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  1. Nice stream. Saw you advertise this on another forum and I've watched a couple of times. I found it useful as a complete newb miner and I would advise any serious prospective miner to have a look and see what mining involves.
  2. Thanks a lot for that comment. I hope to help build confidence in some starter miners could profit even on next island :D

    Hell Planet RT

    Dual Dropping: 3800 drops level 2 = 9500
    Found TT: 9625 101%
    Found mu: 1584 16%
    Total: 11209 117%


    X x102 XI x71 XII x2 XIII x5 XIV x7 XVI x2 XVII x2 XVIII XIX

    total: +2195

    Total TT earned: 23994
    total TT +mu: 28561
    TT spent: 24704
    MU spent: 25916

    I didn't mine artic cause I am waiting for it to be slightly fixed. I am not sure what extractor nor finder can be used there. so i gotta wait abit to figure that out.

    Going to either mine Calypso or Ark so tune in and enjoy
  3. Good job Strash, it could help prospective miners learn how to do it, as the saying goes, watch what the ubers are doing, then copy it :)
  4. Streaming enjoy
  5. I've been mining on Next Island, I was noting locations as I went but that list died with a sudden computer death. Starting a new list. Also have a little square of spots I've been checking every day to get a sense of how materials respawn and such.

    I have liked crafting and gathering in all my MMOs in the past, for some reason the cost of survey probes makes me cringe. With both enmatter and mineral checked, those 30 probes a shot cost real world USD $0.15 for each spot mined. All the more reason to learn where the goods are and how frequently to go back for more...fewer dry holes.

    LOLed a bit at sending down probes, getting a ping, and flying a few yards in a helicopter to the spot :) There's always the summon claim function if you don't want to walk that far :P
  6. Planet Calypso

    Dual Dropping: 400 drops level 7 = 3300
    Found TT: 2955 98%
    Found mu: 684 23%
    Total: 3639 110%



    total: +2534

    Total TT earned: 26949
    total TT +mu: 32200
    TT spent: 27704
    MU spent: 29216

    Streaming Ark Enjoy :D

    I will Also jump on Next island one of these days to show you some of the things i have learned there :) sooner or later GL!!!
  7. Well i know i don't post all my results here and i will come here to mine this place but atm the place has too limited areas that have low mu here i will take some amps to mine there and post some results for NI
    but i am tryin to keep the planets separated now. so you can look on other related entropia forums for the information but..... I will be streaming and enjoy it so check it once and awhile :)
  8. What does "MU' mean?

    and how do you track the value of your finds?
  9. narfi

    narfi Lost

    "MU" means markup.
    Everything in this game has a 'TT' value (the value you can sell it back to the game for at the trade terminal)
    MU represents how much you can sell it for to other players or through auction. (its not guaranteed, It is just the auction history shown, its up to you to sell for what you think you can get)

    I will give you a very simple example.
    You spend 100ped on probes and go mining.
    When you are done you check everything that you got.

    50ped of Ore#1,
    20ped of Ore#2,
    10ped of Ore#3,
    10ped of Ore#4

    Now suppose the markup for these are,
    Ore#1 = 140%
    Ore#2 = 130%
    Ore#3 = 110%
    Ore#4 = 102%

    You can then calculate the value of what you got for your 100ped.

    50ped of Ore#1 *1.4 = 70
    20ped of Ore#2 *1.3 = 26
    10ped of Ore#3 *1.1 = 11
    10ped of Ore#4 *1.02 = 10.2

    So the market value for everything you got back was 117.2ped.

    Even though you lost 10ped of TT value to the developers you still profited 17.20ped for your run from which you would repair your tools (probably 2-5ped) and store up for if you have a bad run next time.

    hopefully that makes sense,

  10. So the 10ped loss to the developers are the auction fees?

    Then since MU includes TT value

    MU=Market Value??

    MU in percentage => MU = MV ?? (stackables) which is the case for this mining example.

    MU in PED => TT+MU=MV ?? (non-stackables)
  11. The issue the planet is kinda incomplete on the sense of mining..... cause perhaps they have there own ores /enmaters coming? but mainly get lyst everywhere and quant very low markups can't sustain mining up there nor the 'planet' blueprints
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