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Discussion in 'Entropia Space' started by Wistrel, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Hi all, I submitted the following case a while ago. I noticed it was closed the other day. Can someone in or regularly using space/moships confirm for me?

    If all these issues are not fixed I'll re-open


    PS please note I'm only including the bug reports not the replies in between (that were actually pretty good)

    Hello there

    When recently going on a warp flight in space on board a mothership I noticed that there is a now a lack of sound effect playback during the warm up, jump, and in-flight phases of a warp flight.

    The only point at which sound was played was during the final stage when the ship comes out of warp flight.

    A correct (bug free) version of warp flight can be seen here

    using that video as a reference, in the current (bugged) state I am only hearing the sound effects from 1:21 where the ship leaves warp.

    Thanks if you can fix this


    Actually minor update/addition (since you are combining these) I've noticed that on board the Starfinders there is another crew area with a meeting table with chairs round it.

    These are the same (model) chairs you have on board the motherships (the ones I mentioned were embedded in walls and such before).

    The ones on board the motherships have a "sit down" action associated with them (that doesn't work, as previously reported) however the ones on the starfinder do not have a "sit down action" despite being the same model.

    Would it be possible to add this action to them (once it is fixed of course)?

    OK another bug I just found if you are doing a compilation:

    Starfinders Health Bar Bug:

    On starfinders, the "health bar" for each damaged part of the ship isn't updating. It shows empty at all times even when repairing. When reaching the point when the structure is fully repaired it still shows as empty even though system text in chat shows that it is fully repaired

    One more:

    Teleporting to docked ships on Calypso space staion when you don't have access permission to said ship throws up "The operation failed due to an internal error".

    Not a massive problem but the error isn't really very user friendly/professional, it would be better if somehow if didn't allow you to TP to ships you don't have access to (don't even run the teleportation animation because this is misleading/gives the impression something is broken).

    Minor thing also of note, when doing the above, system chat shows:

    "You are not allowed to enter this spacecraft. All passengers are not on the guest list."

    The second sentence doesn't really make sense as it implies there is no one at all on the guest list. A better message would be:

    "You are not allowed to enter this spacecraft. To gain access, please request the owner add you to its guest list."

    or similar

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