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    So... not really sure where I am going with this. Maybe a bit of a ramble but perhaps someone will share. My current "TV project" (note I watch TV shows at the same speed I "progress" in Entropia - i.e. not a whole lot faster than they were ever originally aired at aka I rarely "binge" more than 3 eps in a go then may not watch for a week or two) is Star Trek Voyager. I never saw much of it the first time round due to time clashes but I am finally making up for that now.

    Tonight's episode of note was "one small step", an episode charting the history of Man's first exploration of mars in the 2030s. Sadly I think they were a little optimistic in their timing as I'm not convinced man will reach mars by 2032. A nice idea for sure but I'm concerned it is on the road map as much as MA's space courier missions. aka some time never. At least for a mars visit there are some good reasons why it is a way off.

    Anyway, I really liked this episode. As stupid mistakes go it was of course up there with the majority of other Voyager episodes but it did do well on character development and in putting across the HeMan style life lesson that, when things don't go to plan, that is when you learn and discover new things.

    Personally, I've always been a sucker for those "last messages home before you die" stories. Probably why I liked some of those Kira Red ones so much. One of my favourite films is Deep Impact but yeh I always struggle not to tear up during the toy spaceship or Moby Dick scenes.

    But back to voyager... this is probably the 2nd or 3rd really notable episode that I'll remember, the other(s) were Doctor episodes that concerned the development of his machine inteligence that I found rather fascinating and thought provoking.

    So yeh... I'm about done there. Anyone else want to say anything about some space scifi/colononisation stuff they have enjoyed?

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    You can edit your own post, not?

    I don't watch TV anymore since many years, but some of these shows are indeed nice and on rare occasion when I get my paws on a disc set or download I -only- consume it in binge mode. It's a highly effective drug, you can barely get up and walk to the toilet while it lasts ;)

    Lonely on the top of my favourites sits Firefly/Serenity. Browncoats rule! Need not say anymore.

    Then there is V - The Visitors. The original early 80's series didn't really stick, but the 2009 remake is beyond good with one brilliant Morena Baccarin. Be warned, it is not a joy to watch. It is scary for its realism and parallels in the real world. It lays out mercilessly the methods of manipulation of public opinion we experience in today's "guided democracy", at least to those who are awake. You can even detect a hint at the factual enemy, if you dare to think what is forbidden to think. If you're a classic blue-piller, you will be offended by that suggestion. If you're a red-piller, then this is the material for you.

    I also enjoyed Dollhouse, yet another Joss Whedon creation. Yea, I'm a fan of his, truly. I think he's genius. This series centers around an adult theme, but there is nothing explicit, heavy on psychology instead. With a surprising finale to reconcile the more "traditional" SF consumer.

    Lexx, a mini series of four feature-length episodes. Far out and over-the-top so much as to making light of all the cliches, simply cult and for more reasons than the two on Eva Habermann ;). I have a rare Laserdisc edition, the only uncut version in German language. Yes, censors are busy everywhere, and they don't want you to know.

    Stargate SG-1, I really like the concept, if only execution didn't turn out so cringe-worthy more often than not. The basic idea is brilliant, but McGyver's dilettante interfering in diplomacy makes my toenails curl every time. I also haven't the patience to endure all the religious stuff it cites. It really is too much, sadly. But some episodes are good and part of the series are several feature films. The first movie is a great action flick and thoroughly enjoyable. Then there is 'Continuum'. At a much quieter pace, it turned out a mental hammer that made me swallow hard a few times.

    Before TV and movies, I was a die-hard fan of Perry Rhodan and actually still are. although I don't find the quietude to sit down with the weekly novel anymore. Also been binge-reading back then much to the dismay of my parents. There were decades to catch up with (appears since 1961 with no interruption). You will have heard of it if your mother tongue is German, outside probably not. Translation attempts were made but none commercially successful.

