Steps to Join ANF Private Forum(or any other)

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  1. Hi many newbies in soc don't know how to join our private forum, so I'm making this so it's easier to get everyone at once.

    Step 1: You'll have to make an account on and log in.

    Step 2: Once logged in, At the top right corner you'll see you're username with a drop-down menu. All the way at the bottom is the 'Join User Groups' option. Click on that.

    Step 3: You'll see lists of private forums available. Check the box for ANF's private forum and click save.

    Step 4: Once that is all done, you'll have to wait until one of the admins accept you and then you'll be able to see the private forum section all the way at the bottom of the forum page.
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  2. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    nice on, not sure if I can accept people, but I know Tass can.
  3. yay! :D
  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    When you are logged in you can also just click this link to get to the private forums selection:
    After approval by a moderator you can follow one of these links...

    For more infomation about joining a Society in game have a look there:
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