Someone introduces PED as bitcoin (PEDCOIN)

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Today squall introduced me to yet another Project (about) Entropia :

    Its not even an official thing, be sure MA is not aware, but someone calls himself PEDPRESIDENT already and...just read for yourself.

    Sometimes the ideas and greed of Entropians are beyond my understanding.
    So many tried to jump the train already and epically failed.

    Just read, as I wont jump into conclusions, as MA could step forward
    tomorrow already, announcing our new treasurer. x'D

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  2. FatherJack

    FatherJack El Diablo

    I sent a support case about this months back before I sold out, I never got a reply....
  3. Don't mistake the two things.

    Of course this is allowed to do whatever you want with your peds (I actually sold some peds for Bitcoin).

    The point of this Mc post, is how I fall on a thread created by some entropian member on the most popular bitcoin forum, who is basically selling "lies" in some ways.

    The guy created a new "shit coin", then called it "PEDS" like our ingame currency.
    (An alternative crypto coin created, with nothing special about it, like a million before him and after him).

    Then he announces you can exchange it for ingame peds (almost like saying his shit coin is pegged to ingame peds, just like MindArk creates virtual PEDs when you deposit cash, out of thin air)

    And since he is not MindArk, and there can be over 2 billion coin mined of this shit coin that is obvioulsy not backed by MindArk, this surely sound like false adverstising on top of it.

    It is a miserable attempt to create value on a meaningless alternative coin, with hope to bank on people that would buy the lie, and dump his shits coins on them because of it.

    (To create a Momemtum and good conditions, to produce a short term value on something that got no value at all).

    Because mining the coins he created, is easy, and he has a shit load of them too.

    (Premine percent 1% Premine amount 20202020 coins, so the guy also got 20 million of his own shit coin ;) )

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  4. FatherJack

    FatherJack El Diablo

    Why on earth would MA allow this? Not only is it extremely dodgy and open to abuse it is directly covered in the EULA s2.2

    (v) No peripheral services or goods. The Participant may not provide any peripheral services or goods related to the Entropia Universe System. MindArk reserves the right to revoke this limitation either generally or in specific cases.

    I'm very surprised you haven't been locked for it at the very least
  5. MindArk has always allowed people to do whatever they want with their peds, they simply do not support it and don't want to get involved, because they are not responsible of anything that can take places outside the game.
    And by writing it, it gives them some kind of guarantee.

    That is why It is also written, that "they reserve the right to revoke this limitation".

    Even famous people sold gear or stuff like domes for direct wire transfer aswell, and various ways ;).

    + Bitcoin is being used as a mean to deposit in EU these days.

    So if you are surprised why I am not locked, then think again and the thousands other people that then could get locked with that train of thoughts for not using the withdrawal system and using other means of depositing / withdrawing.

    There are exploiters when it comes to PED acquired themselves, and they get dealt with by MindArk.Examples, people using faudulents cards, people who buy "bad peds".

    If you are not buying from a bad source, or not selling peds that was not acquired legally, then no problems, but if it happens, it's a different story.
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  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    When it comes down to it, nothing is expressly prohibited, but MA reserves the right to screw over anyone at any time.
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  7. Didnt one of "Colonel Bowles" later avatars "x-x brook x-x" get banned because of trying to sell PEDs outside the game ?

    I agree those PEDs had the most shady background in the whole history of Entropia, so mabye thats why,
    because I never, since 2004 have heard of people that ever got banned for selling PEDs.

    Temp locks happend though, when huge amounts were involved. Else I never heard of bans except if the "brook" Story is true
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  8. hahahahaha....what a world do we live in xD
  9. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

  10. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

  11. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    Why do you mention my name when it is not on the original page?
  12. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

  13. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Obviously the scammer only copied an arcticle by @AxeMurderer but AxeMurderer has absolutely nothing to do with the scam. Edited the thread accordingly.

    MindArk has published this statement today:

  14. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    I think it would be good for McCormick to also make a statement on this. After all, he was the one who started the thread.

