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    OLA 4 Atrax park event has been moved up to Saturday, the 9th of February from 18:30 to 19:30 MA time :) , Gungnir mk1 (L) hoverpod mkI (L) and spear mkIII (L) as prizes :D This week the winners will be determined by Highest Single Loot gathered :)

    OLA 30 Combibo Courtyard and Mourner's Mark Highest Single Combibo Stalker Hunting Event will now start on Sunday the 10th of february at 20:30 MA time:) It features a Sleipnir mk1 (L), hoverpod mk I (L) and spear v 5.346 (L) as prizes :)

    OLA 18 Primordial Longu event has been set to Saturday 9th of February at the same time as Atrax event, 18:30 MA time....this has been a mistake on my part i admit it but we'll see how it goes :) I'll be tping around the events a bit :) PLongu event has some awesome prizes this week, a DragonFly heli (L) as first, a hoverpod mk1(L0 as second and a spear mkIII as third :)

    All 3 events have 20 ped of oil as prize along with each of the vehicles :)

    To view the statistics of each vehicle offered as prize, you can go to Event List (press Y and search for Event List), double click on the event you'd like to check out and go to Prizes and double on the vehicle you are interested in.

    For these events, I represent Jenna Star Mercury, the current owner of these 3 land areas. For more info add me, hitman nutrageti 47, ingame to your friend list or message me here :)

    For more info on these mobs:

    Primordial Longu:


    One must not forget that every kill done on these land areas counts for the Iron Challenge mission chains. If you don't already have them, go to Professor Hale (~ 63000, 76600 at Nus Lull, North of Port Atlantis ) for the Combibo Mission and at the mission broker located 400 meters West of East Scylla for Primordial Longu Mission.
    You can get your atrax mission from Morgan Drell at Shinook Jungle (27558, 50996).
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