, with your money, because you have more then enough of it...noone can stop you, except your own bankruptcy.

    It has arrived and it works, but other things have arrived as well on this planet, fully working, no matter if good or bad.
    Do it, or die trying, Neverdie will be happy about it anyway.
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    This is what I reckon will happen anyway. No government will allow this to grow big without wanting to control it. If they can't, it's made illegal. Already realized or underway in many countries.

    Isn't it a nice little coincidence ;)
    On the bright side, this provides for an emergency exit also. Good chance to even pay damages if you have to without losing your shirt. With the outlook of such effective risk mitigation, the whole enterprise looks a lot less crazy. I don't know yet what to call it, but stupid it isn't.

    I'm reminded of this anecdote:

    This is the same argument the proponents of fiat money keep bringing against the gold bugs: It would stifle consumption and bring the economy to a grinding halt, they say. Limited supply of precious metal versus constantly growing population means those who own the stuff keep getting more purchasing power without doing anything for it. And still they wouldn't spend anything until they absolutely have to, because there is nothing to exchange it for which would appreciate more in value. Except your dear life when you have to eat. With fiat money which is also kept on constant inflation, on the other hand, you just have to get rid of it or it will rot away. What you don't need at the end of the month, you want to convert into something with the chance to appreciate or at least maintain its value. Never mind the tons of mistakes people make in fumbling with this, the principle is, that the currencies used for trading consumables and those good for investments are not the same. Which is another reason why I don't think any cryptocurrency under this paradigma of limited total amount will become our sole currency anytime soon, only ever a niche to squirrel away some for a rainy day. And don't think gold is much safer... they can take it from you by force and compensate with paper if you're lucky (USA 1933-1976, the freest country in the world?)
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  10. I remember ND posting a comment that players make the mistake of quitting EU too early ie. at mid-level skills or upper-mid-level.

    He argued that if you keep playing till you're uber-skilled then you will start making money.

    I am not sure he was speaking honestly about this but I don't believe him.

    Also, it might just be me being old fashioned but having watched one of his movies posted on an EU forum in which he was chasing a naked young lady whilst sporting an erect or semi-erect todger...well, I've never since been able to take the guy seriously.

    And he gets elected as President of Virtual Reality?

    You couldn't make all this up.
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    There was no election.

    Most likely he hasn't made 2 million dollars from his coin scam either.
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    apparently Russian Burger Kings now have a CC.... it's gonna be the next (or the parallel) IoT/VR

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  14. wgt doesn't seti get on board?
  15. The money he got is not pure profit. It's just what he raised. Now he must implement it correctly .. all his plans. Which will cost.
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  16. hell2.JPG
    This appears when entering Hell mines (with some variations like Banished/Expelled, Klass/Class).

    One needs to be mightily pissed off to do such a mature thing to their (former) business partner.

    (technically, Hell mines are owned by 'LOU DEVIL ROCKSTAR' but well, we know who has a penchant for Random capital letters)
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    That is rather interesting actually. Says a lot, a lot a lot. This could make interesting watching.

    Can we just have Marco back now or something. At least he knew the story. (He did co-write it after all iirc)
  18. N00b here.. seriously.

    Who are you referring to when you say
    Also.. included a graph of Neverdie Coin from Coinmarketcap for your viewing pleasure.

    Note that up until 6 months ago Neverdie Coin was about the 500th most popular ETH coin.

    It dropped to well below a thousand. I also added a question mark. See how there was almost no trade for 3 months? From about Feb 10 to May 25th.

    Does anyone (looking at you McCormick :D) have any info on what information may have dropped that day that may have instigated this volume? It might just be 1 person getting rid of his or her coins but I'm pretty anxious to see or know if there is any knowledge in the open that could possibly justify this trade and connect the dots.

    This is what a dead coin looks like.jpg
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