  15. Because the Op of those thread (apparently now edited / removed) acted as if he was called Axe murderer .

    It actually seemed "as if", even if apparently that part was taken from an old article. Unfortunately.

    ps: All McCormick did is : get this information from me, then checked it out, and decided to post something about it, which is right.
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  16. Wistrel

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    AnsheChung's Dreamland Stock exchange wasn't banned for this but was told they would be liable for any losses iirc so they stopped people swapping peds for Lindens after that.

    I believe the idea being that if someone deposited into Entropia then moved the cash to Lindens via Anshe, then cancelled the credit card deposit, MA would recoup the loss off Anshe.

  17. Absolutely correct, and why my PEDtoClick is allowed by MA without worry of that as well (we are a 'MindArk approved channel' after all), as it only moves PED from my wallet to players, there is no liability. The name PEDCoin worried me at first as it has a similar sounding title compared to my website and I considered using that term in the past but ended up using PED and PEC instead as it's more simple (and was allowed to by MA). Having worked with bitcoin majorly myself I hope the random suspicion doesn't fall on me on this bullshit here.
  18. Im sorry then AxeMurderer. Shit happens. Especially here in Entropia.
    Im happy its solved now and didnt hurt your reputation.

    Like the "ped bitcoin talk" on the other forum right now, which also turned into a :
    "What happened to McCormick over the years ?" thread.

    I've read some of the threads in that section (named Black Hole...go figure) and very little makes any sense at all.
    What a sad way to spiral yourself into conspiracy crap and personal attacks honestly.

    (Angel O2 Mercer)

    If only very little of the "Black Hole Section" makes sense to could only mean he has no idea of the big picture
    or doesnt care for it at all. Who knows. I should either feel sorry for him or be happy that he doesnt have room in his brain
    for all these "negative vibes" that are part of this "game".
    "sad way to spiral yourself into Conspiracy crap and personal attacks" truly dont get it, I SEE.

    Its pseudo investigation and mad consipracy theory spouting.
    What's worse is now, new players will look at his posts and think "raving lunatic" rather than see the good stuff and insightful posts he used to make.

    (Aio Daikina)

    Wow, thank you old my friend. If you really think my effort of "collecting all these infos" and gathering details is just conspiracy crap now, then go on with your happy Entropia Life and feel free to ignore me. No problem, but just because you have a different opinion, doesnt automatically mean that you are right and Im wrong.

    He's overly jaded I guess.
    Ya, exactly, thats why I collected all these infos and stories and actually made some effort to share it with the public.
    Overly jaded my a$$. Guess again.

    If you dont understand something, or if it doesnt make any sense to you, call it conspiracy or trolling.
    Great job guys.

    If you dont like something, call it trolling from under the brigde or "attacks, attacks, attacks".
    Excellent, seriously. If thats all you can SEE or understand from my postings, then maaaayyyyybeeee this stuff just wasnt made for you.

    Im not all knowing and I do make mistakes, like everyone else.

    But yes, the easiest way for you is, by simply calling my threads trolling or personal attacks. You said your opinion and your are out of any possible future discussion then. Congratulation.

    Just because my threads dont make any or little sense to you, it doesnt make them automatically an trolling attempt, just because you say so.

    Just because you are only able to gather "negativity about Entropia" from my posts and dont like it, doesnt mean it is automatically wrong or trolling. Often it is not even my opinion, but just infos put together.

    Again :
    Im not all knowing and I do make mistakes, like everyone else.

    I also left PCF because of people like you.

    People that simply dont want / dont like "views behind the curtain", because it could hurt their beloved game, that they invested so much $ in.

    People that scream "troll" at once, if something doesnt make sense to them or if they feel the reputation of their game is getting hurt.

    People that dont allow any kind of negativity about their game.
    Under no circumstances. Fanboys.

    People that claim "noobs" will read my threads and instantly call me "raving lunatic" only guessing here Aio, just like atomicstorm. To me, it feels like you are just afraid about your games reputation getting hurt here, nothing else.

    Conclusion :

    Im an overly jaded pseudo investigatior that loves to troll and personally attack others and you are the professionals that decide what is right or wrong in here ?
    Exactly one of the reasons why I left PCF.
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