Support Policy Regarding Accidental Item Recycling

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Burgerman, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Burgerman

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    Support Policy Regarding Accidental Item Recycling
    19 Aug 2008

    Due to recent events, we recognize a need to review our policy regarding the accidental Trade Terminal recycling of valuable items. Despite the VU 9.0 introduction of an extra confirmation request during the recycle process, accidental recycling of valuable items persists.

    Until a satisfactory permanent solution has been implemented, a change in policy is now in effect. This allows participants to request the recreation and return of an accidentally recycled item. An administration fee of 1000 PED plus the Trade Terminal value of the item will be charged for each request.

    All future requests must be submitted within 7 days of the incident. A temporary exception is also available for reported accidental recycling incidents after VU 9.0 (10 Oct 2007) until today. When submitting such requests please include the original Support Case number. When submitting all requests, please include the full exact name of the item, the date and the time of the accidental recycling.
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  2. Bunny

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    Now didn't we all know this was going to be the end result of this support case. Geeeeeeze Make a rule and the first "uber" player that has a problem with it and whamo it is changed. I feel for him but is it right to change the rules because of who the person is or what it was they TT'ed?? He also had to confirm the transaction. How many little people had legitimate claims and were told that it was to bad gone is gone. :-( NOT HAPPY MA
  3. Has there been any previous cases with items in a somewhat similar price class that has not been given back?

    I think MA felt that this would have created a lot of bad rep if they would not have solved it this way. And then I mean in the case of future investors for example; the fact that you can loose an insane amount of money in just one (or two :)) click sure doesn't sound very comfortable.

    I think this new system with a fee for returning an item is good. Typically a thing like this had to happen before they implemented it :rolleyes:
  4. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    I could be totally wrong here but I believe this whole thing started because of a Mod fap that was TT'd not once but twice (by same person). Hence the new ruling no returns from MA. Don't get me wrong here. I have nothing against Jeff. I am glad he got it back. What I am saying is that it is no different if it is a 50,000 ped ore amp or a 50 ped pair of shoes. I personally believe the ruling was wrong in the first place. MA makes rules without thinking them through. Either way there are hard feelings. I am sure they could see this happening at some point or other. But I don't believe it should have been done just because of who he is or what it was that was TT'd. Sorry if i am not making myself understood :-(
  5. As far as I know they changed it because they were spending too much time with support cases where people wanted back their accidentally TTed items, so they implemented the "All trades are final" rule and added the confirmation window for TT transactions. However, I agree that this wasn't a very good rule, it was quite obvious that sooner or later someone would accidentally TT something anyway.
  6. The "all trades are final" rule is older than the confirmation window.
    Indeed the confirmation window was invented by MA to prevent them from too many support cases. For me it is not OK now to dig holes into this rule because one accidently traded a high value item. He confirmed it!!! If he was too tired he should have gone to bed and not playing EU.

    Now the advantage for MA is lost, they will have more tickets now. And once again the community has to realize that too many laws or other inventions done by MA are made with the "hot needle" (<= something like quick and dirty) and that the voices of few weight more than the voices of many (which makes me upset from time to time, because it is so clear to see).
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  7. Burgerman

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    Well said Slarty. :ok:

    All good points being raised in this thread. I agree the basic problem is MA applying a ruling without really thinking it through fully.
    Apparently this is not the first time JoeJeff has made an expensive mistake and then appealed to the community afterward for help, so personally I was hoping the ore amp would return to the loot pool and somebody else could have a go looting/using it.

    If you saw a confirmation screen saying,
    " Do you want to TT the following items?
    item (L)
    item (L)
    item (L)
    Item (L)
    item (L)
    item (L)
    Press OK to confirm. "

    and I was stupid/drunk/lazy/speeding enough to press OK and TT the obvious non-(L) item then it would be my fault NOT MA's.
    If this was a cutesy game where no real $ were involved then you could afford to be frivolous with what was TT'd. But at every opportunity MA and other players will remind you that this is NOT a game, so I reckon people need to take their actions seriously and be careful, just as in real life. Taking responsibility for your own mistakes makes you a better player in future, and lets MA concentrate on serious matters such as updates and improvements.

    Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now. :hehe:
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  8. All in all a good move to change this rule which is now valid for ALL players.

    What gives a bad feeling is that it shows once more the value of the normal playerbase.
    You have to be a special supported player to be heared by MA and get rules changed.
    Now we can wait till the day when other trades are final rules get changed (like accidental p to p trade at low payment or a accidental low buyout at auction). It is only needed that the complain comes from the right player.
    This game is not about equity.
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  9. Red Sonia

    Red Sonia Rouge Lady

    and they get a 1000ped fee for any items they return... maybe their Christmas drinks fund will benefit from the change of rule.
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