    There is much more consumed over a lifetime, but I find these are the highlights worth talking about. SF novels would make another, but near endless list.
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    I've never read much scifi... oddly enough. I have friends who roll their eyes at that and have met some Entropians who have even offered to buy me a book and send it to me because it is so good... let me see... what have I read that is scifi and spacey? Well all the Hitchhikers books of course, all of the Red Dwarf books, Islands in the Sky, 2001, 2010, many of the the starwars books including the best trilogies... there might be more, but those are what spring to mind. I have of course read the Entropia back story ;)

    SG1 was another I never saw the first time round. I completed it a couple of years back now... well to be precise, I completed SG1 + films, SG atlantis and SG Universe. It took me 5 years in total to worth my way through them... that is 17 series though... so I guess I was doing maybe 2 or so episodes a week ok average. I probably wasn't watching anything else. Again like you I don't have a TV licence for watching normal TV ok correction we just got a licence this year for the first time in years because my housemate wanted to watch a cookery show (don't ask -_-). I watched it for about an hour 2 weeks ago, haven't gone near live TV since. It depressed me to see so much dire crap.

    Firefly is of course excellent. I saw one ep of dolls house (but it isn't space scifi) and yes I liked it, thanks for the reminder I should maybe go back and try that one again some day. Interesting on the Visitors, not seen that, I've heard of the original one though. I'll have to check it out. Guessing it isn't space/colonisation (of other worlds) scifi though?

    I've vaguely heard of Continuum, I'll look it up, thanks for the tip. I'm already part way through the new Battle star Galactica which is very good. I saw some of the re-runs of the original when I was kid.

    Oh Lexx yeh, I never saw it when it was first on but I heard about it. I've heard there is a character called Wist in it who eats planets haha
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    Ah, I missed the topic with Dollhouse. Sorry about that. V you could see as space colonization story, just told from the other side. We are the ones being colonized.

    Almost forgot, I once started a compilation of SF movies and series I like as teaser for a sales thread. Never sold anything though. There are some more in it I forgot to mention above:
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  6. Not sure if the whole movie is available in English anywhere; there are lots of subtitled fragments on Youtube though.
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    Next time I cosplay... 12:02... :D

  8. Been a looong time since I watched Voyager... I did enjoy it a lot though... Yep, development of the Doctor and 7 of 9 in character development is really cool. I have copy of the scriptbook that I read through from time to time (love monologes, and Star Trek's always been one of the best shows for them)...

    The Enterprise was pretty good too if you haven't watched it... Watched it a year or two back on netflix. If you missed Doctor Who when it was on Netflix a few years back, you missed out big time on sci-fi... wish bbc would cut another deal with netflix to make it permanent on there, but doubt that will ever happen... Torchwood spinoff sucked badly... especially the miracle day thing... good thing the actors have moved on (one of the Doctors now is the villian in netflix/marvel's Jessica Jones, and ol Jack is hanging out in DC land on the CW these days)...

    I used to wait and watch stuff after the seasons they were on like you folks, but nowadays I have a dvr and it's used heavily.
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    Enterprise is my favorite trek so far. Season 3 is awesome. What I like about it is that it seems that much closer to a reality we can imagine, aside from the uninvented warp drive and antigravity (?) it feels fairly achievable - the rest of startrek feels a bit too unreal. I'd love to see a trek series set even earlier than Enterprise, in the era directly following First Contact or perhaps something around the early "pre-federation" low warp ships. I'll have a look at that book, sounds interesting.

    Dr Who, well what I've seen of it has been fun but it amounts to around maybe 5 episodes since they brought it back after the 80s. I'll watch it one day. Jessica Jones was awesome! I don't know anything of the comics but I found the series really intense. Incidentally I've lived inside that building every summer since I was 3.

  10. San


    I knew it, forgot at least one more: Farscape.

    It also talks about Quantum Leap, haven't seen that one but sounds interesting.

    Meanwhile, reality is catching up with fantasy and opens up an outlook at the yet distant necessity to one day get away from our dying sun. Our neighbouring star is going to live much longer, and now even has a planet:
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    Quantum Leap and Sliders were both awesome shows. QL was at least in part why Enterprise was so good. Can't beat Scott Bakula :D Farscape I never watched the first time round but caught a fair bit when house mates were rewatching it a few years ago after they did Blakes7. Was amusing when SG1 turned into StarScape1 :D

    Little known fact Kayleigh from Firefly also played a person (wraith?) evolved from spiders in SG Atlantis (before she became a Doctor in the show). She did quite a good job too.
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