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    Smart Professionals United - Recruiting
    Hi everyone,
    SPU is looking for some fresh blood to fill our ranks. Here's some info about the soc:

    About Us
    Smart Professionals United was formed almost 5 years ago in 2006 with a vision of allowing dedicated Entropian players to play in a fun and helpful environment without demands for activity and skill progression because we acknowledge that real life sometimes must comes first.
    We have players of all professions at a wide range of levels and we all try to improve our gameplay by means of cooperation and sharing information.
    We enjoy soc hunts at all levels, it can be TT weapons or it can be our best weapons against the biggest mobs we can find.
    We have our own forum where we can keep in touch and share information even when we are not ingame, something we encourage. We also have our own teamspeak server for soc-hunts.
    We have players from all corners of the globe (Europe, US, Canada, Malaysia, Israel,...), so chances are you will find someone to chat with most hours of the day.
    Most importantly, we are a close of group of friends. Over the years, this friendship has also crossed over to “real life”, even resulting in several members meeting in person on a few occasions.

    Who should apply?
    We don’t have skill or activity requirements. It is ok if you are busy in the real world, if you enjoy EU and would like to enjoy the time you do have in game with other players in your situation we might be the society for you.
    We do require that applicants be adults who are able to communicate in English (most of us are not native English speakers, but as long as you can understand and express yourself, there is no need to be worried about mistakes).
    We also require our players to be self-sufficient. Be it by sweating or depositing your whole life savings, you should be able to fund your fun in-game. We enjoy sharing knowledge on how to make the peds last and have a successful tradition of veteran players helping newer players play smart. But we have no tolerance for players asking for money or items.
    We also welcome players returning to the game after a long break. If you are looking for a relaxed environment with quite a few players who still remember PE and can help you get acquainted with the new era, SPU might the place for you.
    We welcome applicants from all EU planets, and all RL nations. Currently, we are all in Calypso, Arkadia or FOMA. If you spend much time on RT or NI, you probably won’t meet many soc members over there, but you are still welcome to apply if all of the above sounds good to you.

    More information and how to apply?
    For more information you can visit our website and forum: http://spu-gaming.net.
    Best way to apply is to PM me here on this forum, and a meeting will be arranged with one of our soc-leaders ingame.​
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